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SNUG 2013 Napier 7 th November Auckland JTOC Presented by Michael Daley.

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1 SNUG 2013 Napier 7 th November Auckland JTOC Presented by Michael Daley

2 JTOC – Joint Transport Operations Centre JTOC general update

3 SCATS in Auckland SCATS is finally on the move 5 year’s in the making Merger - Transit NZ and LTSA Mergers – Auckland Councils Merger – RTA and Maritime Safety into RMS and Transport for NSW Licenses needed re-doing for both AT and NZTA SCATS 6.6.2 until August 2013  6.7.2 SCATS 6.7.2 migration to 6.9.1 (started this week!)

4 The Numbers We have 9 Regions with provision for 11 Regions in our license Migrating of sites between Regions is underway to “load balance” the regions from an SI/SA perspective Intersections = 911 890 SCATS sites (incl 122 Ramp signal sites) 21 Isolated sites

5 Upgrading the Auckland System This has been a challenge in many different ways! Progressively managed upgrades Communications Server Environment SCATS software From the 2009-2010 we have progressively migrated ALL leased line communication circuits primarily to ADSL Cheaper operating costs Not tied to one location for SCATS servers The last circuit was changed over in Sept 2013

6 Communications No more leased line circuits Many comms solutions ADSL – 608 sites VDSL – 21 sites + CCTV Private copper – 81 sites (mostly Auckland CBD) Fibre – 152 sites WiMax Wireless – 14 sites 3G – 1 site Multi connected – 12 sites

7 SCATS Environment Servers migrated from physical operating Windows Server 2003 Now ALL servers are operating in a Virtual Machine environment running Windows Server 2008 R2 SCATS 6.6.2 ran well under this setup Next steps after migrating to 6.9.1 is to prepare and test the failover/fail back systems

8 SCATS Upgrade Until August 2013 running version 6.6.2 Major data cleanup required for preparation of migrating to 6.9.1 Variation routines and action lists mostly Intermediate jump to 6.7.2 (bridging version) completed in Sept 2013 New licenses and dongles required for 6.9.1 Many headaches around licensing and naming conventions Most SCATS Regions will change name to marry up with Signal maintenance area’s Tricky issues around connecting physical Network dongles to Virtual servers SCATS 6.9.1 requires more Central Manager data processing Upgraded SCATS CM Access database to SQL server express

9 SCATS Upgrade SCATS Central Manager upgraded to 6.9.1 on Monday this week RED network dongles cannot be updated by user New dongles are required if you purchase more site licenses Regions will be upgraded over the next two weeks Licensing issues – Dual licensing now in use Server license and Client license required for 3 rd party ITS connected applications Bus priority broken for two days until RMS figured out how to license external 3 rd party ITS applications

10 SCATS Applications In addition to the core applications: SCATS History Reader (ALL sites, not just those in IDM’s) SCATS Alarm Analyser SCATS Communication Analyser SCATS Traffic Reporter SCATS Alert SCATS Action Runner (new for SCATS 6.9 onwards) If anyone is interested I can show these in use.

11 CCTV Two systems in operation currently GVD DvTel 102 camera’s on GVD 353 camera’s on DvTel 455 camera’s available for Traffic monitoring

12 JTOC Technical Services Team Managed by Matthew Hoyle Primary functions Traffic signal and ramp signal operations Route Optimisation – 4 year programme to optimise Arterial road signals Year 1 – 75 sites Year 2 – 150 sites Year 3 – 100 sites incl Auckland CBD Design reviews – 40-50 per year Most customer initiated complaints/queries – 20-25 per week Data requests or signal maintenance issues – 30-35 per week VIP greenwave motorcades – 5-6 per year Traffic Signal Software development – 100 per year

13 Assets and Contracts Team Managed by James Wickham Responsible for managing the Signals and CCTV/Electronic signs contracts (non-motorway) 4 Traffic Signal contract area’s Recent Asset Renewals program based on asset life Funding shortfall Traffic Signal Recommended Replacement Annual Quantity Average Useful Life (Years) ComponentNorthCentralWestSouthTotal 15Controllers82241448 15Lanterns195573943501212 10Pedestrian Callbox6118628107382 35Poles25721143151 15Target Boards10731450197668 5CCTV Camera6274845 5Electronic Sign29432535132

14 Loops – estimated total for Auckland exceeds 10000 (8000 for Traffic signals and 2000 for ramp Signals) Recent Fault Analysis Traffic Signal Fault report period from 01/07/2012 to 30/06/2013 Fault1-Jan2-Feb3-Mar4-Apr5-May6-Jun7-Jul8-Aug9-Sep10-Oct11-Nov12-DecTotal Audio Tactile Fault6410813715433569 Comms Fault182421272522496545151623350 Controller Fault152522313736241318 2425288 Cowl Missing/Loose920124113142039 Detector Fault486265485950674761595148665 Graffiti1001001021006 Lamp Fault142139159169171158189184162165166 1970 Lantern Out of Alignment14126 21814 13202410168 Lantern Repair/Replacement00001150300010 Lights Out524137584631663947645661598 Loop Not Working374756593719252026294122418 OverHead Lamp Out494446516228814749735149630 Ped Not Working373424274224402726312812352 Pole Repair/Replacement11143110002115 Road Works/Loops Not Working241513 185338197238186 Total4534504605095373945974704784994874305764

15 Other JTOC and AT/NZTA Teams JTOC Motorway management operators (Peter Bathgate) NZTA National Travel information advisors (Toni Skiffington) AT Busways Operations IS Services at JTOC (John Burns) Management and Admin AT Traffic Services (Ken Lee-Jones) Auckland Motorways Alliance

16 Challenges Construction of the Western Ring Route for SH16 (Northwestern Motorway) Waterview Tunnel Waterview interchange construction Raising and widening of SH 16 – Waterview to Pataki interchange Widening of SH16 – Western Springs to Waterview Widening of SH16 – Te Atatu to Royal Rd Congestion and managing effects of traffic on and off the motorway onto ocal arterials

17 Thank you

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