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1. CPPA was created by Government of Pakistan under Restructuring of Power Sector, in 1992. 2. Working as an agent of NTDC, CPPA is mandated to buy each.

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Presentation on theme: "1. CPPA was created by Government of Pakistan under Restructuring of Power Sector, in 1992. 2. Working as an agent of NTDC, CPPA is mandated to buy each."— Presentation transcript:

1 1. CPPA was created by Government of Pakistan under Restructuring of Power Sector, in Working as an agent of NTDC, CPPA is mandated to buy each unit of generated electricity for DISCOs. 3. It is a seller of electrical energy to whole sale purchasers i.e. DISCOs and Bulk Power Consumers including KESC. 4. CPPA is an entity with Zero Asset and Zero Liability; it manages its business through wheeling charges. CPPA Important Facts CPPA 1

2 Managing Director Chief Engineer Settlement Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) CPPA 2 CPPA Existing Organizational Structure Staff Officer Technical Director General IT Chief Operating Officer/ General Manage.0r D.M (5) A.M (5) Manager Tech (3) Manager Tech (2) D.M (4) A.M (4) Manager IT (2) Manager (4) D.M (4) A.M (4) D.M (7) A.M (13) D.M (2) A.M (2) Manager L&CA (4) Chief Engineer Procurement Deputy G. M. Finance Manager HR&A (4)

3 Pakistan has the immense potential to emerge, sustain and be acknowledged as the best electric power market, in South Asia, facilitating win-win-win situation for investors, customers as well as utility professionals. Vision 3 CPPA

4 We undertake to procure each unit of electricity produced from different sources and to sell it to DISCOs and bulk consumers to offset the prevailing demand- supply contrast. Mission 4 CPPA

5 Strategic Goal Central Power Purchasing Agency 5 CPPA to be acknowledged as a trusted, professional and efficient agency owing to its internationally accepted working procedures, non- discriminatory and transparent business operations, and excellent performance standards. 5 CPPA

6 1.Ensure verification of invoices from generators (IPPs, GENCOs and WAPDA Hydel plants) 2.Execute settlement functions (Billing to DISCOs and bulk consumers including KESC under NEPRA determined mechanism) 3.Monitor functioning of different role players (Generators, NTDC and Purchasers); suggest changes in the SOPs 4.Enter into Energy Purchase Agreements with sponsors of RE projects Objectives CPPA 6

7 is primarily responsible for purchasing power from all generators located throughout Pakistan excluding Karachi and selling it to all DISCOs and bulk consumers including KESC. Core Responsibility CPPA 7 Hydel Thermal – Furnace Oil Renewable Thermal - Nuclear Thermal - Natural Gas Thermal - Coal

8 1. Manage networking of CDPs for collection of energy data 2. Monitor functioning of meters installed at CDPs with grid users (GENCOs, IPPs and DISCOs) 3. Undertake corrective measures for metering systems errors 4. Establish Operating Committees, Metering Committees and Interconnection Committees for all IPPs 5. Reconcile and process energy data received from Metering Committees (NTDC, IPPs & DISCOs) 6. Monitor compliance with respective PPA/EPA CPPA’s Functions 8 CPPA

9 7.Setup teams to witness generators’ Commissioning Tests and Annual Dependable Capacity Tests 8.Process and execute necessary amendments to PPAs 9.Co-ordinate with Planning Power for technical studies 10.Participate in NEPRA public hearings on multiple aspects 11.Co-ordinate with various NTDC departments for arrangement of interconnection facilities Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) CPPA’s Functions (Continued) CPPA 9

10 Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) #IPP NameLocationCapacity (MW)COD 1Attock Generation LtdShiekhupura Road, Lhr Atlas Power ProjectMorgah, Rawalpindi Engro Power ProjectGhottki Saif Power Generation Co.Sahiwal Orient Power LtdKasur Nishat Power LimitedKasur Nishat Chunian Power Ltd.Kasur Sapphire Elect. Co. LtdShiekhupura Liberty Power TechFaisalabad HUBCO PowerNarowal Foundation Power Co.Daharki Halmore Power Gen. Bhikki, Sheikhpura Total : 2,402 MW IPPs Under 2002 Power Policy CPPA 10

11 Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) #IPP NameLocation Capacity (MW) Expected COD 1Star Power GenerationDaharki126Dec Uch-II Power Plant Dera Murad Jamali 375Dec 2013 Total : 710 MW Upcoming IPPs Under 2002 P. Policy CPPA 11

12 1.Coordinate NEPRA for: Issuance of Generation Licenses Tariff determination 2.Maintain close liaison with AEDB on: Capacity building on Renewable Energy (RE) technologies Actualizing of CER for RE Projects 3.Development of RE projects 4.Support DISCOs, Punjab Power Development Board and AJK Power Development Board for developing of small hydro power projects 5.Draft and negotiate EPAs with sponsors 6.Manage EPAs of completed projects Renewable Perspective CPPA 12

13 6.EPA was signed with ZEPL in January Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) Status of Wind Power Projects CPPA 13 5.EPA was signed with FFCEL in April CPPA is negotiating standard draft EPA with several IPPs. 3.NEPRA has approved tariff for 8 IPPs. 2.8 IPPs have so far acquired Generation Licenses IPPs with 1,104 MW of Wind Energy are on the way.

14 #IPP Name Capacity (MW) Tariff (US$ C/kWh) Anticipated COD 1 Fauji Fertilizer Company Jan Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Mar Foundation Wind Energy – I Jun Foundation Wind Energy – II Jun Three Gorges First Wind Farm Jun Dawood Power Ltd Aug Arabian Sea Wind Energy Oct Yunus Energy Oct 2012 NEPRA Determined Tariff - Wind Projects CPPA 14

15 #IPP NameCapacityLocationAnticipated COD 1Tech Access10 MWPunjabUnder process at PPDB 2China IW&EC50 MW Bahawalpur, Punjab Interconnection Study in progress 3 DACC Power Generation Co. 50 MW+ 2,200 MW Cholistan, Punjab LOI issued by AEDB for I st Phase 4 Roshan Power (Pvt.) Limited 10 MWKasur, PunjabLOI issued by PPDB 5 Sanjwal Solar Power 1 MWSanjwal Power Acquisition Request in process 6PEC356 KWIslamabad Generation Licnese under process by NEPRA Upcoming Solar Power Projects CPPA 15

16 Flow of Revenue Cycle 16 CPPA 1 Verify bills from generators & compute payments 2 Evaluate price chargeable to DISCOs & bulk consumers 3 Bill to DISCOs, KESC and bulk consumers 4 Collection of funds against bills issued by CPPA 5 Monthly disbursal of funds to the generators

17 CPPA IPPS’s Invoices Verification Process Verification of Monthly Energy Purchase Price (EPP) Invoices Verification of Monthly Capacity Purchase Price (CPP) Invoices Verification of Monthly Supplementary Invoices (Markup, WPPF, WWF, etc.) Preparation of Liquidated Damage Invoices 17

18 Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) GENCOs & WAPDA Hydel Invoicing CPPA 18 Verification of Energy Purchase Price Invoices (EPP) Verification of Capacity Purchase Price Invoices (CPP) Supplementary Invoices claimed by the generators

19 Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) Invoicing Process for DISCOs & IPPs CPPA 19 Invoices to DISCOs and KESC for sale of electricity Billing to IPPs against energy purchased through NTDC network Calculation of Energy Transfer Rate (ETR) & Capacity Transfer Price (CTR) Monitoring for recovery of amount billed to DISCOs and KESC

20 Reconciliation of energy with generators Reconciliation of energy with DISCOs Reconciliation of financial issues with IPPs Resolve legal issues like arbitration proceedings under Article XV of the PPA (Dispute Procedure) Resolve disputes/issues with IPPs under PPA CPPA 20 Reconciliation & Disputes Resolution

21 1.Maintain transparency 2.Ensure effective accountability 3.Exhibit non-discrimination among generators & customers 4.Achieve highest efficiency through corporate culture 5.Build industry standard capacity to manage business 6.Prepare and execute business plan 7.Mitigate cash shortfall risks 8.Monitor functioning of different role players 9.Develop formalized business standards and procedures Objectives As Autonomous Entity CPPA 21

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