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1 Yoga For Health Fact vs. Fiction

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1 1 Yoga For Health Fact vs. Fiction

2 2 Yoga definition  Practical Aid to Aging Gracefully Yoga is an element of a preventative maintenance sys, we all need to get involved with a program like this…as we age..our metabolic rate slows down, mind/body breaks down…multi tasking becomes harder…our brains and bodies do not replenish the natural chemicals produced in our bodies, at the same rates as when we were young..healing and recovery is slower..for example hbp. typically, is an age disease. And when you combine these factors with the forces of gravity, stress and our lifestyles…you get the picture. If you put into place a routine, that includes yoga, acupuncture, massage,'ll see fewer MDs/and be taking less medications. As we get older,we need to spend more time and money on pm, to ensure a better quality of life, into our golden years. Did you know in China 5000 years ago…preventative maint was the rule. You went t o and paid for a doctors visit only when you were well, you did not wait until your were sick …If you got sick….and were doing preventative maint….you did not pay.. compare that with today’s state of affairs regarding healthcare. The ancient Chinese culture as well as most of the modern day Chinese believe in, and practice preventative maintenance.  Not a Religion/Cult search for liberation, breaking the bonds of our sometimes repressed / backward society and can be spiritual & improve casual as well as intimate relationships, by minimizing fear, and enhancing the depth of the relationship….not religiosity (manmade rules)..there are media driven concepts about yogis, that we wear turbines, sleep on a bed of nails, a person who does yoga would never harm their body…I want to explain briefly where this misplaced idea originated from., because, there is some overlap with other eastern methodologies. In India 1200 years ago, there were 3 groups of people & religions, Hindus, Buddhists Muslims, poor unemployed, disadvantaged…as a way of making a living, the young were taught by the elders extreme m&b control. They became performers, entertainers, called fakirs, they worked in the marketplace, stared into the sun, walked on hot coals, etc. its real but not yoga. Islam is a religion… some say it is fanatical….it is not yoga.  5000 Years Old/ No Fad Many of the teachings come from the Ayurveda Science of Life Writings…and the 18 healthy positions taught to the monks at the shaolin temple, by the founder of Zen Buddhism. Like today, back then Physicians were looking for the keys to health… started by observing animals in nature. They noticed their breathing was deep/relaxed. Breathing patterns did not vary thru the day. Even if animals were in a fight to the death…they did not shorten or change their breathing patterns. It seemed like they had little stress… prolonged suffering, so the MDs started prescribing for their patients, a regiment of emulating various species of animals cow /cat dog…crow.. into their daily routine. Additionally, they copied other animals, children, warrior positions from martial arts, and dancing…the exercises included bone marrow washing, muscle tendon change, foundations of kung fu, which means to recover what was lost...there ended up being over 700 positions., The methodology did not support bulking up, developing larger than normal muscles and bodies,..we believe that god made you perfect.we all come in different sizes and shapes..mass does not equate to real strength. In fact in later life individuals who drastically alter their bodies, are prone to injuries. Because it is not natural. Moreover, the physicians noticed that children's breathing patterns were similar to animals…but under further observations, concluded that children, once they reached the age of accountability and understood fear..began shortening of the breath, much like the adults who were feeling stress …and were the origin of the scientific experiments. in the first place. For example…Jaguar. High performance diaphragm …you are heading to a crash.  9 Types: Karma/Ashtanga/Power Yoga balance not brute force,basically, the disciplines of yoga have both a mental/physical aspect. Ratio could be 80/20 for example Karma Yoga is more of an in -depth (mental) study of how we treat other individuals.. Ashtanga is more physical,but could be 50/50, and the main components are controlled pranayama art of breathing, asana stretching, and the cleansing Kriyas.  Re-unite “UNION” between Mind/Body/Spirit yoga means to yoke/ join, yogis believe modern life has discombobulated us and the M&B has become separated. When we practice yoga and in our every day lives, the goal is to have the M&B working as one. and to disassociate from the distractions of the outside world, for an hour,.During this time. we want to really get to know our M&B.. feeling both…therefore no tv or headsets. we need maximum concentration. Many people in the gym )biking/running) which is good exercise, want to minimize emotional/physical discomfort while still receiving the value of exercise. so they read or listen to music…but if your doing these things to distract yourself during a workout …I submit to you…most likely you are bored and not enjoying this experience, and not only are the M&B out of sync. its probably not fun…and if you don’t enjoy it, no matter how dedicated your are …one day you will stop…the beauty of yoga is, our practice never stops growing…and you will have a challenge for the rest of your life.; My students say, your class is different each time…700 positions.  Your “Breath” is the Bridge to reunification of M&B.. A good portion of the audience out there today has stopped breathing properly, using the entire diaphragm… how did it happen ? Fear.. your mom breathing backward…pe teacher.. DEMo better thn situps…Audience Participation

3 3 Yoga Benefits  Non-Abusive Physical & Mental Exercise East vs. West concepts, people ask me what do you do for cardio, yoga, if your heartbeat is not fast enough for you…slow down the breathing and stretch further…this will increase your heart rate, but it takes real mental/physical control to accomplish this..think of it as working but resting, sometimes yoga is the last chance saloon, for those who do not like to workout…not about the mirror 1 st..or the goal being, to have a 6 pack…that does not guarantee that your healthy, you may be, we all want to look good… its about the internal not external…we believe if the internal is healthy (liver, colon,heart lungs stomach) external will take care of itself. nobody every died from bad bicep or oblique…but colon cancer is a killer, when you do yoga, you will have a radiance about you. have good color, your friends may ask..what have you been doing?, you can tell them you have been breathing again…for the first time in twenty years…physical beauty is a bi-product of yoga …it is not why we do it…(less injuries, no pounding older appreciate 70,80’s)…and you will feel better.  Promotes Improved Health: (circulatory, digestive, respiratory, hormonal) These systems are improved by breathing/stretching & spending a lot of time on our heads..inversion positions…there is a flushing, washing, cleansing action. like the tide on the beach back/forth. reverse gravity..its for the health of your internal organs, moving the bodily fluids back and forth, penetrating the hard to reach nooks and crannies of the body..…were breaking down deposits, blockages due to our sedentary life styles/ inactivity…inversions give your heart a rest …and after awhile we won't feel normal unless you do it for a couple of minutes every day…ok we will talk more about it..  Improves Self Esteem/Non competitive never about the person next to you…it does not matter, who makes the most points, or who wins the game... Even without the integration of extreme stretches, due to the complete breathing process, you will feel better…helps to control fear…we all have fear. I teach a kids yoga program..they will try anything…we will re-visit our youth…Maybe as a child we could /not do a somersault, headstand…we’ll learn how…and that builds confidence. DEMO upside down frog..  Supports Self Realization/Enlightenment if you think yoga is only physical exercise you are missing the point, the physical is only the tip of the iceberg… it is for everything in your life…mind/ body/breath…We practice the meditation routines, usually a the end of class. we have time for reflection or prayer…Generally this aids us in the lifelong task of, striving to be a better person…implementing the golden rule in our lives.  Reduced Stress Advanced meditation relaxation methodologies aid in calming physically & emotionally…we learn how to truly relax and revitalize by looking inward..time to rethink…when a yoga session is done. you feel refreshed…the idea is not to go home and collapse from exhaustion..we want to recharge…hold onto energy …not spend it…we need to take the energy from class to the outside world…where it helps us cope with, and enjoy the daily challenges of life.

4 4 Yoga Chill Methodology  Mind Controls the Body 1st Not the other way around. we all have fear…and logic, and sometimes a goofy brain, we are not animals who do things instinctively …in yoga, we need to retrain the M&B…the body makes many wrong choices…for example falling down the stairs… the body tells us..panic... tense up…stop breathing …where the mind has the power to keep the body cool in a stressful moment….we’ll continue breathing, roll into a ball..enjoy the ride…part of life is falling down…you get back up and move forward. Changes after yoga 1 year. Retrained,  Slow/Deep Breathing Techniques We just did the breathing exercise…need to breathe like that all the time, not just in yoga class. Practice when driving, watching tv…Many western physicians (who by the way within the last 5-10 years. have become big yoga advocates) have told me they refer back most illnesses to, shortening of the breath…such as stress, stiff neck, migraines, poor circulation, tumors, cancers.  Controlled/Balanced Stretching Systems When we breathe and stretch we maximize the intake of prana (energy, chi, air, life force) use it to recharge and then purge the spent oxygen through exhalation and contraction of the diaphragm and stomach…aiding in the purification of the body…when we stretch, we move slowly…like a beautiful ballet dancer. and in combination …the breathing aids in release of the toxins, through perspiration, and elimination via the kriyas…Bikram Yoga is a good example)…bikinis Inversion Positions its not a carnival act, when heart is inverted it does not work as hard…because its pumping with gravity..downhill with the wind, unlike when your are walking…deep breathing takes less effort… it takes some getting used to …bp is lower, were flushing the lymph nodes… maybe your head will feel funny or feel pressure you can always substitute (DEMO Shoulder stand..Fakirs, ones who don’t do yoga…circus acts, put themselves into trances usually from inverted positions…yogis use the same methodology of slowing down the heart rate thru the art of breathing. For example, the fakirs may continue from the lotus or shoulderstand and then maneuver into an airtight plastic box, and be thrown under water for the 3 hours. as a circus trick…its real…it could be dangerous…its not yoga…when your inversion position is completed, and we turn right side up, and come out of this semi hibernation state, we do not move quickly, that could be dangerous, it took us a while to get there…it will take a while to come back.…because of the advanced relaxed state we’re in, you want to take your time …to allow the mind and body to relocate center or equilibrium, because you are no longer in a form of a trance… to permit the brain to calm, and the blood and fluids to re-settle….do not be in a hurry..  Natural Diet Limit fast & Processed foods, less refined sugars…saturated fats…”you are what your eat”…try to eliminate or limit meat no more than 1 X per week, commit to organic 101 program, food grown without pesticides..tastes better..

5 5 Getting Started  Buy a Yoga Mat/Strap If you have limited Flexibility use a strap…Target, big 5, on line, by the way it does not matter how far your stretch…people tell me they lack flexibility …a small stretch for a beginner…is as beneficial as a more extreme stretch for an advance student…it’s the same …when you practice.. the deep breathing will enable you,to achieve more length, because you are relaxed, your body will respond…and begin to loosen up…additionally, each time we go back to a position, our Bodies will remember the position, making it easier with each practice…..  Research Publications/Internet We at have a M&B column extolling the virtues of eastern living.. a monthly email update…if your wish to receive the electronic newsletter. make sure you sign up on the roster  Private Lessons or Holistic Medical Consultation/CalYoga Retreat Oaxaca Remember wherever you study and practice…you do not leave your yoga in the studio or spa…take it with you. to the outside world…part of your yoga practice …is to be a good citizen…One week long yoga retreat in PE Oaxaca…If interested, see me after class…we announce the dates in the upcoming February monthly email calyoga update.  Day Spa Offered Yoga Classes/Studio Fitness Oasis at Mission Hills CC, Spa Resort Casino…classes are typically open to the public for a small fee…Remember its supposed to be non- competitive…every body has a different body type…some positions will be easier/harder for you than others. its not about the person next to your…its about you…..just do what you can!  Company Sponsored Program held early in the morning (before the company opens)….ask your boss or HR rep…it’s a great way to start the day. your business will have less absences…lower insurance premiums,more motivated employees,and it’s a good team building activity.  Oxygen Channel (Satellite TV) or DVDs…see me after for recommendations…podcasts

6 6 The Calyoga Process  Schedule Consultation (1on1) We will have an informal review of your medical history and agree on a strategy …if you are interested in moving ahead on something like that…please  Email:  Commitment to a Lifestyle Change Takes discipline, can’t be in a hurry, long time to get into your current state, no magic pill…its hard, but rewarding work, don’t give up…it will get easier and more enjoyable as you go.  Commencement of a Yoga Program Its intense work with revitalization.. I believe in a balanced program …3 yoga lessons. on the 4 th is a deep tissue massage. as a reward…we do not want to obsess on any part of our body…we work on every part of our bodies every time..should be fun…we have some funny moments during a yoga classes. Students have commented to me…I thought this was going to be relaxing …its like playing twister for 1 hour…my arms are too short to do that…and my favorite…I can’t do yoga because I am Catholic.  Monitor/Measure Results Before we start.. We, have a blood test, check blood pressure, cholesterol,pulse,tongue…psa, measure the results, most likely you will see improvement in 3-6 months..folks modern medicine is great,,but you need to do your part…the good news is, you can do something about your health. yoga…bad news. if you lack discipline and are lazy about this …you minimize the opportunity, for a more robust existence into your later years.  Lifetime Challenge/Obligation Some say yoga is too simple of a concept…maybe as a society we look for more complex answers…its really not that complicated…commit/enjoy. its fun… you will experience the dividends…and do not worry about the positions, if you just come to a class and breathe, you will feel better, I have many students in their 60/70’sk who come to class, do limited stretching, but they tell me, I like your class,,,because of the art of breathing exercises…they make me feel at peace.. So, remember, you are only as young as your spine is flexible, and the deeper you breathe the better you will feel..that's the end of my presentation…thank you Namaste…are there any questions.?

7 Laughing (Hasya)Yoga  Laughter Is the Best Medicine scientifically proven to lower stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin, while boosting the immune system (blood samples were tested before and after laughing sessions …. And the theory was proven).  No social hierarchy /Improves behavior towards others it enables us to connect with people, to lighten up, life is not so bad give up the ego, To start the day), it is used in the parks in India, in prisons, and on the job in some of the more progressive environments ….laughter makes the day better, releases tension and stress and increases productivity.  Humans were made to laugh and typically we don’t not do enough of it, life is too short as it is…enjoy it…put on a happy face. Laughing is contagious…is spreads like good energy or vibrations.  Before 20 minutes/day now less than 5 our parents generation laughed an average of 20 minutes per day…we do less than 5…I know I had been doing less than 5, you may want to ask yourself why.  Feels good, because oxygen goes to lungs and it enables deep breathing physically feels euphoric, get high on laughter…once we begin we may even feel like stretching, reaching your arms to the heavens…let yourself go.. do a little dance…. Tell a joke, release inhibitions.  Very Important if you don’t exercise works the same as exercise there is a chemical release (serotonin) in the body…which promotes good health. 7

8 Yoga Laughter (cont)  Laughing Yoga will lead to real laughter of course its hard to just start laughing like anything it takes practice, it will happen easier the more you do it..contagious, sometimes it is difficult to stop…that is really good…for one’s health  Real of Fake / same benefits scientifically proven…m&b cant tell if we faking…so fake it to make it…so even if you don’t feel like it…do it….don't’ worry about the person next to you…not looking for approval or affirmation…just have some fun.  Reduces stress hormones cotisol, adrenaline which lower the debilitating effects of adrenaline..which is a natural defense chemical when our mind our body senses danger…it kicks in…and allows us to be more alert….but it is weakening or the breaking down your immune system …if you are releasing adrenaline all day long, due to fear or whatever… this is a very stressful thing for your mind & body.  Stress reduction, lower bp, reduces depression…. be happy…let your body tingle with laughter…release your inhibitions and repression  Immune system boosted blood samples again have proved this to be true, a strong immune system combats disease and the dysfunction and discombobulaton of the mind & body 8

9 Inversion Poses/Benefits  Heart is Inverted (up-side down) it is for your health, it is not a circus trick or entertainment…there is no ego here…gives the heart a rest, working but resting, eastern philosophy…demo, Headstand (salamba shirshasana) is one of the yoga poses that are considered inversion poses. Inversion poses involve any asana that lift the feet above the head or rotates the heart upside down.. Other inversion poses that are well known include shoulderstand (salamba sarvangasana) and half shoulder stand (viparita karani). But even lying on the floor with your legs up on a chair is an inversion pose.  So, by being upside down, and by using the deep and slow breathing typical of yoga, we help 'burn off' the impurities that were previously stuck to the walls of our organs or blocking passage ways… areas that have become dormant due to inactivity. Improved circulation is a more readily apparent and less 'esoteric' benefit of yoga inversion poses.  Opposite Process –Ayurveda up side down and backwards The concept behind inversion poses is expressed in yoga texts as viparita karani. is translated as meaning 'opposite process'. This simply means facilitating a different perspective. From the purely physical point of view, this different perspective in inversion poses is literal - in terms of looking at the world from a different physical viewpoint - continuing the lifelong journey to find liberation from the restrictive aspects of our culture and in some cases our youth…as well as involving the body, being supported in a different way…even your approach to life, friendships, intimacy, love, or love-making could be very different or unconventional by western standards…as one gets more involved and more deeply focused into yoga these changes become apparent.  Change mental as well as physical habits get out of the box..its yoga principles and practice..change is good…too much comfort creates laziness, restricts growth But as yoga is more than simply physical exercises, there are other processes that are assisted. Much of yoga is designed to help us change mental habits as well as physical habits. Through increasing our ability to adapt to change, instead of being stuck in old habitual responses, we increase our capacity for growth and transformation. This applies in all areas of our lives. Go ahead take a walk on the wild side.. Break the bondage of our emotional immaturity, adolescent and adult fears.  Ayurveda considers most impurities to be stuck in the lower abdomen (burn off) break loose deposits, flush yourself There is a theoretical concept in yoga about why inversion postures help. Ayurveda considers that many of the body's impurities are in the lower abdomen. When we raise our feet above the head, gravity is assisting us to move these impurities towards what the Ayurvedic system calls agni, or 'fire'. Agni particularly relates to our 'digestive fire', and is thus located above our lower abdomen.  Step by Step foundation to headstand safe it is safe..I would never put you in danger, I am sworn not to., 3 step step up on curb etc…do not be in a hurry…do not laugh at others when learning…it may discourage or de-motivate them, negative energy is not acceptable when practicing…if headstands are taught incorrectly they could be dangerous. 9

10 Inversions (cont)  Prerequisites – Mind controls body…no fear. strong neck muscles, back and core a spirit of adventure get your yoga practice in gear, work up to it, do not have fear, relax, pranayama breathing is the key.. really important…inhale up exhale down  Confidence – step by step methodology insures safety and success…don’t panic do not be in a hurry if you fall, tuck and roll into a ball …do not flail, enjoy the ride, relax, do not tense up… breathe….like a drunk sometimes does not get hurt….tension and fear combined with the release of adrenaline creates injuries  Heart rate slows – lymph nodes flush downhill with the wind, like the tide on the beach washing clean…move the blood and bodily fluids through the canals and passageway of the body, cleansing the body of toxins.  Practice on the wall or use spotter put pillows around, do it on the rug, as opposed to a hard floor, do not hold your breath... Keep your weight and mind centered…listen to your breath…it is easy to experience the calming effects of the breath… upside down…1 minute max is a good time…in fact after you learn it you wont feel right unless you do it once a day.  Don’t tense when falling –roll into a ball mind set is to enjoy it, do not fear and be paralyzed by the concept…you are doing this for your health…a form of preventative maintenance for M&B 10

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