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Present age – 9 years Career – Engineer/ Doctor Marriange age – 28 years Mr. Manoj Kumar Present age – 38 years Retirement age – 65 years Life expectancy.

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1 Present age – 9 years Career – Engineer/ Doctor Marriange age – 28 years Mr. Manoj Kumar Present age – 38 years Retirement age – 65 years Life expectancy – 80 years Mrs. ArchanaVansh Present age – 36 years Retirement age – 60 years Life expectancy – 80 years Sample Financial Plan AIMFIN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

2 1 Lives planned for 2 Scope of this Financial Plan 3 Portfolio Analysis 4 Identification of Goals 5 Goals in Details 6 Risk Management 7 Disclaimer Contents

3 123456789101112 Analysis of your cash inflow Management of shortfalls Identification of Goals. Your risk analysis Analysis of your retirement needs Estate planning. Analysis of your Cash Outflows Proper allocation of surpluses Generating cash flow to meet goals Managing the risk with insurance etc. Finding an action plan to meet them. Plan for smooth transfer assets to your next generation. Scope of this Financial Plan This financial plan identifies your present financial condition and analysis of likely scenario of your finance in time to come. This report will give you an insight of your financial goals and suitable action plan for meeting them. All this analysis is based on data inputs provided by you.

4 Present Inflow vs. Outflow You are having annual surplus year on year, suitable utilization is suggested in ‘”Recommendation section” Heading2012201320142015 Income from Salary 6.50 7.15 7.87 8.65 Business Income 5.80 6.67 7.67 8.82 Agri Income 1.50 1.58 1.65 1.74 Total Income 13.80 15.40 17.19 19.21 Household Exp 2.40 2.53 2.67 2.82 EMI 1.02 SIP/Insurance 9.00 10.35 11.90 13.69 Kids Education - Schooling 0.60 0.63 0.67 0.70 Total Exp 13.02 14.54 16.26 18.23 Surplus 0.78 0.86 0.93 0.98

5 All AssetsDirect Equity Portfolio Analysis The exposure in small cap is very high, it makes portfolio very risky

6 Purchase of Car – then Cost Rs. 8.00 lacs Your plan utilize FD of Rs. 2.50 lacs for down payment, pay rest through auto loan Your plan to meet through Mutuals Fund but don’t know whether succeed Your plan to meet through equity shares want to know how to manage the shortfall You find it very difficult to achieve with EPF, need professional guidance Professional education of Vansh – present cost Rs. 25 lacs Construct a house on plot – present cost – Rs. 28 lacs Retire from work and need monthly cash flow of Rs.1.50 lacs for exp. 2039 2022 2021 2016 as discussed with you and your family Identification of Goals

7 Purchase of Car Cost Rs. 8.00 lacs in 2016 Fixed Deposit of Rs. 2.50 Lacs Will grow to Rs.3.43 lacs You should start a SIP of Rs.7635 p.m. in an Index Fund today for 4 years ELSE you have to cough up Rs.11,890 p.m. for 4 years towards EMI of loan starting 2016 To meet this goal

8 Education of Vansh Rs. 25 lacs present cost Ist Installment Required Rs.16.19 lacs 2nd Installment required Rs. 16.19 lacs Final installment required 8.09 lacs Today Mutual Fund value - Rs.4.50 lacs To fund this goal you need so start a SIP of Rs.17,150 p.m. today, in a balanced mutual fund for 9 years

9 You should sell all Equity shares and invest proceeds in Equity Mutual Fund 20212020201920182017 After 10 years, the present cost Rs. 28 lacs may be around Rs.47.83 lacs in 2022 And start a SIP of Rs. 29,200 p.m. in equity mutual fund in Jan-2013 for 6 years Transfer one third of balance in Debt Fund every year, starting 2019 to reduce risk of adverse market Construction of House Investment in direct equity is difficult to monitor closely therefore it is advised to transfer the money to equity mutual funds which are monitored by experts, however there are annual charges in mutuals funds but historically it has been proved wiser investment vehicle than direct equity. 20162015201420132012

10 Retirement Planning Planning for 2039, where you need Rs.1.50 lacs every month and keep the corpus intact 4 lacs Open PPF Ac 300 lacs Your EPF will reach to 35 lacs in 2039 with present contributions The Corpus you need Open PPF A/c start constibuting 1 lac Every year and start SIP of Rs.28,200 p.m. in Balance Mutual Fund

11 The industry you are working is growing at 12- 15% annually. You need family floater plan of Rs. 2 lacs Your vehicles are properly insured Insurance cover of 8 lacs is not sufficient you should take additional cover of Rs. 40 lacs the premium will be around Rs.8,800/- per year Personal Risk Property Risk Income Risk Health Risk Risk Management

12 Disclaimer Without having a financial plan, you are like a ship in the ocean without a compass This presentation provides a general overview of some aspects of your personal financial position. It is designed to provide educational and / or general information and is not intended to provide specific legal, accounting, investment, tax or other professional advice. For specific advice on these aspects of your overall financial plan, consult with your professional advisors. Asset or portfolio earnings and / or returns shown, or used in the presentation, are not intended to predict nor guarantee the actual results of any investment products or particular investment style. IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by AIMFIN CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Additionally, it is important to note that information in this report is based upon financial figures input on the date above; results provided may vary with subsequent uses and over time. The Assumptions page contains information you provided that is used throughout the presentation. Please review the information for accuracy and notify your Financial Advisor promptly if discrepancies in the assumptions are present; discrepancies may materially alter the presentation. Your actual future investment returns, tax levels and inflation are unknown. This illustration uses representative assumptions in a financial planning calculation model to generate a report for education and discussion purposes. Calculations and assumptions within this report may not reflect all potential fees, charges, and expenses that might be incurred over the time frame covered by these illustrations which, if included, would result in lower investment returns and less favorable illustration results.

13 About us AIMFIN Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Copyright Contact us Indumitra Bhardwaj Medha Mehta Pallavi Pathak AIMFIN Team

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