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Challenges in General Practice

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1 Challenges in General Practice
Dr Katherine Teare GP Educator Fellow October 2013

2 Workload 77% GPs – work more stressful past year
40% complete consultations/day Salaried and locum GPs do less during working day and take less work home 11 or 12+ hour days not uncommon ¼ GPs had to seek support for work related stress 7 days a week - ?reduce weekday availability and continuity of care

3 Workforce RCGP – shortfall 16000 GPs by 2021
?fewer will choose GP career Plan – named GPs Plan – train extra GPs – 2000 Effect of extended hours working

4 Funding 90% NHS contacts in GP GP get 9% total NHS funding in England
RCGP want 10% funding increase RCGP want more GPs JH wants to increase proportion NHS funding to primary care ?PMS funding reduction to be equitable with GMS Scaled back QoF - ?reduced payments also

5 Set up of GP Will we all become salaried?
Demand to improve online access to records and care plans CG proposed move to single provider organisations spanning primary and secondary care GPs responsible for health and social care around the clock ?return personal responsibility for lists

6 References GP magazine 19/08/13, 02/09/13 Pulse magazine October 2013

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