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Overview with Member & Sponsor Use Cases, What it means to your Organization.

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1 Overview with Member & Sponsor Use Cases, What it means to your Organization

2 Introduction SMRC (Social Market Research for Charity) is society's new model for supplemental funding that's based on monetizing the value of all social content & feedback for charity AND social credit member rewards. This passive social credit award & 501-c3 rating service is the result that formed, from merging the best ideas of top seven "mover and shaker" speakers at, w/ Stephen Colbert (, the BCG (Boston Consulting Group, experts of Social Impact analytics), Cone Communications (leaders in Cause Marketing) and Phil Nakata (former IBM CTO: Intellectual Capital, AI & Emerging Technologies).Stephen Colbertthe BCG Please review at least the first few videos presented at before proceeding --

3 Custom Donations & Member Rewards

4 Instant & Lifetime Social Member Rewards Pre-Register for Double Social Member Reward points (for life) Donations and Social Member Rewards for every piece of your past 1.5 – 2 years of social media activity 5% of the on-going social rewards of new members who respond to their invitation, for life

5 Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) Presentations Index

6 1. SMRC – General Overview (in a nutshell – What is SMRC?) a. Monetizing the Value of All Human Content & Interaction (as media /market research) For Charity & Social Member Rewards b. That creates a Landscape of Reward Opportunities In Social & Syndicated mediums as well as In-Store (POS) c. Capturing the Potential of the Social Followers markets to d. Produce the most Abundant, Valuable & Noble Social Goals

7 a. SMRC Monetizes the value of all social content and sponsor interaction (as media & market research) for charity & rewards: SMRC’s Social Support System provides 6 Levels of Daily Social Member Rewards & Custom Donations for: 1. SMRC – General Overview

8 a. SMRC Monetizes…6 Levels of Member Rewards & Custom Donations (PURCHASE NOT REQUIRED) FOR: 1.Every piece of Your Everyday Social Content (Tweets, Facebook, Ratings, Comments, SMS & more) as anonymous charity/ media research – creates $0.60 per day minimum 2.Social Market Research Online: Game-like tests of attention/ recall in the spirit of “Trivial Pursuit” – creates $0.06-$2 per instance 1. SMRC – General Overview

9 a. SMRC Monetizes…6 Levels of Member Rewards & Custom Donations FOR: 3.Market Research/Feedback In-Store: for Sampling, Trials and for attending On-Site Expert Demonstrations – (Purchase Not Required) - creates $1 - $10 per instance 4.Sponsor true gifts of Generosity (double bonus rewards) for everyday Purchases or Purchases related to a On-Site Demo – creates 5-10%+ of the sale as donations w/ rewards to the member 1. SMRC – General Overview

10 a. SMRC Monetizes…6 Levels of Member Rewards & Custom Donations (PURCHASE NOT REQUIRED) FOR: 5. Inviting others to this free by-invitation-only funding service - @ 5% of their rewards/life 6.Awards of custom donations & member rewards in recognition of Public Service – 8% of all rewards back in recognition 1. SMRC – General Overview

11 b.Creating A Landscape of Rewards: 1.Turning all social content, online promotions, and in-store trials, demos and testimonials into daily customized, social 'game- like' reward systems for charity & social market / media research -- or 2.Loyalty by which sponsor is more generous (giving bigger donations & rewards) 1. SMRC – General Overview

12 b.Creating A Landscape of Rewards: o Simple: All marketing formats are supported: like 'Green Stamps' - it just takes simple coupons and/or codes to implement. o Complimentary (Value to All Content): o Competitive o External o Internal 1. SMRC – General Overview

13 b.Creating A Landscape of Rewards: o The Most Popular and Proven Incentive for charity & the Economy, now improved. o Results: 20%+ Sustained increase in business; the ultimate form of CSR for loyalty; The more you give to customers, the more you receive. 1. SMRC – General Overview

14 c.Capturing the Potential of the Social Followers markets : 1.Sponsors as the initial ‘hosts’, competing for over-lapping followers, for 5% of the follower’s rewards & donations’ value 2.Double (2X) Member Rewards (and donations’ value) for LIFE 1. SMRC – General Overview

15 c.Capturing the Potential of the Social Followers markets : 3.Rebalancing Sponsor Generosity with Consumer Loyalty and New Business 4.Creating Lifetime Employee and Sponsor Employer benefits 1. SMRC – General Overview

16 d.Producing the most Abundant, Valuable and Noble Social Goals, where everyone profits: o Fully funding all worthy 501-c3’s: the Arts, Education, Healthcare, Energy, Environment & more o Capable of providing special social support for: Senior Citizens, Education, Unemployment, Children’s Charities, Public Radio, Social & Professional Sports, Veterans, Spiritual organizations & More 1. SMRC – General Overview

17 d. Producing the most Abundant, Valuable and Noble Social Goals, where everyone profits: o Individual/Social Self-Fulfillment and Economy: by # of sympathetic listeners o Economic Stimulation on Steroids 1. SMRC – General Overview

18 d. Producing the most Abundant, Valuable and Noble Social Goals, where everyone profits: o Creating the FREE living testament of the human emotional-social experience-ethos: o Generous System "Awards" in recognition for worthy contribution to the public good 1. SMRC – General Overview

19 SMRC Use Cases as Interactive Wireframes Click on the diagram to enlarge the diagram -- or -- HERE to illustrate each of the four (4) principle SMRC Double Rewards Use Cases (donations & social rewards) for (1) Every day Social Content, and Sponsor Interaction in (2) Social Media, (3) Syndicated Media and (4) In-Store - Rewards --- for Market Research and/or Sales HERE Return To Index

20 2. SMRC Member Processes Registration and Awards Creating Donations and Rewards: Generating content for more feedback Market Research/ Feedback with Sponsors (no purchase required) Purchases with generous donations & rewards Inviting others to Register

21 Registration: of (media screen names, 5+ charities, host name); Pre-registration at double social member rewards/life; Invited by a SMRC sponsor As a result of redemption/registration of ones’ charities for donations & social member rewards given to them by a sponsor Invited by an existing SMRC member 2. SMRC Member Processes

22 NET: Per Million followers/customers (minimum not including donations and member rewards for sales): $219 million to the 501-c3 charity industry PLUS $219 million in social member rewards Stimulating/ incentivizing $2 - $4 billion for the economy $10.95 million to the sponsor's favorite charity (along with a healthy portion of the $219 million above to the sponsor's charity) PLUS $10.95 million to the sponsor's charitable deductions (rewards) 2. SMRC Member Processes Return to Index

23 1. Registration 2. Inviting Others 3. Generating content for Feedback 4. Creating Feedback Scripts/Forms 5. Integrating SMRC feedback-marketing & purchase codes or coupons into your research & commerce initiatives 3. SMRC Sponsor Processes

24 Focus: Creating Feedback Scripts/Forms o Get 4X as many to see your complete promotion to get 2X the overall response Charities (that receive the media schedules for their charity free) should consider the value of placing a 'reward opportunities' in the paid advertising space that literally guarantees readership of their materials at $0.06+ per market research response validating readership 3. SMRC Sponsor Processes

25 Focus: Creating Reward Opportunities o With SMRC codes that drive market research interaction, visitation, feedback and purchases: o 5%+ of the everyday purchase price (as a sponsor gift of donations to the member's favorite charity and the equal value in social member rewards o $1 - $2 in donations & member rewards: for feedback to sampling, in-store trials o $2 - $10+ for feedback to in-store expert demonstrations and testimonials o 7 - 10%+ of purchases related to attendance of the in- store expert demonstrations 3. SMRC Sponsor Processes

26 3. Sponsor Process Benefits Summary a. Donations to Sponsor’s Charity, Sponsor Rewards b. Sustained Increase in More & New Business/ Goodwill on Steroids c. Low cost, Effective Market Research 1. Very low cost Social Media Research – at $0.03 per anonymous member profile per media report 2. Low Costs for Invaluable Sponsor Social Market Research (paid for only after receiving validation of readership or feedback including testimonials) – starting at $0.06 per response validating attention / recall Return to Index

27 B. Sponsors - Sizing/Scoping the SMRC Opportunity 1. Your Follower Markets 2.Your public Social / Philanthropic Profile 3.Special Opportunities

28 1. Follower markets: a) Yours (all media including all listening & customers/prospects) b) Your other business & social initiatives c) Your Employees‘ d) The Markets of your Celebrities B. Sponsors - Sizing/Scoping the SMRC Opportunity

29 2.Your Social/Philanthropic Profile: a) 501-c3 Charities b) Other Strategic Social Initiatives c) KEY linked/common Objectives d) Current/To-Date: Impact per Initiative e) Shortfall f) Which/All Business Initiatives that could employ the SMRC model B. Sponsors - Sizing/Scoping the SMRC Opportunity

30 3. Special Opportunities a) Prospective Sponsors you could invite b) Support Local, Popular Charities (the smaller the better) c) Generating content that promotes – Feedback B. Sponsors - Sizing/Scoping the SMRC Opportunity

31 3. Special Opportunities (con’t) d)Offerings you'd like to make available via SMRC's brand of cause marketing - for: i. Social Market Research/Feedback i. Purchases B. Sponsors - Sizing/Scoping the SMRC Opportunity Return to Index

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