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ECHO – Enterprise HR System A Complete Human Resource Information & Management System.

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1 ECHO – Enterprise HR System A Complete Human Resource Information & Management System

2 ECHO – E NTERPRISE HR S YSTEM  Capable of processing and disbursing monthly payroll for over 15,000 (avg.) nationwide employees in different cities/towns.  Core Modules include:  Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  Employee Benefits System (EBS)  Payroll & Billing System (PBS)  Data Warehouse (DW)  Task Management System (TMS)  Financial Management System (FMS)  Inventory Management System (IMS)  Procurement system (PS)  CRM  Task Management System (TMS)  Taxation  Control panel for administration

3 H UMAN R ESOURCE I NFORMATION S YSTEM Track all type of information related to your company and your human capital

4 HRIS – K EY F EATURES Add Employee Edit Employee Remuneration Data Integration Data Cycle ID Card Status Official Letters Official Reports

5 HRIS – A DD E MPLOYEE Personal Data Job Data Contact Details Work History Qualification Dependants References Other Data Work Location Salary Plan Benefits Program

6 HRIS – D ATA I NTEGRATION Manage Employees Information in Bulk Upload Information from File to System Use Excel File in Pre-Defined Formats

7 HRIS – D ATA C YCLE Pending Entries Document Received Detail Entries Detail Entries Completed Verification Completion

8 HRIS – ID C ARD S TATUS Pending Entries In Process Received from Vendor Correction Sent to Client

9 HRIS – O FFICIAL L ETTERS Offer Letters Correspondence Letters

10 O FFICIAL R EPORTS Employee detail reports Shortfall Reports Salary history Change in payroll EOBI summary Leave summary etc

11 E MPLOYEE B ENEFITS S YSTEM Access to information you need about health benefits, life insurance & retirement

12 EBS – K EY F EATURES EOBI Leaves Insurance Health

13 L EAVE M ANAGEMENT Leave Entry Leave Upload Leave Rule

14 L IFE I NSURANCE Reconciling Update Policies

15 H EALTH OPD Claims

16 P AYROLL & B ILLING S YSTEM Get payroll checks with appropriate withholdings, benefits, allowance & deductions

17 PBS – K EY F EATURES Payroll Invoice Disbursement Reports Setup

18 PBS – S ETUP – P AYROLL S ETUP Set Rules for Payroll Set Invoice Details Set Columns for Invoices

19 PBS – S ETUP – B ANK B RANCHES Add New Bank Branches Manages Bank Branch Information

20 PBS – S ETUP – F INANCIAL S ETUP Maps Invoice Finance Bridge between FMS and PBS

21 PBS – P AYROLL Individual Payroll Copy Payroll Individual Misc. Integration Manager Final Settlement Final Settlement Groups Hold Misc. Amount Hold Salary Hold Pay Slip Advance Payments Advance Payment Posting

22 PBS – P AYROLL – I NDIVIDUAL P AYROLL Process Payroll of Employees Sets actions for payments to Individual

23 PBS – P AYROLL – F INAL S ETTLEMENT Used for Leaving Employees Processing payroll of their Gratuity, Provident Funds etc.

24 PBS – I NVOICE Generate Invoice Invoice Status Print Invoice Print Invoice Detail Print Invoice Summary General Invoice

25 PBS – I NVOICE - G ENERAL I NVOICE Generate Invoices for Clients

26 PBS – D ISBURSEMENT Debit Groups Disbursement Debit Covering Remaining Disbursement Cancel Disbursement Refund Amount Print Pay Slip

27 PBS – P AYROLL – R EPORTS Miscellaneous Payroll Reports

28 F INANCIAL M ANAGEMENT S YSTEM A system for process and managing the financial resources

29 FMS – K EY FEATURES Vouchers Transactions Reports Accounts

30 ACCOUNTS Head of Account Chart of Account

31 V OUCHERS Journal Voucher Payment Voucher Receipt Voucher Petty Cash Voucher

32 R EPORTS Chart of Account GL Trial Balance Balance Sheet

33 T RANSACTIONS Recoveries Payments

34 D ATA W AREHOUSE S YSTEM A central repository for all of your significant parts of information

35 DW – K EY F EATURES Document Log Data Management Search Data Add New File Search Employee Reports

36 DW – D OCUMENT L OG Requisition Submission Issuance Receiving

37 C ONTROL P ANEL Administrative controls to regulate the users

38 CP – K EY F EATURES Manage Users User Rights Assign Client Group Client Mapping User Group Mapping Manage Functions

39 CP – M ANAGE U SERS For Adding New Administrator Users only

40 CP – M ANAGE F UNCTIONS Add New Screens In System For System Developers Only

41 CP – U SER R IGHTS Assign Rights to Users for respective Screens

42 ECHO – HR W EB -P ORTAL Extranet System for Employees

43 ECHO – W EB P ORTAL  24 x 7 access of HR Data, analysis and Reports to HR Manager hence ensuring HR Management’s focus towards strategic objectives.  Employee empowerment by having 24 x 7 access to salary and other legal information including income tax calculation.  Modules: Employee Personal Data Employee Benefits Employee Payroll CRM System Reports

44 ECHO – Thank You Exit Application

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