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Ron Keating [INSERT DATE], 2013 1 Message from the CEO.

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1 Ron Keating [INSERT DATE], 2013 1 Message from the CEO

2 “State-of-the-Company” Address I.Fiscal Year 2013 – Financial Performance II.Corporate Structure – Current Alignment III.Key Business Initiatives IV.Market Opportunities and Review V.Positioning for the Future 2 Met our FY13 budget – we are a more profitable organization Right corporate alignment – structured well for our current size Investments are paying off – newer sales initiatives are working Positioned well for the future – but we must return to growth

3 3 FY13 Financial Summary Financial targets met for FY13 Revenues below plan, but accounted for and came in on forecast Structures and Pipe segments off; Treatment segment up vs. prior year Gross profit margins up 180 basis points vs. last year Lower year-over-year SG&A and manufacturing costs EBITDA exceeds forecast by 9% Generating better returns for the organization and for ownership

4 New Organizational Structure President & CEO Ron Keating Pipe Solutions Mike Rafi Treatment Solutions Tom Slabe Structures Solutions Ed Zax Manufacturing & Supply Chain Mo Heshmati Sales & Field Marketing - East Steve Spanagel Sales & Field Marketing - West Andy Sabados Corporate Jeff Lee / Paul Allen 4 Mike Rafi appointed to lead Pipe Solutions Wastewater Treatment product lines and responsibilities transitioned to Tom Slabe Technology Group now headed by Tom Slabe Legal and HR, formerly under Mike Rafi, now run by Paul Allen

5 Pipe Solutions business – lower sales but higher margins Now led by Mike Rafi Weakness primarily in CMP Remaining product lines holding steady Margins remain strong – up vs. prior year and plan FY13 Accomplishments – Pipe Solutions 5

6 New sales initiatives and core projects generating momentum North Dakota expansion due to oil boom – new sales and opportunities Mexico investments paying off – just finished 3 rd consecutive million dollar month Signed long-term partnership with Seki-Sui for steel-reinforced spiral wound HDPE reline DuroMaxx Pipe business declines; repositioned for the future with expanded manufacturing Titan and Kahn acquisitions paying off FY13 Accomplishments – Pipe Solutions 6

7  Treatment Solutions business up year-over-year  All of the major product lines post growth  Margins up vs. prior year and plan  Combination of stormwater and wastewater treatment products in July  Expanded alliances and growth via acquisition  Terre Hill alliance strengthened  Better quality w/ strong customer demand  Acquisition of Imbrium Systems Group  Jellyfish Filtration and Sorbtive Media product lines 7 FY13 Accomplishments – Treatment Solutions

8  Strong contribution from new sales initiatives  Rainwater Harvesting on par with prior year; Wastewater Treatment up  DuroMaxx Detention offerings enhanced; volume capabilities increase  Profitable growth opportunities ahead  Continuing investments in the category 8 FY13 Accomplishments – Treatment Solutions

9  Structures Solutions business down year-over-year  While business declined vs. last year; sales exceeded forecast  Margins hold firm across majority of product lines  Core business performed well, offset by China sales declines  Increased emphasis on new sales initiatives – products and partnerships  BridgeCor – strong performance in FY13; growing backlog and order flow  O-Series – gaining traction; expanding pre-cast bridge business (pipeline over $100M)  Keystone – Retail business up close to 42%; direct business on track 9 FY13 Accomplishments – Structures Solutions

10  International business reason for shortfall, but still holds great promise  Central America down more than ½ in FY13 due to large projects ending  Order flow still strong, just smaller projects taken on  Expanded distribution across Panama and Costa Rica; anticipate FY14 growth  China – remain active and opportunistic, but prudently managing capital allocation 10 FY13 Accomplishments – Structures Solutions

11  Return Contech to growth and sustain it  Enhance margins through efficiency programs and opportunistic pricing  Continue to manage overhead while supporting customer-facing expenses  Be opportunistic in capital allocation plans – generate growth  Invest in our people and provide tools to succeed (and be rewarded)! 11 FY14 Corporate Priorities The strategy we are employing is the right one!

12  Truly working as one organization – much more cohesive team approach  Sales organization is aligned properly behind business segments  Continue to improve our customer service capabilities  Executing on our plan, despite continued global challenges  When the markets turn, we will be the beneficiary  FY14 should be the year of growth – let’s get the job done! 12 Summary – Closing Remarks

13 13 Thank You!

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