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Unit 1 What is beauty? Module 1 Happiness.. Teaching Aims and Purposes:  Learn some new words and expressions in this unit  Learn the meanings of beauty.

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1 Unit 1 What is beauty? Module 1 Happiness.

2 Teaching Aims and Purposes:  Learn some new words and expressions in this unit  Learn the meanings of beauty in different ages and places  Learn grammar: inversion  Learn the strategy of summarizing arguments Reading

3 New words

4 formerlecturer compliment look one’s bestkeep fit cosmetic surgeryregardless of emphasisobsessionfit currentperspective horrendous

5 ridiculousendure considerable free (to do something) point quaintalter faceliftset outissue rib stretch tribe ear lobe

6 New lesson


8 tattoo Tattooing is done by injecting ink under the skin.

9 nose-rings ear-rings pierce parts of the body to be more beautiful and fashionable

10 Do you know any other ways in which people try to be more beautiful and fashionable?


12 powder eye shadow eye liner lipstick nail polish

13 cream


15 health club exercise machines keep fit look better

16 wear curlers wear high-heel shoes

17 sunbathing yoga

18 whiten teeth cosmetic surgery

19 What do you think of these? Stupid or reasonable? Why?

20 Scan the passage and answer the questions: 1.What is happening here? Where is this place? 2.Who is the presenter of the program? 3.What are the names of SL, EC? 4.What business does SL own?

21 About the text: Para1: Present the topic. What is the topic? What are the jobs of them? SL, a former top model EC, a writer and lecturer Beauty!

22 Para2: SL’s opinion: There’s nothing wrong in trying to be beautiful! How to look after your body:

23 Para3-6: EC’s opinion: There will be dangers and it may cause great pain.

24 Para7-10: The argument. Face-lifts Breast implants hair transplants eye operations

25 Para11: Take calls from listeners. Can you make a call? Perform the dialogue with your desk-mate!

26 Let’s imagine you want to be more attractive,so you use the products or the machines which the doctor recommend to you, but sth terrible happened….

27 All-white: it made your teeth go white,and your lips and tongue too. Wonder-hair: it made your hair grow faster and then it all fell out. No-spot: it removed your spots and most of the skin on your face. Thin-Tum exerciser: the elastic bands broke and went into your eye, and hurt your eye.

28 Language points

29 1. go to any length to do: make efforts to do 不遗余力做 …… e.g. 1.They went to absurd lengths to keep the affair secret. 他们为了保密尽其所能。 2. She even went to the length of driving me home. 他甚至不嫌麻烦开车把我送回家。

30 2. former adj. of a person who had a particular status or position in the past 以前的,从前的 e.g. Bill Clinton, the former president of the USA, was born in 1946. former----latter (前者,后者)

31 3. start with …… 从 ….. 开始 Let’s start with this lesson. 开幕典礼从主席的演讲开始。 The opening ceremony started with the chairman’s speech. to start with: in the first place 起初, 首先 The club had only six members to start with. 这个俱乐部起初只有六个成员。 begin with end in/with

32 4. compliment: (n.) admiration, praise 赞美 Compliment (v.) sb on sth. compliment sb on his courage e.g. One likes to hear compliments on his appearance. After class the teacher expressed her compliments on my writing.

33 5. Look one’s best: to be the most attractive 看上去最美 e.g. She put on her finest clothes hoping to look her best at the ball.

34 6. cosmetic: (n.) 化妆品 cosmetics (a.) cosmetic 化妆用的 cosmetic surgery 整容外科 = plastic surgery e.g. Some educators are concerned that cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular among the youth.

35 7. It’s up to sb. to do sth. 应当由某人来做某事 A: Where shall we go this weekend? B: It’s up to you. 由你来决定。

36 8. regardless of : paying no attention to 不管 regardless of the wind or rain 不顾风雨 regardless of the consequence 不记后 果 无论多么困难,这个项目必须在下周一完成。 Regardless of the difficulty, the project must be finished by next Monday.

37 9. emphasis (n.) 强调 emphasis on sth. Some schools put/ lay/ place great emphasis on language study. 有些学校极注重语言学习。 他很注重独立学习。 He puts great emphasis on independent learning.

38 (v.) emphasize: stress, put emphasis on …… e.g. He emphasized the importance of careful driving.

39 10. obsession n. the state in which a person is completely filled with thoughts of sth or someone, and cannot think of anything else 痴迷, 着魔 e.g. He used to have an obsession with computer games. 他过去痴迷于玩电脑游戏。 v. obsess 使着迷

40 11. fit v. to match or be suitable for sth 符合 fit one’s actions to one’s words 言行一致 Does the key fit the lock? 这把钥匙能开这把锁吗 ? The manager tried very hard to make sure that each task fitted his employees’ abilities. 经理尽量做到人尽其才。 fit adj. 适合的

41 12. current: present, happening now 现行的, 目前的 current issues / problems / prices 目前的议题 / 问题 / 价格 Watching TV news is an excellent way to keep informed of current affairs. 看电视新闻是了解时事的绝好途径。

42 13. perspective (n.) 远景, 观点, 看法 see the events in their historical perspective 用历史的观点看待这些事件。 After surviving the terrible accident, the man gained a new perspective towards life, finally understanding its value. 幸免于那次严重事故之后, 那人对人生有了新的 看法, 终于领悟了人生的价值。

43 14. horrendous adj. extremely shocking; terrible 可怕的  After receiving a horrendous haircut, the woman decided to sue( 起诉 ) the hair salon. horrendously adv. 可怕的

44 15. stretch v. to make sth longer, wider or looser, often by pulling it 拉长, 撑大 stretch one’s arms / legs stretch ear lobes 拉耳垂 stretch the lips 拉嘴唇 neck-stretching 拉长脖子 This kind of material is not easy to stretch. 这种材料不容易拉伸。 stretch n. 伸长,伸展 stretcher n. 担架

45 16. ridiculous adj. very silly and unreasonable 荒谬的, 可笑的 It is ridiculous to wear a suit and a pair of trainers at the same time. 西服配运动鞋一起穿很可笑。 ridicule n. / v. 戏弄, 嘲笑

46 17. endure endure pain/suffering/hardship/cold ( 忍受痛苦 / 苦难 / 艰苦 / 寒冷 ) 我不能容忍他的无理行为。 I cannot endure his unreasonable action. endurable adj. 可忍的,能持久的 endurance n. 忍耐, 耐劳,忍耐力 enduring adj. 持久的, 耐久的

47 18. considerable adj. 相当多 ( 或大, 重要 ) 的 considerate adj. 考虑周全的 E.g. The farmers suffered a considerable loss because of the stormy weather. 暴风雨天气使农民们蒙受了巨大损失。 你真是考虑周全把座位让给我。 It is considerate of you to give your seat to me.

48 19. point n. purpose or aim (of sth) 意义, 目的 There’s little (no) point in reciting grammatical rules without understanding them. 不加理解的背诵语 法规则根本没有意义。 point n. 分数,得分,小数点,尖端 v. 指出,指向

49 20. quaint adj. attractive and unusual, especially in an old-fashioned way 稀奇 的, 古怪的,古色古香的 I am looking forward to taking a trip to Lijiang, a quaint and charming old town. ( 奇特而迷人的古城 ) quaintly adv. 新奇有趣地,古色古香地 quaintness n. 新奇有趣, 古色古香

50 21.alter vt. 改变,改动 This machine must be altered to meet the new needs. vi. 变样,改变 Our village has greatly altered since liberation. alternation n. 改变,改动 alternative adj. 引起改变的, 二择其一的

51 22. issue n. 争议的问题,发行物 The key issue they are concerned about is whether students should wear school uniforms. The latest issue of this magazine sells well. v. 发行, 出版,颁布 issue an order 发布命令 issue a statement 发表声明

52 Language points: 1.In the studio today are beautiful women to help answer these questions! In the studio 是表示地点的介词短语, 当置于 句首时,且动词为不及物动词,要采用全部倒 装。 即谓语动词位于主语前, eg. ① In the forest lived a group of strange-looking people.

53 ② At the corner stands a man selling newspapers. ③ Along the dusty road came a group of tourists. 注意: 当主语为代词时, 主谓不倒装 Behind the counter he stood.

54 链接高考 1.Just in front of our house ____ with a history of 1,000 years. (2006 上海春招) A. does a tall tree stand B. stands a tall tree C. a tall tree is standing D. a tall tree stands B 2. On top of the books ____ the photo album you’re looking for. (2005 上海春招) A. is B. are C. has D. have A

55 Homework Practice and remember the new words in this part.


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