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Tom Peters’ Lessons in Leadership Grand Rapids 02-23-00.

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Tom Peters’ Lessons in Leadership Grand Rapids

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1 Tom Peters’ Lessons in Leadership Grand Rapids 02-23-00

2 Hen scratches @ 37,000 feet …

3 Microsoft = R.O.W. Microsoft > GM + Ford + Boeing + Lockheed Martin + Deere + Caterpillar + USX + Weyerhaeuser + Union Pacific + Kodak + Sears + Marriott + Safeway + Kellogg Source: Business Week data through 5-99

4 Microsoft = R.O.W. (II) Microsoft > GM + Ford Boeing + Lockheed Martin + Deere + Caterpillar + USX + Weyerhaeuser + Union Pacific + Kodak + Sears + Marriott + Safeway + Kellogg + McDonald’s + Bank One + General Mills + American Airlines + United Airlines + + Delta Air Lines + US Airways + Quaker Oats Source: Yastrow Marketing (through 11-23-99)

5 No Wiggle Room! “Incrementalism is innovation’s worst enemy.” Nicholas Negroponte

6 Just Say No … “I don’t intend to be known as the ‘King of the Tinkerers.’ ” CEO, large financial services company (New York, 5-99)

7 “It means nothing less than the total reinvention of this company.”

8 Jacques’ New New Ford Ford + Microsoft Ford + Yahoo! Ford + Oracle Ford + HP Etc. Etc.

9 64/24

10 Goal?

11 “There’s going to be a fundamental change in the global economy unlike anything we have had since the cavemen began bartering.” Arnold Baker, Chief Economist, Sandia National Laboratories

12 “I genuinely believe we are living through the greatest intellectual moment in history.” Matt Ridley, Genome

13 “Medicine looks likely to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 200.” British Medical Journal (11-11-99)

14 ??????????????????? Warner Lambert & Pfizer

15 “There is probably going to be more confusion in the business world in the next decade than there has been in any decade in history.” Steve Case (2-00)

16 “We are in a brawl with no rules!” Paul Allaire

17 S.A.V.

18 T.T.D.s The next slide is the first of many “T.T.D.” activities. I.e.: Things To Do. These are by and large shorthand forms of training exercises I use. Also: Each of these T.T.D. slides has accompanying Notes. (See following slide.) Tom Peters

19 T.T.D./True or False: “incrementalism” VERSUS “innovation”?

20 Notes Page This is a daunting issue. There is no “right answer.” But it merits constant, conscious debate. Consider the value of incremental change. [Kaizen, etc.] And discuss whether or not this thwarts “BIG” initiatives aimed at wholesale reinvention. Also: Consider … “Can we do both?” [I’m not sure.] P.S.: This crucial issue holds for Finance Departments as much as Product Divisions. And it holds for the smallest and newest of businesses! THIS DEBATE IS WORTH LOTS OF TIME! KEEP IT PRACTICAL!

21 Seminar Y2K Brand Everything : Distinct or Extinct!

22 Part I: Forces @ Work Part II: Brand Inside Part III: Brand Outside Part IV: Brand Leadership

23 Brand It! Now, More Than Ever! “The increasing difficulty in differentiating between products and the speed with which competitors take up innovations will assist in the rise and rise of the brand.” Gillian Law and Nick Grant, Management [New Zealand]

24 Brand Defined Distinction Excellence Emotional “Signature” Trustworthiness Consistency Shorthand

25 Forces @ Work The Destruction Imperative!

26 Forget > Learn “The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out.” Dee Hock

27 “It is generally much easier to kill an organization than change it substantially.” Kevin Kelly, Out of Control

28 Q: What do you do when you are a big, dopey company and out of ideas?

29 A: You merge with another big, dopey company that doesn’t have any ideas either.

30 R: An incredibly big, incredibly dopey company … going nowhere.

31 “When asked to name just one big merger that had lived up to expectations, Leon Cooperman, former cochairman of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Policy Committee, answered: ‘I’m sure there are success stories out there, but at this moment I draw a blank.’ ” Mark Sirower, The Synergy Trap

32 “I feel betrayed. I bought stock in a company that was going to change the world. I didn’t buy a big, fat, stupid conglomerate. And now I’ve got one.” Alan Towers, consultant, quoted in Business Week [BW: “The irony is that AOL Time Warner is a vertically integrated conglomerate. Not exactly the sort of nimble competitor that will thrive in cyberspace.”]

33 “Talent” and a $2T enterprise??????

34 “Acquisitions are about buying market share. Our challenge is to create markets. There is a big difference.” Peter Job, CEO, Reuters

35 “We chose not to do a discounted cash flow analysis of their future earnings. We wanted their talent and we wanted their intellectual property.” Art Reidel, CEO, Pharsight

36 “Our ideal acquisition is a small startup that has a great technology product on the drawing board that is going to come out in six to twelve months. We buy the engineers and the next generation product. …” John Chambers, Cisco

37 And … Jorma Ollila Jim Crow

38 Dept. Head I = Sports G.M. Dept. Head II = V.C.

39 G.M. = The Recruitment and Development of Top Talent. [Period!] V.C. = Bets on “Talent.” Bets on Projects. [Period!]

40 Silicon Valley Success Secrets “Pursuit of risk”: 4 of 20 in V.C. portfolio go bust; 6 lose money; 6 do okay; 3 do well; 1 hits the jackpot Source: The Economist

41 “R & D” Intel’s venture fund: 275 investments, $3.5B Source: Fast Company (12-99)

42 EcoNets/Internet Zaibatsus “The model is about partial acquisitions and ownerships that then form a whole. Each part has to have value separately, be able to raise capital separately, and motivate employees separately. Corporations of the past never had that.” Flip Flipowski, Divine InterVentures (Red Herring)

43 “The brick and mortars will die, no matter what. … So you have to take your best employees and best businesses and spin them off and just own 40 percent of everything that’s left. Do that and you survive.” Flip Flipowski, Devine InterVentures (Red Herring)

44 T.T.D. What are the specifics of your [personal, unit] “Forgetting Strategy”?

45 Notes Page Discuss the idea of “learning” versus “forgetting.” I THINK THIS IS A LOT MORE THAN A “SEMANTICS DEBATE.” Assuming you agree with me, what – very specific – steps are you taking to move beyond the Assumptions du Jour? Hint: This holds for a 1999 startup as much as for an elderly company.

46 T.T.D. Discuss the G.M./V.C. “strategy” as it applies to your unit.

47 Notes Page What do “G.M.s” do? [Invite one to talk to your group.] Do you do what they do? If not, why not? How about a “G.M. Strategy”? Repeat the above for the Life of a Venture Capitalist.

48 T.T.D. Evaluate your portfolio of projects [and people]: Are you placing enough interesting [long shot?] bets?

49 Notes Page Be brutally honest! Hint: This holds for you and me as individuals as well as for our unit.

50 C.E.O. to C.D.O.

51 “It used to be that the big ate the small. Now the fast eat the slow.” Geoff Yang, IVP/Redpoint Ventures

52 [E.g.: Craig Venter/ Celera Genomics]

53 The Gales of Creative Destruction +29M = -44M + 73M +4M = +4M - 0M

54 “ALL OF THESE ‘CONVERSATIONS’ TODAY ABOUT ‘THE WEB’ WILL APPEAR SO BLOODY DAMN SILLY AND PEDESTRIAN TEN … FIVE? … THREE? … YEARS FROM NOW.” — Tom Peters (11-99) P.S.: Read Ray Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence

55 BW: “human brain has only a short time left as the smartest thing on earth”/ “subjugate humanity by 2050” Health Forum Journal: “In one generation or less, every element of health care, every assumption, will be changed or gone.” Dr. George Poste, SKB: 500 molecular targets in ’95 to 70,000 in ’99/ 35 compounds per year to 2M

56 Wired [Feb 2000] “ Cyborg 1.0: Kevin Warwick Outlines His Plan to Become One with His Computer”

57 “Capitalism and democracy are the two dominant forces of modern history; they unleash human creativity and energy like nothing else. But they are also forces of destruction. They destroy old orders, hierarchy, tradition, communities, careers, stability and peace of mind itself. The challenge of the West in the next century will be to find ways to channel the sweeping power of these two - the last surviving big ideas - as they reorganize all human activity. Otherwise, for much of the world, it may be too fast a ride.” Newsweek 12-99

58 T.T.D. How do you rate as a … C.D.O.?

59 Notes Page So … what … exactly … are you doing to DESTROY what you [and yours] are today? List every Project that aims to ATTACK today’s “culture” and assumptions. Be specific!

60 Message from Seattle? Top 3 Americans > 48 poorest nations Source: Newsweek 12-99

61 [Visit India … every 24 months.]

62 Brand Inside PSF 1: Brand Org!

63 108 X 5 vs. 8 X 1* * 540 vs. 8


65 White Collar Revolution (Finally!!) 90% … in 10 years! PSFs ….. All! Brand Yous … All! WOW Projects … All!

66 “The coefficient of friction associated with the grunge of business is amazing!” Michael Schrage

67 Cemex and FDX!

68 CCC Information Services!

69 Swissair e>booking e>ticket e>check-in e>track e>info

70 Oracle and Ford!

71 T.T.D. Discuss: Is my “90% in 10+ years” extreme?

72 Notes Page I admit that some say I’m over-the-top here. I honestly don’t think I am. Try and imagine your HR/Whatever Dept. fully automated with numerous tasks outsourced … to India or Ireland.

73 “Assetless Company” J.B.

74 “Don’t own nothin’ if you can help it. If you can, rent your shoes.” F.G.

75 And … 50M @ $20,000 = $1T* *Michael Dertuzos, MIT, on India’s “back office” outsourcing potential [02-08-00/Delhi]

76 RR on Sara Lee “The most profitable businesses in the future will act as knowledge brokers, linking insights into what’s available with insights into the customer’s individual needs and preferences.”

77 The “&-!!+#$% in the middle”* Jim Clark on Healtheon * ’twixt doctors, patients and providers; $250B in waste (?); source: Michael Lewis, The New New Thing

78 SoftWatch (MS) “Manage relationships across the healthcare continuum”/ Amir Kishon Establish e-relationships with customers/retain customers/collect data Patients record info + receive feedback/ Online access to nurses Community with others with MS Etc. Source: Start-Up

79 Hewitt & HMO e-bids!

80 “We want to be the air traffic controllers of electrons.” Bob Nardelli, GE Power Systems

81 [And: Enron!]

82 “UPS used to be a trucking company with technology. Now it’s a technology company with trucks.” Forbes (1-00), on UPS’s $11B spent on IS in the 90s; UPS was Forbes’ “Company of the Year”

83 T.T.D. Does your vision involve a critical position in the industry’s Spider’s Web?

84 Notes Page Try to depict your industry … or your department … with all its interconnections. E.g.: What if every task you perform became a “for profit” task in which you became an “industry expert”? E.g.: As an HR Dept. in the utility industry, what if you started the premier industry Talent Bank?

85 TRUST* *Now … more than ever!

86 [ Words to Live By … “Hierarchy is an organization with its face toward the CEO and its ass toward the customer.” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business]

87 PSF 1.0 Professional Service Firm Conversion Kit / Release 1.0

88 Why are there no books on how to create a “Cool, Rocking, WOW-producing Finance Department”?


90 T.T.D. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

91 Notes Page What is the “bottom line” – WORTH PAYING FOR – for every project your unit [or you] has going?

92 PSF 1.0 Department Head to … Managing Partner, HR [IS, etc.] Inc.

93 “support function” / “cost center” / “bureaucratic drag” or … “Rock Stars of the ‘Age of Talent’ ”

94 “Real” PSF … –Think Inc. (Mindset = Step No.1!) –Clients rule! / Engage Clients in deep dialog/ “Join us in an Adventure” / Fire duds! –Work = WOW Projects (100%!) –Embrace the Politics of Implementation! –Practice serial monogamy! –Master “the economics”! (WWPF!)

95 “Real” PSF … –WE HELP PEOPLE! –Co-habit with the Client! –Create a Culture of Urgency! –Love thy Support Staff! –You need a Methodology! / Obsess on R&D! –BECOME A “CONNOISSEUR OF TALENT”!


97 The “7Ps” of PSF 1.0 P rojects! P assion! P rovocation! P artnership! P olitics! P rofessionalism! P erformance!

98 T.T.D. Use the prior slide as a checklist relative to every activity [project] your unit is working on.

99 C.I.O. to C.E.F.R.N.S.*

100 * C hief E vangelist F or R eally N eat S tuff

101 T.T.D. Compare: “Department Head” versus “Managing Partner, Finance Inc.”

102 Notes Page See our book, the Professional Service Firm50, re the differences between a traditional “Dept.” and a full-fledged “PSF.” Our “The Work Matters” manifesto – at – also covers this.

103 Seminar Y2K Message: Distinct … or Extinct!

104 Brand Inside PSF 2: Brand Work!

105 “Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.” Phil Daniels, Sydney exec

106 But Does It Matter ???? “On time, on budget … who cares?” anon. seminar participant (4/99)

107 “You really got to me. So many of our information technology projects take on a life of their own, and I know they’ll never end up as more than ‘mediocre successes.’ ” CEO, F100 financial services company (10-98)

108 WOW Project Anatomy I. Create! II. Sell! III. Implement! IV. Exit!

109 I. Create! Reframe! THERE ARE NO “SMALL” PROJECTS! Observe & Record!! Head for the trenches! You gotta love it! Measure: WOW!, Beauty, Raving Fans, Impact! Build a no-baloney Business Plan Create community. Now! Obsess on … the End User. Now!

110 Reframers’ Rules: Rule 1: Never accept an assignment as given! Rule 2: You’re never so powerful as when you are “powerless”! Rule 3: Every “small” project contains the entire enterprise DNA!

111 T.T.D. Examine that “small”/ “annoying” project you’re working on. Can it be re-cast as a WOW/ Culture Change Project? What are the hidden assumptions about customers/ suppliers/ employees?

112 Notes Page I am adamant: Every project can be made into a “big deal” if your head is in the right place. So … now … COMPLETELY RE- INVENT THAT “SMALL” PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON! No bull! E.g.: What about a “Memorial Day Employee Picnic that signals a whole new attitude toward our staff”?

113 Measures –WOW! –Beauty! –Raving Fans! –Impact!



116 E.g.: WOW Scale 1. … Dull as dishwater. 5. … Gets the job done. 7. … “Good work!”. 10. … A serious “Braggable”!

117 Kaiser: 4.15.26

118 Liberty Ship 2 years 240 days 9 days 4 hours, 15 minutes, 26 seconds

119 [ Just Say “No” to … S-t-r-e-t-c-h]

120 WOW Project “Acid Test” Can you explain it - with zest - to your 14-year-old?

121 “Every project we take on starts with a question: How can we do what’s never been done before?” Stuart Hornery, CEO, Lend Lease

122 II. Sell! Master “The Pitch”! Build Buzz. Consciously. Network maniacally! Preach to the choir! Forget your enemies. [Surround and marginalize!] Money kills! SELL, SELL, SELL!

123 III. Implement! - Live, eat, sleep … Quick Prototype! -Play! - Keep on recruiting! (Sell!) - Obsess on the End User Community! (Sell!) - Become a Milestone Maniac! / a Timeline Tyrant! / a List Freak! / find Ms. Last 2%! - Appoint a Marketing Director! - Keep the WOW! front and center!

124 Culture of Prototyping “Effective prototyping may be the most valuable core competence an innovative organization can hope to have.” Michael Schrage

125 “Good prototypes have ‘charisma.’ They create narratives … tell stories.” Michael Schrage, Serious Play

126 “I view models and prototypes as the battleground for thoughts and behaviors.” Michael Schrage

127 Think about It!? Innovation = Reaction to the Prototype Michael Schrage

128 Prototyping Logic/Magic 1. Start Doin’ Stuff! 2. “Doin’ Stuff” Launches a Rich Dialogue!* * No “stuff” = No dialogue! [No baloney!]

129 T.T.D./ Prototyper’s Laws Define a small, practical test of something on a page or less of text. Now. Gather “found” materials … on the [very] cheap. Find a/one partner-“customer” who’ll provide a test site. Set a very tight deadline of about 5 days for the next concrete step. Conduct the test! Debrief A.S.A.P. Set the next test date. Now. [No more than 5 days hence.]

130 Notes Page The idea is to establish a “rhythm of prototyping” that defines every project.

131 T.T.D./ Secret No. 1: Go horizontal: Find a (one!) “line” ally in “the Boonies” Secret No. 2: “Powerless” allies are Cool! Secret No. 3: Passion Rules! Secret No. 4: Become a Prototyping Maniac! Secret No. 5: Embrace Politics / “Community Organizing”!

132 Notes Page Main Idea: YOU ARE NOT “POWERLESS.” Seek out allies in strange places … and get going! DO NOT WASTE TIME “SELLING UP.”

133 K2K

134 Reference: Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky

135 TRUST* *Now … more than ever!

136 “It was much later that I realized Dad’s secret. He gained respect by giving it. He talked and listened to the fourth- grade kids in Spring Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked and listened to a bishop or a college president. He was seriously interested in who you were and what you had to say.” Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect

137 The Sweet Smell of … “You can ‘smell’ caring [engagement, respect] from a mile away!” Seminar Participant, London (12/99)

138 IV. Exit! “Sell out!” / Embrace “The Suits”! Recruit a passionate Ms./Mr. Follow-up! Seed your freaks into the mainstream! Celebrate! Exit!

139 SOOOO … HOW MANY OF YOUR COLLEAGUES ARE “BACK HOME” AT WORK ON NO-BALONEY … WOW* PROJECTS! * WOW = Will be remembered fondly/ bragged about 5+ years from now

140 Epitaph from Hell … Joe T. Jones 1942 - 2000 HE WOULDA DONE SOME REALLY COOL STUFF BUT … HIS BOSS WOULDN’T LET HIM!

141 T.T.D.: Now! –List all projects –Carefully describe a “WOW Outcome” for you and the Client –Score (!) all projects on WOW, Beauty, Impact, Raving Fan-hood –Pick one project with a high combined score –Draft a one-page New Description that emphasizes WOW, Beauty, etc. –Circulate and edit … for three days –Reduce to 5 bullet points

142 Notes Page DO IT! NOW!

143 Characteristics of the “Also Rans” “minimize risk” “respect the chain of command” “support the boss” “make budget” Source: Fortune on “most admired global corporations” (10/26/98)

144 The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo

145 1) Turn ignition key. 2) Shift into drive. 3) Press foot firmly on the throat of mediocrity. Source: Mercedes ad

146 [We are not trying to “WOW you up.” We think you are/have WOW. We are trying to give you permission to be WOW.]

147 Seminar Y2K MESSAGE: THE WORK MATTERS!* *Sorry, Scott!

148 Seminar Y2K Message: Distinct … or Extinct!

149 Brand Inside PSF 3: Brand You!

150 “The fundamental unit of the new economy is not the corporation, but the individual. Tasks aren’t assigned and controlled through a stable chain of command but are carried out autonomously by independent contractors - e-lancers - who join together in fluid and temporary networks to sell goods and services. When the job is done, the network dissolves and its members become independent again, circulating through the economy, seeking the next assignment.” Thomas Malone and Robert Laubacher

151 DISTINCT … OR EXTINCT! “If there is nothing very special about your work, no matter how hard you apply yourself, you won’t get noticed and that increasingly means you won’t get paid much, either.” Michael Goldhaber, Wired

152 “If one quarter can’t make the journey, that’s the way it has to be.” Carly Fiorina (1-00/Forbes)

153 Personal “Brand Equity” Eval –I am known for [2 to 3 things] –My current Project is challenging me … –New things I’ve learned in the last 90 days include … –My public “recognition program” consists of … –Additions to my Rolodex include … –My resume is discernibly different from last year’s at this time …

154 T.T.D./Personal “Brand Equity” Eval –I am known for [2 to 3 things] –My current Project is challenging me … –New things I’ve learned in the last 90 days include … –My public “recognition program” consists of … –Additions to my Rolodex include … –My resume is discernibly different from last year’s at this time …

155 Notes Page Work your tail off on this. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS EXERCISE. We have chosen these categories very carefully.

156 Ike’s World Book Page And Yours?

157 They “Get it”?! –stone mason –electrician –plumber –tiler –cabinet maker –contractor –blacksmith –well driller –blaster –sheep shearer –etc.

158 Icon Woman … –Totally turned on by her work! –“It” matters / a WOW Project! –“It” is … COOL! –“It” is … BEAUTIFUL! –She is … in your face! –She is an … adventurer! –She is … CEO of her own life!

159 Icon Woman … - She is … at least … a little funky! –Her curiosity is … insatiable! –She thinks screwups are … as normal as breathing! –She hangs out with some … seriously rad Dudes! –She is not God. She is not Bionic Woman. She is … determined to make a damned difference!

160 “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” — Anita Borg, Institute for Women in Technology

161 Icon Woman Meets the Web … –submits resume on the Web –recruited on the Web –hired on the Web –trained on the Web –creates and conducts projects with virtual teams on the Web –manages project and client follow-up on the Web –manages career/reputation-building on the Web

162 “The Brand Called URL”/ Nathan Shedroff, Vivid Studios “24 X 7 storefront devoted exclusively to The Brand Called You.”

163 T.T.D./Soooo… How’s your Web site?

164 Notes Page So … how is it? MY 18-YEAR-OLD SON HAS ONE! It’s fly-phat.

165 R.D.A. Rate: 15%?, 25%? Therefore: Formal “Investment Strategy”/ R.I.P.

166 R.I.P. 10 … Major job change [new area of concentration]; major offsite educational investment; extensive sabbatical [oddball learning experience of > 2 months]; exceptional community project [presidency of fundraising drive, run for school board].

167 R.I.P. 5... Extensive course work in oddball area of passionate interest; major off- the-job activity [community involvement, learn to play the cello, study Chinese]. 1 … Company training, as directed.

168 T.T.D./Your R.I.P. IS IT … FORMAL? IS IT... WOW!?

169 Notes Page We think “R.I.P.s” are imperative! So … please take these two questions seriously and literally!

170 T.T.D./R.I.P. Use by yourself. Use with your mates. Use [quantitatively?] as a measure of departmental/ P.S.F. renewal. Use in formal eval process.

171 Notes Page The whole idea is to make “R.I.P.s” a/the centerpiece – formally – of measuring unit “freshness.” E.g.: SCORE EVERYONE’S “R.I.P.” ON ITS BOLDNESS/WOW.

172 “Temporary workers used to be at the low end of the workplace food chain. …” The Wall Street Journal

173 Training Y2K Anytime, anywhere! Whatever! Concocted by the employee [“Training Account”]

174 “When was the last time you asked, ‘What do I want to be?’ ” Sara Ann Friedman, Work Matters

175 There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize they work for a dead guy. [ad]

176 “Everything can be taken from man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one’s own attitude in any set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Victor Frankl, Auschwitz survivor

177 Seminar Y2K Message: Distinct … or Extinct!

178 T.T.D./Assignment Construct a 1/8-page or 1/4-page ad for Brand You … for the Yellow Pages

179 Notes Page THIS IS A BIG DEAL. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. [“Yellow Pages ads” are the centerpiece of our formal Brand You training programs.]

180 [ T.T.D.: How About It? Replace your current evaluation process with Yellow Pages ads.]

181 Notes Page NO BULL! Some of our Clients have gone this far. And report stunning results. If you can’t do this formally, try it informally.

182 Bill Parcells’ World/ Brand You World! BLAME NOBODY! EXPECT NOTHING! DO SOMETHING! NY Post (9/99)

183 TRUST* *Now … more than ever!

184 Brand Inside PSF 4: Brand Talent!

185 Issue Y2K The Great War for Talent!

186 “The leaders of Great Groups love talent and know where to find it. They revel in the talent of others.” Warren Bennis & Patricia Ward Biederman

187 Alan Kay on PARC’s Bob Taylor “He was a connoisseur of talent.”

188 T.T.D./ ARE YOU?

189 Notes Page There’s perhaps no more difficult “test”: AM I A NO-BALONEY CONNOISSEUR OF TALENT? Use a quantitative measure.

190 A Connoisseur of Talent … –Spends time on Talent! –Becomes a student of Talent! –Puts Talent “on the agenda”! –Practices D.I.Y. –Uses Plain English! (If you want “sunny” … ask for “sunny”!) –Creates Workspaces that foster energy, entrepreneurship and creativity! –Recruits from oddball places! / Recruits Oddballs!

191 “Recruiting college students is a job for marketing, not HR.” Jeff Daniel,

192 “Talent” and Work Space: A Grossly Neglected Connection! “Imagine working for a company that not only understood that the best ten hours of your day are spent at work - but did everything in its power to make them energizing, rewarding and productive as possible. Imagine coming to work each day in a building that greeted every person as a creative, entrepreneurial, exciting person.” Rosemary Kirkby, Lend Lease, proposal for headquarters of MLC

193 “Our business needs a massive transfusion of talent. And talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among non-conformists, dissenters and rebels.” David Ogilvy

194 “The boundaries for acceptable weirdness have dramatically expanded.” Michael Schrage

195 Axiom: Never hire anyone without an aberration in their background. (Find the One Ton Cookie Man!)

196 A Connoisseur of Talent … –Recruits M.I. (Gardner: Logical-mathematical, linguistic, artistic, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal-self, interpersonal-others) –Recruits arts! –Becomes de facto C.D.O. (Chief Diversity Officer) –Turns the pay scale upside down! / Pays Talent! – Rewards & Promotes all on Talent Development Skills! –Spouts the Gospel of Renewal! (R.D.A./ R.I.P.)

197 “Every school I visited was participating in the systematic suppression of creative genius.” “From cradle to grave the pressure is on: BE NORMAL!” Gordon MacKenzie

198 “Where do good new ideas come from?... That’s simple! From differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtapositions. The best way to maximize differences is to mix ages, cultures and disciplines.” Nicholas Negroponte

199 T.T.D. Use the two Connoisseur of Talent slides as a guide for creating a Formal Talent Development Plan

200 Notes Page Literally use the items on the two slides as a formal check list to measure yourself [quantitatively] against.

201 “Firms will not ‘manage the careers’ of their employees. They will provide opportunities to enable the employee to develop identity and adaptability and thus be in charge of his or her own career.” Tim Hall et al., “The New Protean Career Contract”

202 H.R. to H.E.D. ??? Human Enablement Department

203 Attributes of Those Who “Made” the 10th Grade History Book –Committed! –Determined to make a difference! –Focused! –Passionate! –Irrational about their life’s project! –Ahead of their time / Paradigm busters! –Impatient! / Action Obsessed

204 Attributes of Those Who “Made” the 10 th Grade History Book –Made lots of people mad! –Flouted the chain of command! –Creative / Quirky / Peculiar! / Rebels! / Irreverent! –Masters of improv / Thrive on chaos / Exploit chaos!

205 Attributes of Those Who “Made” the 10 th Grade History Book –Forgiveness > Permission –Bone honest! –Flawed as the dickens! – “In touch” with their followers’ aspirations –Damn good at what they do!

206 Just Say “No” to “Grout”! Participant: “Don’t you need ‘grout’ between the tiles?” TP: “No!” [med staff, NFL Special Teams,waiters, PFCs, cymbals player, bit parts, waiters]

207 TP’s Ideal Job: Head of Housekeeping!

208 “Conformity is the enemy of freedom and the jailer of growth.” J.F.K.

209 Flair! Sparkle! Don’t call me “Competent”!

210 Yes! Director of Bringing in the Really Cool People

211 All You Need to Know? Chief Evangelist For Really Neat Stuff Director Of Bringing In The Really Cool People


213 Talent War Y2K! –All out!/ Time consuming! –Never ending!/ Unwinnable! –Includes everybody!/ Everybody’s game! (“We’re all in sales.”) –Expensive! –Cool!/ WOW!/ Fun!/ Creative! –Strategic!/ Core competence!

214 Talent War Y2K! –Basis of Brand!/ WHO WE ARE! –Brand You within Brand Us! –Encompassing!/ Cultural! (KEWLNESS: mine v. yours) –Substantive!/ “The best Projects win!” [Cairo 12-99]

215 Big Co.: The Saving Remnant Toy Store* Resources People Distribution Channel(s) * “Make your own McKinsey” (AP)

216 Talent = Brand

217 Brand Outside = Brand Inside

218 “Emotional values are replacing physical attributes as the fundamental market influence.” “This book is concerned with self-worth and belief.” “In the international market, it is no longer products that compete, it’s concepts.” “Only with a strong spirit at its foundation can a company achieve strong market position.” Jesper Kunde, Corporate Religion

219 TRUST* *Now … more than ever!

220 T.T.D. Construct a formal “Great War for Talent Strategy” for your unit!

221 Notes Page Key word: FORMAL!

222 Seminar Y2K Message: Distinct … or Extinct!

223 Brand Outside Context: No “Commodities”!

224 In the Beginning … “The audit has become a commodity.” Big 5 audit partner to TP

225 Quality Not Enough! “Quality as defined by few defects is becoming the price of entry for automotive marketers rather than a competitive advantage.” J.D. Power

226 Quality Not Enough! “While everything may be better, it is also increasingly the same.” Paul Goldberger on retail, “The Sameness of Things,” The New York Times

227 What’s Special? “Customers will try ‘low cost providers’ because the Majors have not given them any clear reason not to.” Leading Insurance Industry Analyst (10-98)

228 “We make over three new product announcements a day. Can you remember them? Our customers can’t!” Carly Fiorina

229 “The ‘surplus society’ has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices and similar quality.” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

230 6 Sigma or “Jazzy Offerings”? WSJ/2-9-00: Nokia extends market share lead [22.5% in ’98 to 26.9% in ’99] over Motorola [19.5% to 16.9%]

231 The “10X/10X Phenomenon” 10 Times Better/ 10 Times Less Different

232 T.T.D. Discuss: Is “10X/10X” rampant in your industry?

233 Notes Page Are you frustrated? That is, doing “much better work” … but not standing apart from the herd? Hint: This suggested analysis pertains to the internal Training Dept. as much as to the New Products gang. BE BRUTALLY HONEST CONCERNING THE DEGREE TO WHICH “WE REALLY STAND OUT” … OR DON’T!

234 TP’s Campaign Y2K Just say [shout] “No!” to the “inevitable commoditization” of anything.

235 Aarrgh! “Quality is conformance to requirements, not goodness.” Phil Crosby

236 “When we did it ‘right’ it was still pretty ordinary.” Barry Gibbons on “Nightmare No. 1”

237 Pretzel Crumb-less-ness Plus … “The Ritz Carlton Experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of the guest.” from the Ritz Carlton Credo

238 “We want to create waves of lust for our product.” Andy Grove (on the Pentium Processor)

239 “You do not merely want to be the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.” Jerry Garcia

240 What Jerry Should Have Said??? “You do not merely want to be the best of the best, you want to be considered in conformance with requirements.”

241 Lust Hierarchy Satisfy … Conform to Requirements … Exceed Expectations … Delight! … WOW! … Lust! … ONLY ONES WHO DO WHAT WE DO!

242 Nirvana! - Nordstrom - Four Seasons - Adirondack Guide Boat - OXO - Ziplocs

243 Why? Cool!/Surprising! Reliable! Friendly!/Comfortable! Aesthetically pleasing!

244 T.T.D. And your favorites? Why? (Pay attention to the flavor of the words you use) Translation to your/ “finance world,” etc.?

245 Notes Page Think about the words you use to describe “stuff” you really LOVE. Do those terms apply to your unit’s products and services? If you talk about a “compelling” movie or novel or theatrical performance, why not a “compelling business process”?

246 T.T.D. What words do you & yours use to describe Customer Contentment? [Way] beyond “satisfaction”? [DO SUCH WORDS MATTER?]

247 Notes Page PLEASE [REDUX]: PAY LOTS OF ATTENTION TO WORDS … AND THE EMOTIONAL “SIGNS” THEY CONNOTE. [TomWorld: What applies to a Detroit Red Wings “performance” ought to apply to a “Purchasing Dept. performance”!

248 Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!


250 Brand Outside Strategy 1 : Lead the Customer!

251 “The customer is a rear view mirror, not a guide to the future.” George Colony, Forrester Research “If you worship at the throne of the voice of the customer, you’ll get only incremental advances.” Joseph Morone, President, Bentley College

252 Early Customer Rejection Post-Its [12 years!] Chrysler Minivans VCRs Fax machines FedEx CNN Heart-assist pumps Etc. Source: Fortune

253 Good = Bad/ 1 of 30,000 “We are crazy. We should do something when people say it is ‘crazy.’ If people say something is ‘good’, it means someone else is already doing it.” Hajime Mitari, Canon

254 “Wealth in this new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization. That is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.” Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy

255 “Lead” customers! K2K redux!

256 T.T.D.: Do You K2K? Are you working with [numerous] weird, far out customers? [As opposed to “biggest” customers?]

257 Notes Page Trust me! You will be as Cool as your Coolest Clients. Cool Clients co-invent the future with us. Soooo … WHAT’S YOUR COOL CLIENT PORTFOLIO LOOK LIKE? [Hint: “Biggest” are rarely “coolest.”]

258 Benchmarking, Perils of … “The best swordsman in the world doesn’t need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn’t do the thing he ought to do, and so the expert isn’t prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot.” Mark Twain

259 Amen! “The Age of the Never Satisfied Customer” Regis McKenna

260 T.T.D./Sooooo… Are you pushing your customers? [Internal or external.] ARE YOU ENGAGING THEM IN A JOINT VENTURE-JOURNEY INTO TOMORROWLAND?

261 Notes Page No bull: Evaluate EVERY Client Relationship. Is EVERY CP/Client Project a “test”? That is, an effort to explore Uncomfortable-But-Important-Stuff?

262 Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

263 Brand Outside Strategy 2 : Master E-Commerce!

264 $35,000,000. = ???

265 Dell’s Web sales … daily

266 350,000 = ?????

267 New items going on sale at eBay … daily (12-99)

268 [AOL delivers more mail than the USPS! Source: Fortune 2-00]

269 2X = 100 days (Internet traffic) 2X = 9 months (network capacity) Source: Red Herring (1-00)

270 Time to 50M Users Radio … 38 years TV … 13 years PC … 16 years Internet … 4 years Source: Business 2.0 [01-00]

271 T.T.D.: Study!! Read: Business 2.0 Red Herring Wired


273 Tomorrow Today: Cisco! $7B of $10B Save $500M (service and tech support) C.Sat e >> C.Sat H Customer Engineer Chat Rooms ($1B?)

274 And Larry?

275 Business 2.0: “20 Industries About To Be Fossilized by The Net” (3-99) Travel Agents ($2B now, $30B in 2003); Apparel (1-21); Autos (4-213); Home Electronics (1-21); Paper and Office Supplies (1-65); Food (<1-54); Utilities (7-170); Computing (20-400); Newspapers ($5B of $19B classifieds)

276 Cherry Picking Vertical Markets $370B; sellers pay $5K to $8K for “storefront”; 5% to 10% cut Hook: community services (database, catalogs, forums, industry job bank, etc.)

277 The Motley Fool Secret? “Strangers helping strangers” “Fools’ Logic,” IW


279 Notes Page Web Secret No.1: COMMUNITY – as in, User Community – RULES! So: How do your online Community Development Activities rate?

280 B2B 1999 – 2004: 50X 2004: $7.4 Source: GartnerGroup (per Reuters 1-26-00) T

281 W.W. Grainger* 2X phone/fax *$220B “MRO” market (per Business 2.0/02-00)

282 Welcome to D.I.Y. Nation! “Changes in business processes will emphasize self service. Your costs as a business go down and perceived service goes up because customers are conducting it themselves.” Ray Lane, Oracle

283 Shop in your Underwear Source: SM’d logo for ae = American Eagle Outfitters

284 “Autoweb. Take the Wheel.” - Advertising Age

285 Psych 101: Strongest Force on Earth? My need to be in perceived control of my universe!

286 Anne Busquet/ American Express Not: “Age of the Internet” Is: “Age of Customer Control”

287 “IT enables total transparency. People with access to relevant information are beginning to challenge any type of authority. The stupid, loyal and humble customer, employee or citizen is dead.” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

288 Patricia Seybold’s “Basics”: The E-Customer Bill of Rights Don’t waste my time! Remember who I am! Make it easy for me to order and procure service! Customize your products and services for me! Source:

289 “Welcome back, Tommy!”


291 Notes Page Do you Joyfully “allow” the Customer to lead you around by the nose? Is this truly his/her site? Her/his “home”?

292 “In the network economy, the Website becomes the company’s primary interface to the customer. The user interface becomes the marketing materials, store front, store interior, sales staff and post- sales support all rolled into one.” Jakob Nielsen, Designing Web Usability

293 “Most companies would do more business on the Internet if they fired their entire marketing department and replaced it with people who could produce interactive content that actually made it easier for users to buy.” Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group

294 Red Herring (01/00) 75% of online shoppers don’t complete their purchase!

295 Nielsen/Designing Web Usability All Web projects are customer- interface projects! Simplicity rules! Make it easy for customers to perform useful tasks! Less “cool,” more useful! Speed rules!

296 Nielsen/ Continued Must work … on a small screen! Must work … w/o graphics loading! “Scannability” rules! [Users pick out key words.] Navigation page: No scrolling! Remember: 25% to 50% “successful use”

297 T.T.D.: Message! SIMPLICITY!

298 Notes Page READ JAKOB NIELSEN’S BOOK! Hold your site to the Exacting Nielsen Standard! [Be ruthless … on yourself.]

299 T.T.D./Read This! Jakob Nielsen Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity* *

300 “The Net hasn’t lived up to its hype. It’s a distant, cold, alien, threatening world called ‘cyberspace.’ The challenge is to make the Net into something intimate, warm, friendly, useful, personal.” Carly Fiorina, CEO, HP @ Comdex ’99

301 T.T.D.: Message! Friendliness!

302 Notes Page Is our Site – including B2B sites – “a place called home”?

303 “Even if executives of established businesses grasp the impact of new technologies … they still face a massive competitive disadvantage precisely because they are incumbents. … They do complex financial calculations and get bogged down in internal political debates. Insurgents have no such inhibitions.” Philip Evans & Thomas Wurster, Blown to Bits

304 “ … if they set up a completely independent organization and let that organization attack the parent.” Clayton Christensen, The Innovator’s Dilemma

305 The Way “They” Talk! “I have this chance for … changing the world.” Marco Boerries, Sun, re StarOffice (Business 2.0, 2-00)

306 “Where does the Internet rank in priority? It’s No. 1, 2, 3, and 4.” Jack Welch

307 Change … Or Die! “Most of the brick and mortars look at the Internet as an add-on business … until they get a major scare. Then they either change or die. … You have to put all your heart and soul in that direction, the way Charles Schwab and Dell did.” Flip Flipowski, Devine Interventures (Red Herring)

308 There are 2 Kinds of … Defense* vs. Offense** *Fend off upstarts. ** Reinvent our marketspace!

309 T.T.D. Most important Y2K question: Are you & yours “dealing with” the Web … or “embracing it” as “central to our being”?


311 Web Strategy: GE Power Systems “Launch and Learn” (4 sites in 30 days)


313 Ready. Fire! Aim. Ross Perot, Wayne Calloway, Harry Quadracci, et al.

314 [ He who has the quickest O.O.D.A. Loops* wins! *Observe. Orient. Decide. Act. / Col. John Boyd ]

315 Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

316 Brand Outside Strategy 3 : Women Rule!

317 48% working wives > 50% 80% checks 61% bills 53% stock (mutual fund boom) 43% > $500K 95% financial decisions/ 29% single handed

318 ????????? Home Furnishings … 94% Vacations … 92% Houses … 91% Bank Account … 89% Health Care … 75% Etc.

319 Women … 49% of Web users; 6 of 10 new users; 83% of wired women are primary decision makers for family healthcare, finances, education. Source: Business Week (11-99)

320 $3.3T + $1.5T = $4.8T* * Larger than Japan!

321 Most Under-reported story! 9M*/20M+/$4T [> Germany] * 400K in ’72; 132% since ’92; source: NFWBO, Cognetics

322 New golfers … 37% Basketball … 13.5M 1 in 27 (’70) … 1 in 3 (’96)

323 1874?

324 1874 … Jock Strap 1977 … Jogbra 1977... 25K 1996 … 42 M

325 Yeow! 1970 … 1% 2000 … 50%

326 OPPORTUNITY NO. 1!* [* No shit!]

327 T.T.D.: Measure! How clear are you about your demographics … in particular, share of women purchasers [for you, for the industry]?

328 Notes Page Are you getting an “unfair share” of women purchasing your service or product? IF NOT, WHY NOT? [Most of the other schmoes are, after all, asleep!]

329 T.T.D.: Study! Does anybody in your industry do “it” right? Brilliantly? [If so … how?]

330 Notes Page STUDY! [Damn it!]

331 Carol Gilligan/ In a Different Voice Men: Get away from authority, family Women: Connect Men: Self-oriented Women: Other-oriented Men: Rights Women: Responsibilities

332 FemaleThink/ Popcorn “Men and women don’t think the same way, don’t communicate the same way, don’t buy for the same reasons. “He simply wants the transaction to take place. She’s interested in creating a relationship. Every place women go, they make connections.”

333 “Men seem like loose cannons. Men always move faster through a store’s aisles. Men spend less time looking. They usually don’t like asking where things are. You’ll see a man move impatiently through a store to the section he wants, pick something up, and then, almost abruptly he’s ready to buy. … For a man, ignoring the price tag is almost a sign of virility.” Paco Underhill, Why We Buy* [*Buy this book!]

334 Women and Financial Advisors Women want … a plan, to be listened to, to be taken seriously, to read about it, to think about it. Women do not want … an in-your-face sales pitch Source: Kathleen Boyle, Wheat Boyle Butcher Singer

335 Women and Healthcare Women are … more dissatisfied, frustrated by the way they are treated and spoken down to by physicians, seek more information, are more pressed for time … and make 75% of health care decisions and control 2/3 of health care $$$$ [and constitute 2/3 of health care employees]. Source: Patricia Braus, Marketing Healthcare to Women

336 Marketing to Women: Help Them Save Time! 80% … work 86% … cook 58% … run errands with kids 38% … take child to school 21% … go to the gym 21% … take outside classes

337 How Many Gigs You Got, Man? “Hard to believe … Different criteria” “Every research study we’ve done indicates that women really care about the relationship with their vendor.” Robin Sternbergh/ IBM

338 T.T.D. Do you [clearly] understand the difference between men’s and women’s purchasing habits?

339 Notes Page Again: STUDY! [It took me years to get a handle on “this stuff.”]

340 Not!! “Year of the Woman”

341 Enterprise Reinvention! Recruiting Hiring/Rewarding/ Promoting Structure Processes Measurement Strategy Culture Vision Leadership THE BRAND ITSELF!

342 “What kind of car does Mommy want?”

343 “I didn’t know [company] were giving company cars to secretaries.” Source: UK financial services CEO, 12/99

344 Not a Morality Play! “It is critical that we all understand that IBM is not marketing to women entrepreneurs because it is the thing to do, or even the right thing to do. We are marketing to women entrepreneurs because it is a huge opportunity.” Cherie Piebes


346 Notes Page Spend a lot of time talking about this. THE POTENTIAL PAYOFF IS ENORMOUS … IF YOU ARE WILLING TO INVEST ACCORDINGLY.


348 Notes Page Discuss … AT LENGTH!

349 T.T.D. What would it take to get you & yours to “Go For It”? First steps?

350 Notes Page What could you do – in the next 30 days – to begin to test these ideas? Define 10 actions!

351 Speaking of Enormous [Missed] [Huge] Opportunities...

352 74/55 “At each stage of their lives, the needs and desires of the baby boomers have become the dominant concerns of American business and popular culture. If you can anticipate the movement of the baby-boom generation’s life-span migration, you can see the future.” Ken Dychtwald, Age Wave

353 Aging/“Elderly” 2X growth rate $$$$$$$$$$$$ “I’m in charge!” “Experiences” vs. Products Design revolution! Good source: Ken Dychtwald, Age Wave

354 Priorities: Aging/“Elderly” Experiences … Convenience … Comfort … Access … Respect!

355 “Any student who combines an expertise in gerontology with, say, an M.B.A. or law degree will have a license to print money.” Newsweek


357 Notes Page Listen up: THIS IS ANOTHER BIGGIE! Think about it. Discuss it. Collect data. [Become a “student.”] Experiment.

358 Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

359 Brand Outside Strategy 4 : Design Rules!

360 And Tommorow … “Fifteen years ago companies competed on price. Now It’s quality. Tomorrow it’s design.” Robert Hayes

361 All Equal Except … “At Sony we assume that all products of our competitors have basically the same technology, price, performance and features. Design is the only thing that differentiates one product from another in the marketplace.” Norio Ogha

362 “Design is treated like a religion at BMW.” Fortune (10/98)

363 Drop-dead Charm! “The new Beetle fails at most categories. The only thing it doesn’t fail in is drop-dead charm.” Jerry Hirshberg, Nissan Design International

364 Object of Desire! “Every now and then, a design comes along that radically changes the way we think about a particular object. Case in point: the iMac. Suddenly, a computer is no longer an anonymous box. It is a sculpture, an object of desire, something that you look at.” Katherine McCoy, Michael McCoy, Illinois Institute of Technology

365 Design as Soul “We don’t have a good language to talk about this kind of thing. In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. … But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation.” Steve Jobs

366 Check Out the Language: “Tomorrow it’s design …” “Design is the only thing …” “Design is … religion...” “Drop-dead charm …” “Object of desire …” “Fundamental soul …”

367 T.T.D. Where do you stand on design? [1 = Who, me? 10 = Preoccupation.] Where do you stand on design-as-soul?

368 Notes Page I’m at a bit of a loss here. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO “MAKE YOU” “GET” THIS. I think it is of the Utmost Importance. I want you – at least – to become “aware” of the Power of Great Design. And … I do [fervently] believe that Great-Design-Is- Soul.

369 The I.D. [International Design] Forty* Airstream … Alfred A. Knopf … Apple Computer … … Bloomberg … Caterpillar … CNN … Disney … FedEx … Gillette … IBM … Martha Stewart … New Balance … Nickelodeon … Patagonia … The New York Yankees … 3M … Etc. * List No. 1, 1999

370 Unconventional [Design] Messages Not about... “Lumpy Objects”! Not about... $79,000 objects

371 One-sixth Second per Item! “During the 30 minutes you spend on an average trip to the supermarket, about 30,000 products vie to win your attention and ultimately to make you believe in their promise.” Thomas Hine, The Total Package

372 [ Design Moments! Shopping cart = 2X heavy items Source: Wall Street Journal (11-24-99) ]

373 T.T.D./Message: Services are Not Intangible! You “give off” hundreds of design cues … daily! YOU ARE A DESIGNER!

374 Notes Page List 100 [!] “design cues” that you give off! [Okay, start with 25.]

375 Graceful language!

376 Susan Sargent Designs: PLEASE COMPLAIN! Thanks for your order! We dearly want everything to go p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y! If the order was late. Or wrong. Or if any of the goods are damaged in the slightest. Or if you’re just having a lousy day and want to unload on someone … Call our Customer Care Hotline!

377 T.T.D./“Beauty Contest!” 1. Pick one form/ document: invoice, airbill, sick leave policy, returns claim form. 2. Rate it on a 1 to 10 scale (1 = Awful; 10 = Scintillating) on three dimensions: Beauty, Grace, Clarity. 3. Repeat … every 15 days.

378 Notes Page DO THIS! USE MY TERMS! [Beauty … Grace … Clarity.] Be quantitative. [PLEASE.]


380 “When you click on Yahoo! today you get the same simple, nearly graphics-free home page you would have seen had you clicked three years ago.” Fortune, on Zod Nazem, Yahoo! CTO

381 No Clutter! developed an increasingly common problem. In the midst of adding material, its design went bad. CNNSI became so packed with links, new sections and graphics that it actually became hard to find something as basic as the score of last night’s ballgame. Then it got worse. The team tried to make new graphic elements eye-catching enough to stand out from the site’s clutter. But the surfers ignored them, thinking they were ads.” Business Week [9-99]

382 T.T.D.: Campaign Y2K! Plain, energetic, sparkling English!

383 Notes Page Spend … a lot … of time talking about this. MAKE IT YOUR EVERYDAY STANDARD FOR … EVERYTHING … THAT EMERGES FROM YOU/YOUR UNIT.

384 T.T.D./Design “Awareness”! STEP No. 1: NOTEBOOK! [Start recording the awesome and the awful.]

385 Notes Page THIS IS MY “SECRET.” I am not “artistic.” But … I did teach myself to be … CONSTANTLY AWARE. The Key: My [simple] notebook! [I’VE NOW BEEN “RECORDING” FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS!]

386 Huge Opportunities [That Damn Few Are Pursuing!] Women! The rapidly aging population! Design!

387 Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

388 Brand Outside Strategy 5 : It’s the Experience!

389 “Experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods.” Joseph Pine & James Gilmore, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage

390 “The [Starbucks] Fix” Is on … “We have identified a ‘third place.’ And I really believe that sets us apart. The third place is that place that’s not work or home. It’s the place our customers come for refuge.” Nancy Orsolini, District Manager

391 Safe, On Time and … “We defined personality as a market niche. We seek to amuse, to surprise, to entertain.” Herb Kelleher, Main Man, LUV Airlines

392 Experience: “Rebel Lifestyle!” “What we sell is the ability for a 43-year-old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him.” Harley exec, quoted in Results-based Leadership

393 Mantra: “Any good can be ing -ed” the driv ing experience the pump ing experience the sitt ing experience the read ing experience the wash ing experience the cook ing experience Joseph Pine & James Gilmore, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage

394 “What’s the plot?” Freeman Thomas, designer

395 T.T.D. WHAT’S THE [your] PLOT?

396 Notes Page WHAT IS YOUR STORY? [Be specific!] Message: This applies to every [Finance] project!

397 “Cars are not simply to get you from place to place. They ought to be entertainment. We are sort of in the entertainment business.” J Mays, Ford

398 “This is the end of the pure product era. For instance, car makers are beginning to understand that the car is a platform for delivering services that drive the customer experience.” Carly Fiorina, HP @ Comdex ’99

399 T.T.D. Carefully examine/think through every aspect of “the experience of us.”* *This holds for the Finance Dept. as well as the corporation’s “products”

400 Notes Page This demands a lot of care! THINK OF YOURSELF AS A DRAMATIST, A DIRECTOR. THINK ABOUT “THE WAY WE COME ACROSS.” Be … ridiculously … specific! [God is in the Details.]

401 Context: “No” to “inevitable commoditization” S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: It’s the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

402 [ “Take Home Value” Road Warriors: Cast Off Your Blands/ Free Your Taste Buds Tabasco Sauce Dijon Mustard Balsamic Vinegar ]

403 Brand Outside BRAND POWER!

404 T.T.D. How do you [& yours] define “brand”?

405 Notes Page It sounds Elementary. It’s not! DISCUSS: WHAT IS A BRAND [THAT MATTERS]?

406 Brand Defined Distinction Excellence Emotional “Signature” Trustworthiness Consistency Shorthand

407 Brand It! Now, More Than Ever! “The increasing difficulty in differentiating between products and the speed with which competitors take up innovations will assist in the rise and rise of the brand.” Gillian Law and Nick Grant, Management [New Zealand]

408 “What Matters to Online Buyers”* #1: Product brand #2: Retailer brand *Source: Business 2.0

409 No Room for Brands? Nike Saturn CNN America Online Charles Schwab Starbucks The Gap Intel Etc.


411 Notes Page As usual: STUDENT- HOOD MATTERS!

412 Brand = Trust! “Most buyers do not have a clue whether anybody else makes a better microprocessor, but ‘Intel Inside’ has become a ‘trust mark’ - a trademark that consumers put their faith in.” The Economist

413 “Branding is not a problem if you have the right mentality. You go to your team and you pin up a $200 Swiss Army Watch. Competing in the ridiculously crowded sub-$200 watch market, they made it into a brand name, named after the most irrelevant and useless thing in history [the Swiss Army]. And you say, ‘Gang, if they can do it, we can do it.’ ” Barry Gibbons

414 “Salt is salt is salt. Right? Not when it comes in a blue box with a picture of a little girl carrying an umbrella. Morton International continues to dominate the U.S. salt market even though it charges more for a product that is demonstrably the same as many other products on the shelf.” Tom Asaker, Humanfactor Marketing

415 T.T.D./Calling the Corporate Shrink! “Organizational Psychotherapy”/ WHO WE ARE!

416 Notes Page This is The Big Enchilada: SPEND – lotsa – TIME ON IT!

417 “Corporate Religion is a completely new way of thinking about companies. Today, the product is still the main communication highway in the company. When companies make the shift to selling solutions, brands and attitudes … communicating the company’s attitudes and values becomes the decisive parameter for success. It demands that you find out who you are as a company.” Jesper Kunde, Corporate Religion

418 “Consumers don’t simply buy products, they buy attitudes as well. When confronted with proliferation and diversity, choices become increasingly informed by belief. [Consumers] want to know who is behind the products that they buy. They want to know the company. They want to know what you think.” Jesper Kunde, Corporate Religion

419 Scott Bedbury/ Nike, Starbucks “A Great Brand taps into emotions. Emotions drive most, if not all, of our decisions. A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience. It’s an emotional connecting point that transcends the product. “A Great Brand is a story that’s never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep - a fundamental appreciation of mythology. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.”

420 Brand = Special = Passion = Connection = Caring* * (Way) beyond “market research”

421 “We are in the twilight of a society based on data. As information and intelligence become the domain of computers, society will place more value one the one human ability that cannot be automated: emotion. Imagination, myth, ritual - the language of emotion - will affect everything from our purchasing decisions to how we work with others. Companies will thrive on the basis of their stories and myths. Companies will need to understand that their products are less important than their stories.” Rolf Jensen, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

422 “In the funky village, real competition no longer revolves around marketshare. We are competing for attention – mindshare and heartshare.” Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

423 T.T.D./Assignment Y2K Write an essay on “Who we are.”* * Jesper Kunde, Corporate Religion

424 Notes Page DO IT! 500 words. [And then: 10 words.]

425 “How can I know what I think till I see what I say”* Exercise : Write copy for a bookmark! (Etc.) *Graham Wallas, The Art of Thought

426 The Ten Rules of Radical Marketing CEO must “own” the marketing function! Hyper-lean Mktg. Dept. (No filters!) CEO hangs out with customers! Love + Respect your customers! Just Say No … to market research! Hire only passionate missionaries! Create a Community of users-customers! Emphasize one-to-one marketing tools! Celebrate craziness! Be insanely True to the Brand! Sam Hill & Glenn Rifkin, Radical Marketing (e.g., Harley, Virgin, The Dead, HBS, NBA)

427 T.T.D./Message Bran[d]son: Live the Brand!* *How? [Be specific! As of … NOW!]

428 Notes Page YOU ARE THE BRAND! How – exactly – has that been expressed by your actions … TODAY? [IN THE LAST 45 MINUTES?]

429 Brand Leadership Lead Out Loud!

430 ENTHUSIASM RULES! “I am a dispenser of enthusiasm”/ Ben Zander

431 “If you want to be persuasive, you have to generate a high level of energy. It’s energy that makes you visible, that gives you presence. I call it ‘performance energy,’ and it’s the basis of dynamic leadership. There is nothing artificial about it. Performance energy is an authentic part of who you are. You just have to access it.” Martha Burgess, Theater Techniques for Business People

432 “Leadership is a performance. You have to be conscious of your behavior, because everybody else is.” Carly Fiorina

433 T.T.D. Evaluate yourself [unsparingly] as an [enthusiastic] “performing artist”!* *In today’s dealings. [Use outside assistance?]

434 Notes Page You don’t have to be Bill Cosby. You do have to understand that … ALL LEADERS ARE ON-STAGE … ALL THE TIME! [And: “Leader” does NOT mean “boss.” It means anyone trying to “Get Cool Stuff Done.”]

435 T.T.D./Follow Ann Richards’ Dogma Show up! Know your message! PUT YOURSELF AT RISK!

436 Notes Page Sooooooo …… ???

437 “If you ask me what I have come to do in this world, I who am an artist, I will reply, I am here to live my life out loud.” Emile Zola

438 “I’d rather regret the things I have done than the things I have not.” Lucille Ball

439 How sweet it is !

440 “If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti

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