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Store SEO Webinar Yahoo! Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rob Snell Snell Brothers December 1, 2006 “Make More With Your Yahoo! Store”

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1 Store SEO Webinar Yahoo! Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rob Snell Snell Brothers December 1, 2006 “Make More With Your Yahoo! Store”

2 Here’s why I obsess over SEO: Search Engine Optimization works for free Web traffic

3 NUTSHELL: 60 Second SEO Webinar Start with a SE friendly foundation Collect converting keyword phrases (CKWP) Put CKWP in TITLE tags and body text Use internal links (CKWP in anchor text) Get off-site links (CKWP in anchor text) Write unique content in CAPTION text Get more links than the other guy

4 FOUNDATION: Unlock Parking Brake 1) Pick your main domain 2) Redirect Yahoo! Store URLS (301) 3) Create custom error pages (404) 4) Use free search engine tools 5) Turn on XML feeds 6) Fix the WWW / non WWW problem

5 FOUNDATION: Pick Your Main Domain Use one domain per store Use main domain as Store Entry Point Link consistently on the site Set the Google WWW / non-WWW Switch

6 FOUNDATION: Redirect Yahoo! URLS Yahoo! Domain Redirect Settings Use the Y! URL 301 Redirect All store URLS >>> to your main domain So becomes … Consolidates link popularity Fixes the CART / SEARCH problem

7 FOUNDATION: Create custom 404’s Yahoo: Page Not Found Handling (404s) YUCK: Default error page redirects to your homepage Make a whoops.html page –Use’s 404 as a model Turn Custom 404 on under MGR: Preferences

8 FOUNDATION: Turn on XML Feeds Free Shopping Engine Traffic –Google’s Froogle,, etc. Allows some 3 rd party XML export tools to work –Monitus tools,, YUCK: Folks can steal your store –Client example, scrapers will anyway …

9 FOUNDATION: Search Engine Tools MGR: Create a Google Sitemap for Your Store – MGR: Authenticate with Yahoo! Site Explorer Use SE Advanced operators – to see pages indexed – to see back links

10 FOUNDATION: Fix the non WWW problem One URL for every page – I use BASE HREF –Fixes links off the page –Consolidates link popularity –RTML hack for lack of non-www 301 redirect –Most RTML folks can do this

11 Optimize your online store Profit from your product knowledge Work your most valuable Web pages (MVP’s) Create a self-optimizing store with templates Collect converting keywords

12 1) Retailers: You are an expert Show your expertise Write relevant copy Tell me what to buy

13 Collect your expert content Harvest product Q&A from your sent emails Record & transcribe customer phone calls Ask customers if they have product questions Add this product info to your product pages

14 Pump up your product pages Rewrite manufacturer product descriptions Play “20 Questions” with each product Use competitors’ ideas (both retailers and manufacturers) Use other manufacturer content: –Press releases, –Product sell sheets, –Owners’ manuals, –Catalogs & brochures.

15 2) Optimize your most valuable pages Home page Info page Top 15 Section pages Top 100 $$$ Products

16 Optimization starts at home Branding Merchandising Navigation WISMO? Load speed SEO

17 HOME PAGE: SEO Powerhouse Title tag - Use 10-12 words Meta description - Company info SERPS snippet. Body copy - Keyword-loaded. 500+ words Text link navigation - Keywords in sidebar / footer Embedded links - 100 votes

18 HOME PAGE: Merchandising Product SPECIALS Manufacturer Page Links Product shot with text + links

19 HOME PAGE: Navigation Shop by manufacturer Shop by manufacturer Featured products Featured products Text link navigation Text link navigation Embedded links Embedded links Search

20 HOME PAGE: Customer service Utility links Contact information

21 Get the 411 on INFO Pages “More than 50% of folks who order view our info page…”

22 Use FAQ style links

23 Show me how I can contact you

24 Who you are & where you are Photos of owner Show map

25 SEO SECTIONS (Category pages)

26 PRODUCTS: Start with best-sellers

27 3) TEMPLATES: Self-Optimize Create a self-optimizing store by using RTML templates Build SEO elements right into your store pages –TITLE tags, META DESC, H1 headlines, links Use SMART RTML for better SEO Automate marketing messages with RTML –Free shipping, you save, mfg logos, free gifts

28 Create automatic TITLE tags CUSTOM TITLE TAG = Name + price + savings

29 Create automatic Meta Descriptions

30 Add FREE SHIPPING text (detail)

31 Show manufacturer logos

32 Build in links for good navigation Link to PREVIOUS, UP, NEXT produc Anchor text gives SEO benefits Makes easier browsing / editing

33 4) Cash in on Converting Keywords COLLECT: Converting keywords OPTIMIZE: Store product and section page text/links TRACK: Search engine rankings ADVERTISE: Buy paid search ads Rinse and repeat

34 COLLECT: Converting keywords Use your Yahoo! Store stats: –Emails. Orders. Reports. History. Get third party analytics –Monitus + Google Analytics; Indextools, ClickTracks Use PPC conversion tracking data –Google Adwords / Yahoo! Search Marketing

35 Converting keywords case study 200,000 unique keyword phrases 194,305 phrases did NOT convert 5,695 phrases DID convert –4,758 unique terms with one order each –1,150 unique terms with 2 – 1000 orders Obsess over the $$$ money terms

36 OPTIMIZE: Product / section pages Broad match: keywords on page Phrase match: exact phrase on page Find Most Relevant Page on Your Site –If not, create a Landing Page Link to most relevant page in CAPTIONS

37 TRACK: Search engine rankings TRACK: Your top 200 $$$ converting keywords –Watch your Top 1000 Converting Keywords –Don’t ignore your more obscure words #1001 - 6000 ENGINES: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Froogle TOOLS: Bruce Clay’s SEO Toolset + Web Position Gold

38 ADVERTISE: Buy paid search ads Google Adwords – IMPROVED! Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) -- NEW! MSN AdCenter -- NEW!

39 So now you know what to do! Pimp your product knowledge and profit Work product by product, start with your best-sellers Build in the basic SEO and conversion elements Collect your converting keywords and cash in

40 And now, Mr. Michael Whitaker… tools for Yahoo! Store owners

41 Store SEO Webinar Yahoo! Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rob Snell Snell Brothers December 1, 2006 “Make More With Your Yahoo! Store” THE END

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