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NIH Innovations in Recruitment

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1 NIH Innovations in Recruitment
Corporate Recruitment HR Social Media Use at the NIH 5-Star Executive Recruitment & Onboarding

2 Corporate Recruitment
Presenter: Lori Thompson

3 AGENDA Corporate Recruitment Overview
Trans-NIH Recruitment Integration Measuring Success 3

4 NIH Corporate Recruitment Unit (CRU)
Mission To develop continuous talent pipelines of diverse high-caliber talent to meet the needs of the unique mission of the NIH and to meet the Federally-mandated diversity requirements. Key Recruitment Strategies: Develop relationships with key academic institutions, placement organizations, and professional societies Represent/coordinate career fairs, conferences, and hiring events Arrange on-site interviews and facilitate selections Present workshops Discover a Career at NIH Federal resume workshop Fall in Love with NIH Create powerful marketing strategies 4

5 Corporate Recruitment Components
Trans-NIH Recruitment Integration Diversity Recruitment Targeted Recruitment Entry level/Student Recruitment (Pathways) Scientific Recruitment 5 5

6 Trans-NIH Recruitment Integration
Goal: Create a forum to share best practices, effective marketing and outreach strategies and successful recruiting sources Key Strategies: Promote NIH as “one” organization while preserving the identity and uniqueness of each IC Identify events where an NIH presence would be more effective and powerful than an IC-specific presence Determine how to maximize resources to achieve the greatest return on investment (ROI) Incorporate IC input to enhance marketing efforts 6 6

7 Trans-NIH Recruitment Forum
Scientific & Medical Recruitment Forum (SMRF) Pathways Recruitment Forum (PRF) Veteran Recruitment/ Retention Force (VRF) Marketing Recruitment Forum (MRF) Diversity Recruitment Forum (DRF) Diversity Recruitment Scientific & Medical Recruitment Trans-NIH Recruitment Forum Marketing/Outreach Entry Level/Students (Pathways) Veteran Recruitment 7 7

8 2012 Recruitment Requirements
Targeted Recruitment Goal: Fill recruitment requirements identified by the ICs Requirements collected in annual survey Focus on critical shortfall occupations Identify key professional societies and marketing strategies Deploy outreach strategies: Conference presentations Public lectures Research journal articles 2012 Recruitment Requirements 601 Health Science/HSAs 245 401 Biologists 602 Medical Officers 610 Nurse 2210 IT Specialists 301 Admin & Program Spec 116 343 Program/Mgmt Analyst 93 8 8

9 Non-Competitive Hiring Peace Corps, Schedule A, Students
Hiring Options: •Schedule A •Veterans •Peace Corps •Students Advantages: High-caliber candidates for all types of positions – scientific and non-scientific No vacancy announcement needed Cost savings Quicker hiring time Flexible Peace Corps, Schedule A, Students 9

10 Entry Level/Student Recruitment (Pathways)
Goal: Establish a focused student recruitment plan that targets specific universities to support succession planning efforts Forge relationship with key academic personnel at targeted Universities Develop a talent pipeline Influence curriculum design Develop creative venues to attract students Seminars, Lectures and NIH campus tours Student created marketing programs Use STEP/SCEP to secure talent pending Pathways guidance 2012 University Targets * Gallaudet University George Washington University George Mason University Georgetown University Howard University Johns Hopkins University Morehouse College Morgan State University University of Maryland (all campuses) University of Virginia *Example of Targeted Universities- Locales are budget/diversity driven 10 10

11 Diversity Recruitment
Goal: Address NIH recruitment challenges identified in FEORP, MD-715, and other diversity objectives such as 2% Persons with Disabilities goal Establish relationships with placement organizations Identify diversity focused professional societies and marketing venues Incorporate input from target populations and engage them in recruitment activities Hold special events to achieve diversity goals Manage and use Diversity Outreach Resource (DOR) 11 11

Goal: Attract world-class scientists and medical professionals to drive discovery and innovation at NIH Target and attract a diverse pool of Fellows/Trainees Use a corporate recruitment approach at multi-disciplinary scientific conferences Collaborate with NIH scientists to present the Discover a Career at NIH workshops Collaborate with NIH scientists to establish relationships with department heads at renowned scientific and medical academic institutions with diverse populations Post scientific jobs on the LinkedIn NIH Career page “Your contributions to both the Training Directors Committee to Promote the Intramural Research Program, unquestionably has built bridges between HR and intramural. I think it would be good to encourage TDs to join on your school visits as well, Jeremy Swan gave me a great report on the UMBC recruitment event…You are doing all the right things with your team.” Brenda Hanning, Deputy Director, Liaison & Training, NICHD

13 Marketing and Outreach
Goals: Identify and utilize creative marketing strategies to target specific applicant communities and attract high-caliber talent to NIH Key Strategies for 2012: Establish a corporate approach to IC widely-attended conferences Utilize economies of scale with IC advertising (negotiate group rates) Use Social Media to share jobs and to engage the public on NIH career opportunities Maintain calendar of recruiting events Redesign the web pages Create IC marketing factsheets using NIH branded template (notes: coordinated approach across multiple platforms to engage the public and advertise positions) 13

14 IC Marketing Factsheet

15 Standard Approach to Exhibiting

16 Corporate Approach to Exhibiting

17 Recruiting with Social Media
∙ 150 million users ∙ Post and search jobs ∙ 12, 750 NIH Followers ∙ 500 million users ∙ Tweet Jobs ∙ 7,612 NIH Followers ∙ 850 million users ∙ New HR page for recruiting ∙ 18,952 NIH Likes on official NIH page Coming Soon

18 HR Social Media Use at the NIH
Presenter: John Grill

19 Social Media at the Office of Human Resources
Uses Recruitment Employee engagement Tools Facebook LinkedIn Twitter WordPress YouTube Other Utilities Recruitment: Advertise jobs, spread the employment brand, answer questions, reach audiences not covered by other media

20 Social Media General Principles
Do one or two things well rather than a lot of things poorly Use free (and cheap) online tools Collaborate with other social media practitioners Maintain a consistent and high-quality brand across platforms Design for the user experience

21 Integrated Branding Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
Other Media: Bus ads, recruiting brochures, giant sign, etc.

22 Web-Friendly Video Make content engaging! Uses Video tools
Vacancy announcements Recruiting events Employee engagement Video tools Contract videographers In-house production

23 Web-Friendly Video: An Example

24 Social Advertising LinkedIn Facebook Ads For hard to fill vacancies
Search for candidates who have the exact skills, education, and prior experience Personalized “InMails” Facebook Ads For hard to target demographic groups Can advertise recruiting visits, special events, and unique job vacancies Advertise to people with specific education, employers, etc.

25 Employee Engagement Social media doesn’t stop at the door!
Internal uses for social media Internal communications Collaboration Idea generation Internal social media tools Blogs Video Surveys Yammer Cost effective Respond to survey responses

26 Employee Engagement: OHR Blog

27 5-Star Executive Recruitment & Onboarding
Presenter: Allison Kruszewski

28 Overview: 5-Star Executive Recruitment & Onboarding Programs
Recruit the best possible candidates for critical senior level positions at the NIH Provide the highest level of customer service for senior level candidates Deliver a positive first impression of the NIH to prospective hires and represent the NIH as an employer of choice Help facilitate a successful transition for new executives into the NIH culture Strengthen relationships between OHR and the Institutes and Centers (ICs)

29 OHR’s Role in 5-Star Executive Recruitment & Onboarding
Provides leadership and oversight for executive recruitment and onboarding Develops comprehensive recruitment materials, including binder, SharePoint, and Executive Jobs website Cultivates early relationships with candidates; serves as a point of contact throughout the recruitment and onboarding process Helping new executives hit the ground running!

30 5-Star Executive Recruitment Program
5-Star Executive Recruitment Program Services Travel planning and agenda development Direct assistance, logistics, and escorting of candidates Meeting with IC Directors and OD leadership to collect interview feedback Drafting offer letters and correspondence, coordinate lab MOU development, etc. Dr. Robert Kaplan, Director, OBSSR & Dr. James Anderson, Director, DPCPSI

31 5-Star Executive Onboarding Program
5-Star Executive Onboarding Program Services Identify a mentor for the new executive Arrange for a formal swearing in with Director, NIH and framed photo Coordinate personalized, one-on-one HR paperwork and Benefits session Recommend and facilitate meetings with NIH leaders Coordinate NIH campus tour Dr. Francis Collins, Director, NIH & Andrea Norris, Director, CIT

32 OHR Executive Jobs Website
Recruitment Information Onboarding Components NIH Lookbook Office of the Director IC Top 5

33 Questions

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