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Heards Ferry Elementary State of the School

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1 Heards Ferry Elementary State of the School 2014-2015

2 Administrative Staff 2014-2015
Lisa Nash, Principal Whitney Shook, Assistant Principal Lori Dunagan, Curriculum Support Teacher Amanda Futo, Counselor Stephanie Soldo, IB Coordinator Administrative Staff

3 Heards Ferry Elementary Central Learning Community~
The Heart of Fulton County Schools Superintendent- Robert Avossa Area Superintendent- Gonzalo LaCava Area Executive Director- Kirk Shrum

4 Mission Statement Heards Ferry Elementary School’s mission is to challenge and support all students to reach their highest potential.

5 Strategic Plan Goals: Increase student achievement at the highest level Increase students’ inquiry based learning Increase student ownership of learning

6 Our School Goals This Year:
Increase collaboration and communication among teachers by utilizing Professional Learning Communities Create a positive school climate for teachers, staff, and students Analyze data in order to celebrate successes, plan for instruction, and remediate when necessary

7 What are the components of our school?
Parent/Teacher/Student Compact IB PBIS/SOAR Team Time Open Communication

8 What do we look like? 83 Staff Members 49 Certified Classroom Teachers
11 Classified Paraprofessionals 23 Support Staff All staff members are highly qualified and certified in the field that they are teaching

9 Enrollment SNPK-4 PK- 21 Kindergarten- 102 SNK- 8 1st- 110 2nd- 113
3rd- 102 4th- 107 5th- 124 Total Enrollment- 691

10 What is the role of the School Governance Council?
Governing body of the school. Approve the school strategic plan and updates Approve the annual budget recommendations Manage the Request for Flexibility process Participate in hiring of the principal, in the case of a vacancy Provide annual feedback on principal performance

11 School Governance Council
3 parents/guardians elected by the parents/guardians with children enrolled at the school 2 teachers elected by school employees 2 school-based employees appointed by the principal 2 community members nominated by the principal and approved by the School Governance Council The principal (non-voting)

12 IB Mission Statement Becoming responsible citizens in a global community developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect!

13 Learner Profile & Attributes
We must work together to develop these character traits and instill these attitudes.

14 What does our curriculum look like and what tests do we give at Heards Ferry Elementary?
Georgia Milestones (3rd-5th) ITBS (3rd and 5th) Common Assessments (K-5) Fountas and Pinnell (K-5) G-Kids (Kindergarten) ACCESS (ESOL) STAR Reading and STAR Math (K-5) SLO (student learning objectives) PK- 3rd

15 What will you see throughout our building during and after school?
Differentiated Instruction Small Groups Common Formative Assessments Computers in every classroom Promethean White Boards Data, Data, Data! Higher Order Questioning Engaged Students Essential Questions/ I Can Statements After School Activities Hands on Activities Cooperative Learning SOAR- School wide discipline plan Standards-Based report cards in 2nd– 5th Progress Skills Checklist in K and 1st Common Core Georgia Performance Standards in ELA , Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies Star Reading Star Math Balanced Literacy Assessments Reading Eggs IXL FASTT Math Professional Learning Communities Extended day 2 times a week which provides tutorial and enrichment for grades 2nd-5th (Jan-May) Team Time every day from 7:40- 8:10 to enrich and extend curriculum for students What will you see throughout our building during and after school?

16 Response to Intervention (RTI): The Georgia Student Achieve Pyramid of Interventions
Tier 4 Tier 3 – SST Driven Learning Individualized Strategies Research based strategies targeting a specific area of concern 4-5 times weekly for 30+ minutes Tier 2 – Needs Based Learning In addition to Tier 1, targeted students participate in research based interventions Additional small group instruction for selected individuals (3-5 times weekly for minutes) Tier 1- Standards Based Classroom Learning Differentiated instruction guided by frequent formative assessment. Multiple options for taking in information Multiple options for making sense of the ideas Multiple options for expressing what they know Multiple arrangements and settings to foster engagement and relevance Tier 4 1-5% of Students 5-15% of Students 80-100% of Students

17 Heards Ferry School Rules
SOAR Heards Ferry School Rules S – Safe (follow procedures, keep hands and feet to self) O – Outstanding (be a good example, be helpful, stay organized and neat) A –Accountable (be prepared, be responsible, be attentive) R – Respectful (raise your hand, follow directions the first time, use appropriate language and tone, respect teachers, self, and peers)

18 Motivators Praise by the teacher/s SOAR Points Tickets
Individual and Class Fun Friday for individuals Teams working to earn rewards Recognized on the morning news show Recognized in the school newsletter Positive Office Referrals by Administration Breakfast of Champions Student of the Week Certificates

19 What is on Home Access Center?
Student information from teacher grade books and data entered by administrators Attendance Discipline Transcripts Schedules Test Scores Report Cards Registration information Classwork – assignments, tests etc…(grades 2-5) To vote for SGC candidates

20 Communication Conferences Phone calls Emails Agendas/daily folders
Thursday folders Newsletters- school and grade level School Messenger School website Eagle Alliance website Classroom teacher page on EA website Edmodo Communication

21 Data from

22 CRCT Information/Data
Who took the CRCT? Who will take the CRCT next year? Results from CRCT

23 Reading CRCT Results Students
Percentage of students who met or exceeded 3rd 98% 4th 100% 5th 99%

24 Reading CRCT Results 82% 81% 74% Students 3rd 4th 5th
Percentage of students who exceeded 3rd 82% 4th 81% 5th 74%

25 Every Grade Scored 98% or Higher in READING!!!!

26 Math CRCT Results 92% 96% 75% Students 3rd 4th 5th
Percentage of Students who met or exceeded 3rd 92% 4th 96% 5th 75%

27 Math CRCT Results Students 3rd 69% 4th 71% 5th 75%
Percentage of Students who exceeded 3rd 69% 4th 71% 5th 75%

28 Reading- 98% English/Language Arts – 97% Mathematics – 92% Science – 91% Social Studies – 93%
Highlight – In math, 48% of the 3rd graders exceeded the standard by scoring level 3. Grade 3 – CRCT Results

29 The percentage of students exceeding in ELA increased from 68% to 71%
GRADE 3 Highlights The percentage of students exceeding in ELA increased from 68% to 71% The percentage of students who exceeded in Science increased from 69% to 75%.

30 Reading – 100% English/Language Arts – 97% Mathematics – 96% Science – 97% Social Studies – 97%
Grade 4 – CRCT Results

31 GRADE 4 Highlights 4th saw a gain in meets/exceeds in every subject except Social Studies where they remained the same The percentage of students exceeding increased in every subject except Math and Science

32 Reading – 99% Language Arts – 99% Mathematics – 96% Science – 94% Social Studies – 94%
Grade 5 – CRCT Results

33 GRADE 5 Highlights The percentage of students exceeding increased in every subject except in Science and Social Studies The percentage of students exceeding in Reading increased from 64% to 74%

34 Parental Involvement…how can you be involved?
Volunteer in the classroom or school Science Day Attend Curriculum Night Community involvement School Governance Council Join Edmodo Join Eagle Alliance: Raises funds for HFES

35 Eagle Alliance Funding
Science Volunteer in the Science Lab Materials and supplies Technology (I pad carts and technology programs- IXL, FASTT Math, AR, Reading Eggs) Professional Learning for staff (Writing, PBIS and PLC) Agendas/Thursday Folders Paper Odyssey of the Mind Math Online League Weekly Readers Science Weekly Poster Maker

36 We continue to:

37 6:45-7:30- Session with the teachers
Announcements Updated Contact Information Computers available to join Eagle Alliance website, EA teacher pages, Edmodo and volunteer information 6:45-7:30- Session with the teachers If you need to sign up to be a volunteer, please go to the computer lab to register.

38 The Eagle Alliance Heards Ferry Discretionary Budget
Approximate cost to provide programming and academic support at Heards Ferry per year: $300,000 Approximate funding provided by Fulton County: $160,000 ___________ SHORTFALL: = $140,000 PER-STUDENT COST $140,000/700 STUDENTS = $200 per STUDENT

Science Lab • Daddy/Daughter Date Night • Six Plus One Traits of Writing Program • Mother/Son Date Night • Fall Family Festival • School Store • Sneak Peek • Spirit Wear • Talent Show • Spirit Nights • Book Fair • Hands on Heards Ferry Day • Building Maintenance • Grounds Maintenance • RSVP Security System • Carpool • Teacher Appreciation Events • New Family Events • School Calendar • Website Maintenance • Field Day • Science Day • VIP Day • International Day • Media Center Programming • Yearbook • Music Programming • Professional Development • Paper • Curriculum Nights • Positive Behavior Intervention System • Field Trips • Printer Cartridges • Special Education Support • Teacher Mini Grants • Classroom Stipends for Teachers • Drinking Water • First Friday • Art Supplies • Media Center Supplies • Music Supplies • PE Supplies • School Tours • Odyssey of the Mind • Student Government • Reading Program • Online Math League • E-Library • IXL Math and ELA Program • Learning A-Z • New Math Program • Moby Max • Weekly Readers • Reading Eggs • Science Weekly …and more.

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