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ECB Presentation Template - 24.1.05 Page 1 Creating a Sustainable Future.

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1 ECB Presentation Template Page 1 Creating a Sustainable Future

2 ECB Presentation Template Page 2 How is Sustainability Defined? The two most widely accepted definitions of sustainability are: ‘An enduring and balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social awareness’ ( Definition from BS8901 (ISO 20121) ‘Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’ ( Brundtland Commission -formerly ‘the World Commission on Environment and Development ’)

3 ECB National Club Strategy Outcomes More and better facilities – Indoor and Outdoor Improved Security of Tenure Encourage and support clubs to produce their own Environmental Policy Recruit, train, retain and reward people Reduce bureaucracy and administration Clubs and Leagues to be encouraged to play different formats and length of games, and reduce travelling time for players, officials and supporters

4 ECB Presentation Template Page 4 Key themes Sustainable SportRisks to development Participation Revenue generation Expenditure Facilities Retention Skills Security Cost/Spend Planning Skill gap Change Legislation Capacity

5 ECB Presentation Template Page 5 Creating the future

6 ECB Presentation Template Page 6 Reacting to change Adaptation Mitigation Mitigating future risk Adapting to current issues

7 What is your part in this? Cost of playing Cost of operating Adults Juniors Funding (Public/ Private)

8 ECB Presentation Template Page 8 Adaptation Typically clubs are fundraising to survive not to invest. Premier LeagueSmall Club Cost of cricket£750 /mbr£142 /mbr Fees & subs£200 /mbr£54 /mbr Shortfall£550 /mbr (73%)£88 /mbr (62%) Shortfall funded by: Sponsorship (including donations) Fundraising Bar revenue and functions  limited capacity to adapt

9 ECB Presentation Template Page 9 Fuel consumption Source: DCMS Climate Change Plan

10 Mains water stress StressClubs% Low2012/ Moderate2150/ Serious2645/ Not classified257/

11 Energy Consumption

12 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 1997 Kyoto Protocol 2006 Stern Report 2007 Draft Climate Change Bill 2010 Building Regulations 20% improvement 2013 Building Regulations 44% improvement 2016 Building Regulations Zero Carbon Homes 2019 Building Regulations Zero Carbon

13 ECB Presentation Template Page 13 Future Programmes Focus Clubs Adult participation Affiliation package Women and girls Disability Cricket Improved Satisfaction Relationship networks Partnership funding

14 ECB Presentation Template Page 14 Wider political/sports development landscape Finance Structure and partnerships Consumer Coalition Policy New markets Education Sector NGB role/focus Future Environment

15 ECB Presentation Template Page 15 Consumer focus Lifestyle choices Communication media Economic pressures Drivers and barriers Greater competition

16 Sources of Advice ECB Regional Funding and Facilities Manager – design consultancy ECB Technical Guidance available at TS4 Fine Turf Guidance Notes for the Provision and Installation of Non Turf Facilities TS5 Pavilions and Clubhouses Developing Your Project Sources of Grant Aid and Funding ECB facilities website IOG publications and website Pitch Advisor –Gordon Gill Wiltshire County Groundsan Association Sport England

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