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Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers Membership Workshop March 2012.

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1 Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers Membership Workshop March 2012

2 Workshop Programme Presentation About IGEM Membership Grades Requirements and How to Apply Benefits of Professional Registration IGEM Support and Membership Benefits Q & A Group Session and 1-2-1 Discussions

3 Background Formed in 1863 Awarded Royal Charter 1929 We are a leading professional body, operating under a Royal Charter, serving a wide range of gas professionals in the UK and internationally through Membership, Events and a series of Technical Standards IGEM is one of 36 Engineering Bodies Licensed by the Engineering Council for the Award of Professional Titles Engineering TechnicianEngTech Incorporated EngineerIEng Chartered EngineerCEng

4 Membership Grades Membership is not exclusive to our Engineering Technicians, Incorporated and Chartered Engineers. Our membership structure provides for entry at any level of qualification and at any stage in your career

5 Membership Grades StudentsGraduatesInstallersEngineers & TechniciansManagers StudentGraduate (GradIGEM) Gas TechnicianEngineering Associate (AIGEM) Management Associate (AIGEM) Licensed Gas Technician (LGT AIGEM) Engineering Technician (EngTech MIGEM) Associate Member (AMIGEM) Incorporated Engineer (IEng MIGEM) Member Manager (MIGEM) Chartered Engineer (CEng MIGEM) Fellow (CEng FIGEM, IEng FIGEM, EngTech FIGEM, FIGEM)

6 Gas Technician & Licensed Gas Technician Entry requirements: GAS TECHNICIAN Gas Safe Registered LICENSED GAS TECHNICIAN Gas Safe Registered Plus Minimum 2 yrs continuous Gas Safe Registration Demonstrate compliance to IGEM’s Competence and Commitment criteria Demonstrate compliance with the required ‘Customer Service Standard’

7 Member Manager Hold a senior management position within the gas industry, with a minimum of 4 years without academic qualifications or If candidate holds academic qualifications, they may have held a senior management position for a period of 2 years

8 Engineering Technician (EngTech) Engineering Technicians solve practical engineering problems. They are professionals with supervisory or technical responsibility, and apply safe systems of working. They contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, decommissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes or services.

9 Engineering Technician (EngTech) Standard Route Applicants will have successfully completed an Advanced/ Modern Apprenticeship or other work based learning programme approved by IGEM to lead directly to EngTech registration. Entry requirement is typically NVQ level 3 qualification Individual Route Individuals without formal qualifications may also apply for EngTech registration by demonstrating they have acquired the necessary competence through substantial working experience. The application form provided enables you to demonstrate this

10 Incorporated Engineer (IEng) Incorporated Engineers maintain and manage applications of current and developing technology, and may undertake engineering design, development, manufacture, construction and operation. Incorporated Engineers are variously engaged in technical and commercial management and possess effective interpersonal skills.

11 Chartered Engineer (CEng) Chartered Engineers develop appropriate solutions to engineering problems. They may develop and apply new technologies, promote advanced designs and design methods and introduce new and more efficient production techniques, or pioneer new engineering services and management methods. Chartered Engineers are variously engaged in technical and commercial leadership and possess effective interpersonal skills.

12 Summary of Education Requirements CEngIEngEngTech Accred MEng Accred BEng (Hons) + Further Learning Bx(Hons) + Further Learning Accred Bx Bx + Further Learning HNx + Further Learning NC/ND (ONx) NVQ 3/SVQ 6 BTEC SCOTVEC Other You may be able to apply for an Academic Assessment..........

13 Alternatives to Exemplifying Qualifications Further Learning "...a way by which individuals whose initial academic qualifications do not meet in full the exemplifying requirements for CEng or IEng may demonstrate the required knowledge and understanding" A key issue in the development of UK-SPEC

14 Technical Report Option Write a technical report to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of engineering principles Subject matter must be agreed by the Institution Synopsis of 500 words Contents List A report of between 2000 and 10,000 words specified by the Institution based on perceived academic shortfall Report assessed and if appropriate followed by interview When successful, candidate then proceeds with professional review report and interview

15 Professional Registration Requirements Meet Competence & Commitment Criteria Submit Professional Review Report Undertake Professional Review Interview

16 How will you differentiate yourselves from other engineers?

17 Benefits of Professional Registration Identifying you as having competences that employers value Indicating that your competence and commitment to professionalism have been assessed by other engineering professionals Demonstrating that your competence may be compared with standards applicable in other parts of the world Confirming that your commitment to professionalism is underwritten by the support of a national engineering institution or society licensed by the Engineering Council International recognition of your qualifications.

18 Benefits of Professional Registration As a result, registrants often find that: It is easier to gain promotion or a new job Their pay compares favourably with non-registered engineers They have greater influence within their organisation and industry Their engineering credentials are respected in most parts of the world They have access to a network of similarly qualified and experienced experts in their field - through IGEM Their employers benefit as increasingly, tendering or post-tender contract compliance requires key members of the project team to have professional registration.

19 Your employer will benefit too Increased technical credibility with customers and clients Assurance that you have satisfied a rigorous peer assessment of your engineering competence Assurance that you are keeping up-to-date with professional codes of conduct and have the means to do this A means to satisfy requirements of the Quality Management Systems standards e.g. ISO 9001:2008, IiP, Indemnity insurance

20 IGEM Support and Membership Benefits

21 Mentor Scheme IGEM also offers all Members a personal mentor who are seeking professional registration with EngC, in accordance with the following principles: Mentors will be approved by IGEM Approved Mentors will have been assessed as competent to advise on UKSPEC requirements and procedures Mentors offered to candidates following the Technical Report Option will be familiar with the technical discipline of the report subject matter

22 MyPath Online Professional Development Scheme Developed by IGEM, EngineeringUK and 17 other institutions from the science and engineering community Aims to simplify the processes for registering at Incorporated and Chartered level and provide a more seamless transition from IPD to CPD

23 MyPath Self Assessment Tools to monitor yourself against agreed competencies Planning and evidence recording linked to competencies or against longer term goals Reports against IPD and / or CPD evidence uploaded to the system The option to have assessments, plans, evidence and reports reviewed

24 MyPath

25 Gas International Gas International journal for regular updates on: Events Special Features Industry News Management News Education International News Approx. 5000 circulation, over 70 countries

26 Flame E-Newsletter The “Flame” E-Newsletter provides a bi-weekly update on the latest news and activities happening over the coming weeks

27 Networking Opportunities SCOTTISH EASTERN NORTH EAST & YORKSHIRE MIDLANDS SOUTH WEST WALES NORTH WEST LONDON & SOUTHERN IRISH There are 12 Sections in total, including 1 in the Far East and a Young Person’s Network Local Meetings Paper Evenings Site Visits Social Events

28 Events Gas Industry Awards Lunch - 9 th May Annual Conference and Engineering Update - 4 th & 5 th September Gas 2012 Technical Seminars YPN Spring Dinner Dance Young Person’s Paper Competition IGEM Summer Ball - 29 th June

29 Technical Events TD/13 - Pressure Regulating Installations – 9 th February UP/1B - Strength, tightness testing and purging (small domestic installations) – March G/5 – Gas in flats and other multi-dwelling buildings – 17 th May UP/2 – Installation Pipework – Date TBC GM/7B - Hazardous area related to metering installations - Date TBC GL/8 - Incident Investigation (Explosion Monograph) – Date TBC Other Events – Biogas workshop – Hydrogen Workshop

30 Standards to be reviewed in 2012 IGEM/GM/7B Hazardous area classification for gas metering equipment IGEM/GM/8 Non-domestic meter installations; Flow rate exceeding 6 m3h-1 and inlet pressure not exceeding 38 bar IGEM/TD3 Steel and PE pipelines for gas distribution IGE/TD/4 PE and steel gas services and service pipework - Amendments IGEM/GL/1 Planning of gas distribution systems of MOP not exceeding 16 bar.

31 Website Our new and improved website was launched June this year offering: Online Applications IGEM Shop Event Calendar linked to Outlook Downloadable copies of Gas International Exclusive Member access to ‘My Path’ Exclusive ‘MyIGEM’ access to resources

32 Any Questions? E: T: 01509 678 152 F: 01509 678 192 Thank you for listening!

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