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DET and Project Arrow Key Performance Indicators KPI1.

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1 DET and Project Arrow Key Performance Indicators KPI1

2 Explain the monitoring system built in to Project arrow Explain how the data is made available for analysis List the key performance indicators and explain their significance Explain the monitoring process List the tools available KPI2

3 To start with, Let us recall the Project arrow concept KPI3

4 Present Scenario 70% of India’s 1.1 billion people live in rural areas Most villages & small towns do not have enough connectivity /outlets to the mainstream economy Potential of India Post India Post has over 1.55 lakh post offices across India, with more than 1.25 lakh in rural areas This vast network provides a huge opportunity to connect remote areas with the mainstream Make post office the “window to the world” for ‘aam aadmi’. Project Arrow conceived in April 2008 Focus on improving the core operations of post offices & Enhancement of “look and feel” to create a unique identity KPI4

5 "Get the core right" "Modernize the look and feel" ScopeObjectives Make a visible, tangible, and noteworthy difference in post offices that matters to the common man Verify and certify progress on ongoing basis using clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each improvement area Set the foundation for a comprehensive transformation of India post Focused efforts to significantly improve four core areas of the postal service –Mail delivery –Savings Bank –Remittances –Office service levels Broad approach to upgrade, enhance capacity and quality in –Branding –Technology –Human resource –Infrastructure KPI5

6 “Get the core right” Mail deliverySavings bankOffice service levelRemittances Ensure same day delivery of mail received and same day dispatch of mail collected Reduce transaction time at counters and for account transfer/closure and settlement of deceased claim cases Improve customer satisfaction along all parameters from appearance to operations Delivery of money orders on the day of receipt and providing web-enabled remittance services “Modernize the look and feel” HRInfrastructureTechnologyBranding Identify roles and job descriptions for all & design suitable training packages to enhance opera-tional and soft skills of staff Develop standardised and consistent interior and exterior blueprint and ensure uniform implementation Decide on required hardware, software and connectivity to enable post offices to provide all IT enabled services even in rural areas Ensure uniform brand hierarchy as well as consistency for all products and services 1 34 2 5 78 6 KPI6

7 KPI7

8 Introduction to Project arrow Monitoring system KPI8

9 KPI9

10 Data extraction for KPI calculation KPI10

11 KPI11

12 Process is fully automated Fetches data from transactions at Post Offices A data extraction application installed in all Post Offices is run at the end of the day to upload KPI related data to central server KPIs are based on transparent data collection and logical analysis which is verifiable Tracks mail and savings bank related transactions – More emphasis on mail Data collected is also used to calculate revenue of Project Arrow offices KPI12

13 ‘Accounts MIS client’ designed by CEPT Mysore installed in each project arrow office – both HPO and SPO is run – at the end of the day – after the close of office transaction and – generation of day’s reports The application fetches project arrow related data, creates message file and uploads to CEPT Mysore through WAN In Head Post office, a message file containing accounting information (financial transactions) is also created which also passes on to CEPT At the CEPT, accounts data is stored for MIS generation and project arrow files are forwarded to NIC server for generating dashboard reports As on date a total of 10474 Post Offices identified as project arrow offices are using the reporting mechanism everyday Proper functioning of all the PO applications is a prerequisite for successful data generation The Account MIS client application need not be physically run to exchange data - can be scheduled to perform these tasks KPI13

14 eMO Commi ssion Revenu e in Cash Cash Receive d from Bank/H O Bills Paid UCP Loan Receipt s Cash to HO/Ban k Loan Paymen t Renewa l Premiu m PLI/RPLI First Year Premiu m MO Paid RD Withdr awals SB deposit s SCSS Deposi ts Stamps Sales MO Issue Pensio n Payme nt UCR eMO Issue KVP/NS C Dischar ge SCSS Withdr awals SB Withdr awals KVP/N SC Issue KPI14

15 General ReceiptGeneral Revenue SB Receipt PLI Receipt General PaymentGeneral Expenditure SB Payment PLI Payment Reven ue in Cash Stamp s Sales FM Reven ue eMO Comm ission Cash Receive d from Bank/H O MO Issue eMO Issue Bills Paid UCP Pensio n Payme nt Cash to HO/Ba nk MO Paid SB deposit s KVP/N SC Issue SCSS Deposi ts RD Withdr awals KVP/N SC Dischar ge SCSS Withdr awals SB Withdr awals Loan Receipt s Renewa l Premiu m PLI/RPLI First Year Premiu m Death Claim Paymen t Loan Paymen t PLI/RPLI Maturit y Paymen t KPI15

16 Receipts of all nature like eMO Issue, MO Issue, Cash received from Bank or HO General Receipt All Revenue items like eMO Commission, Stamp Sale, FM Revenue, Revenue in Cash General Revenue Savings Bank Receipts KVP / NSC Issue, SCSS Deposits SB Deposits SB Receipts PLI /RPLI Renewal Premium,Loan Receipts, PLI / RPLI First year Premium PLI Receipts All Payments like MO Paid,Cash to HO / Bank, IPO Payment General Payments Expenditure to DoP like different Bills Paid items, Pension Payment General Expenditure RD, SB Withdrawal,SCSS Withdrawals KVP / NSC Discharge SB Payment PLI / RPLI Maturity Payments, Death Claim Payments Loan Payment PLI Payments KPI16

17 Project Arrow Data file is created after fetching the daily transaction data in r/o 96 fields spread across Point of Sale, Postman, Despatch, Speednet, Treasury modules (functioning applications) Once File is received at CEPT Server, list of Files received/not received is displayed in AccountsMIS Website at url : Then the Project Arrow Data file will be transmitted to NIC Server and the reports can be viewed at KPI17

18 Number of articles Booked in r/o different products, Amount realized Point of Sale No of articles in Deposit, Received, Issued to Postman, Undelivered, Missent in r/o different categories of articles Postman No of articles despatched Despatch Various Revenue Items like ePayment Commission, Stamps Sale, Publication Sale Treasury No of transactions of different types, Avg time for transactions, Signature Scanning Sanchay Post KPI18

19 Key performance indicators - Logic KPI19

20 Performance is measured over 19 KPIs Measurement of each Post office/circle is on a scale of 0 to 100 Each item of the KPI is assigned a weightage based on the importance of the related activity Tolerance value is prescribed for a percentage of non achievement due to known constraints Weightage is reduced for each KPI by the prescribed percentage, if the performance falls below the target value Shortfall will be subject to the maximum assigned for KPI; Tolerance is not considered in calculation KPI20

21 This KPI assesses the performance of the office on the following two objectives All mail received on the day should be sent out on the same day for delivery Mails issued for delivery should be delivered on the same day KPI21

22 The objective for these KPIs are All money orders should be eMOs All mail collected should be despatched the same day KPI22

23 The components for assessment of this KPI are Specimen signature must exist in electronic format for all types of accounts Number of account transfer requests not finalized should be below tolerance level and must not remain unattended for a long time Cases of claims for balances from deceased customer’s accounts should not be beyond the tolerable limits KPI23

24 Circle scores are affected for the following reasons In the reporting week, office is reported for less than 3 days Postman module is not operational in the reporting week Speednet module is not operational in the reporting week KPI24

25 Project arrow monitoring through KPI analysis KPI25

26 Program office at the central head quarters follows up the overall performance Program office at each circle headquarters follows up circle performance to reduce delinquencies Login available for each Postal Division and PO to monitor status The web address is: KPI26

27 KPI27

28 Reports availableDaily PO KPI sheet Circle KPI sheet PO extracted data Circle extracted data Periodical (weekly, fortnightly, date to date) Summary reports KPI reports-Mail delivery, mail dispatched and SB Delinquency Reports KPI28

29 KPI29

30 KPI30

31 KPI31

32 KPI32

33 KPI33

34 KPI34

35  Project arrow performance review is through video conference  Chaired by Secretary DOP and participated by all Circle Heads  Performance review takes place based on the data collected by the program office KPI35

36 KPI36

37 1,699 (99%) Post offices reported on all working days in the week ending 3 rd Feb, as compared to 1,703 (99%) in the last review Data extracted on 7 th Feb, After 11.30 hrs. Data extracted on 7 th Feb, After 11.30 hrs. Delinquent Offices in the week - 3 rd Feb KPI37

38 KPI38

39 KPI39

40 KPI40

41 Post offices with less % of Signature scanned KPI41

42 Questions? KPI42

43 Thanks KPI43

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