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+ Placer MHSA Integrated 3 Year Planning—Further Conversations July 1, 2014- June 31,2017.

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1 + Placer MHSA Integrated 3 Year Planning—Further Conversations July 1, 2014- June 31,2017

2 The Big Picture… Review MHSA planning efforts MHSA Planning timeline Existing Programs Recommended Process Decisional New Programs (unspent $)Process Recommendations from Leadership Committee Innovation brief Next Steps

3 + Review of Planning Elements & Requirements 3-year plan (2014 – 2017) Based on unspent funds + estimated revenues from State Stakeholder process Representatives from the County’s constituency groups (CCW Steering) Involvement in: mental health policy, program planning & implementation, monitoring, quality improvement, evaluation & budget allocations Draft plan circulated for 30 days for public comment (Summer/Fall 2013)

4 Review of Campaign Structure Four committees/Representatives: Promote Mental Health Awareness – Anno Nakai Outreach and Stigma Reduction—Jennifer Price MHSA Implementation – Janice Leroux Workforce, Education and Training(WET)—Sandy Cretney 2 Mental Health Authority Reps. – Maureen Bauman and Richard Knecht Campaign Facilitators—Katrina Moser/Christi Meng Leadership Team: Decisional Team, based on input and guidance from this CCW Steering committee

5 Current Process and Timeline Target Pop. + Outcomes Outcomes& Target Pops. Strategies & Programs Draft Plan Steering Ideas Asset mapping Target Pops served Outcomes Recomm. Recommended programs Staff maps To Budget Eval. Current Programs Steering Rec. Leadership Team decisional Gaps AprilMarch Dec. Aug Oct. 2013 Framework For Priorities (GAPS) July Asset Map For Review Process Decisions Funding strategies Sept. Input on gap tool Innovation + Planning Innovation + Planning May/June

6 + Review of Funding Dynamics

7 Review of Current MHSA Elements Community Services & Supports Community Services & Supports Prevention & Early Intervention Prevention & Early Intervention Innovation WET Cap Fac. & Tech Full Service Prt. Systems Transf. Crisis Triage Lake Tahoe Ready for Success Bridges to Wellness Bye Bye Blues West Slope(PCF) Tahoe(TTCF) 5 Large Projects Housing Ongoing One-Time 75%20% 5%

8 State Forecast of Dollars – March 4, 2013

9 Placer – Revised Forecast of Dollars (including current unspent) MHSA Program Run Rate

10 + Process to update MHSA plan and fund ongoing programs Decision Required Results inform the new MHSA Plan

11 Current Programs Process Requesting Approval All Current Programs All Current Programs Meet State Guidelines And County Outcomes ? Meet State Guidelines And County Outcomes ? Recommend Programs (At existing Funded levels) Recommend Programs (At existing Funded levels) CCW Steering Review CCW Steering Review YES CCW Leadership (Final Decision) CCW Leadership (Final Decision) Draft MHSA Plan RFP after plan Is approved MHSA Eval Team Programs needing more $’s would apply separately for unspent funds. Include WET Recommendation : WET to be included in ongoing CSS program expenses. Ongoing programs will receive 7% COLA next year and 2% annual increase therafter. Contract Deliverables Outcomes (qualitative and quant.) Contract Deliverables Outcomes (qualitative and quant.) YES

12 + “Unspent Funds” Recommendations 1) Funding Allocations 2) Process for Decision-making Results inform the Annual Plan Update

13 CCW Leadership Committee Recommendations for “unspent” dollars Support programs for six years It’s a sustainable time frame Higher level first 3 yrs. Lower level next 3 yrs Include incentives for agencies that leverage other dollars— TBD  Consider Current Programs for Expansion $1.5m one-time capital facilities and/or housing dollars

14 Leadership Committee Recommendations for “unspent” funds “Prudent Use” of the Prudent Reserve Use MHSA Evaluation team to Review Current Programs basic outcomes RFP recommendations to formulate in Leadership team or via Contingency Review Panel Contingency: Volunteer Panel

15 REVISED Placer Forecast of Unspent Dollars (in millions) Revision: CSS ongoing expenses to include WET program.

16 REVISED Placer Forecast of Unspent Dollars (in millions) Revision: CSS now includes WET expenses. Summary: CSS Total 12/13 – 15/16 = $8.94m, shortfall 16/17 – 18/19 = $500k PEI Total 12/13-18/19 = $5.66m 12/1313/1414/1515/1616/1717/1818/19 CSS8.930.910.500.10-0.02-0.15-0.29 PEI3.060.560.520.420.390.370.34 INN0.88-0.310.00 Cap. Fac0.500.00 WET0.00

17 Recommended Allocation Unspent Dollars (in millions) Allocates more dollars in first three years and slightly less remaining three years Requirements: CSS 51% or > to FSP and PEI 51% or > to 0-24 yrs. old. 5% to innovation programs $1.5 million for capital facilities/housing can occur within 10 yr timeframe.

18 Recommended Funding Allocation of Unspent Funds Across Program Areas Allocated across 6 yrs with first 3 yrs. at a higher level, second 3 yrs. slightly lower. 2012/20132013/20142014/20152015/20162016/20172017/20182018/2019 CSS 0.001.54 1.24 PEI 0.00 1.10 0.78 INN 0.29 0.00 Cap. Fac 0.25 0.001.500.00 WET 0.00

19 New Program Selection Process --Simplified MHSA Evaluation Committee MHSA Evaluation Committee Request for Proposal CCW Steering CCW Steering CCW Leadership CCW Leadership Annual Plan Update Annual Plan Update Program identification Process Program identification Process Gap ideas Asset map Funding allocation s Program Strategies Program Strategies MHSA Criteria CSS: 51% > FSP PEI: 51% > 0 – 24yrs. Fallback: volunteer committee Outcomes Target pops.

20 Innovation Start conversation next month Review MHSA criteria What gap or focus do we want to consider? Funding level $400 - $450k per year Funding period: Three-year time frame

21 Next Steps Update from today’s meeting Continue MHSA planning update process Innovation process discussion Review Program Learning and strategies conversation

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