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Dr David Pollak De Montfort University Leicester, UK.

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1 Dr David Pollak De Montfort University Leicester, UK

2 David PollakJohannah Latchem Project staff




6 What does the project offer? Information about the various kinds of neurodiversity, for staff and students Learning and teaching strategies Links to web pages Information about events Video and audio clips of students On-line forums



9 Extract from student information about AS: Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) is a neurological difference which is part of the autism spectrum. It is something which 1 in 250 people experience from birth. There are features of AS which can help someone be a hard- working student. The stereotype of the ‘absent-minded professor’ is probably based on AS people. With a strong support system and a powerful interest in a field of study, people with AS often find they have just what it takes to make their University lives very successful. Where else but at University can you obsess about your interests and be rewarded for it? AS is part of the diversity of human beings: we are not all alike. But labels like Asperger’s can be useful, as long as you don’t get trapped by them.

10 Extract from staff information about dyspraxia: Give students more time in general to frame and answer questions, and to work out how to perform a task Help students to prioritise books on the reading list Consider extra time for course work Be aware that students are easily distracted by noise and movement Allow students to take regular breaks Show examples of essays and reports to help students know what is expected of them Give clear instructions and repeat them; supply written notes if possible Demonstrate procedures several times Leave nothing to the imagination Encourage them as much as possible, emphasising strengths Facilitate use of their best sensory modality, such as colour coding, auditory memory or opportunity to move about and shift position

11 Project progress to date: 19 students interviewed national conference for 140 in Sept 05 web site online. Conference proceedings about to be published. Presentation at ISSOTL in Vancouver

12 Plans for future: Information on identification International links Staff interviews (academic and learning support) Conference proceedings online Blog Improvements to website accessibility Promotion of the site around the world Staff development materials on CD and online

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