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Ideation Bootcamp The Founder Institute

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1 Ideation Bootcamp The Founder Institute

2 GOAL: Develop a winning idea.

3 CHALLENGE: Everyone has ideas.

4 REALITY: Ideas don’t matter.

5 Execution matters.

6 A Good Idea?

7 Brainstorm Evaluate Research Kill Discuss

8 Step 1: Brainstorm ANGER PASSION CURIOSITY More ideas are better. Nothing is taboo. Don’t say, “no,” right away. Keep everything. idea Your target is 25 ideas.

9 Step 2: Evaluate Do you want to pursue this for 20 years? IDEA YOU Never pursue an idea that you don’t love. You will obsess over your idea for years to come. personality fit

10 Step 3: Research Ask the big questions. Who has failed? Who has succeeded? Is it really needed?

11 Step 4: Discuss Business to Consumer Survey 500+ Consumers Facebook Advertising 25+ Interviews Business to Business 20 Domain Experts 10 Businesses 3 Letters of Intent Speak to anyone and everyone that will listen.

12 Step 5: Kill 25 Ideas 10 Evaluate 5 Research 3 Discuss 1 Pursue 1 Pursue

13 Tips

14 Nobody will steal your stupid idea.

15 It’s easy to fall in love with a bad idea.

16 The best ideas complete your own life story.

17 Exercises

18 Audience Participation What is your idea? How does it fit within your life narrative? What research have you done? How many people have you spoken to? Have you genuinely tried to kill the idea?

19 Thank you! The Founder Institute

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