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Overview Changes that affect housing in Hackney Cathy Murphy HAF.

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1 Overview Changes that affect housing in Hackney Cathy Murphy HAF

2 Money – eligible amounts LHA CAPS - weekly from April 11 – £250 1 bed, £290 2 bed, £340 3 bed and £400 4 bed LHA RATES – weekly from April 11 – Reduced to 30 th percentile Hit majorly from October – December 12, Transitional Protection Under 35 room rate – Private tenants – April 11 – Reduce to single room rate – some exceptions, TP SOCAIL SECTOR SIZE CRITIERIA April 13 – Will reduce eligible rent by 14% or 25% depending on level of under occupancy

3 Money-Eligible Amounts Advice Transitional Protection – Need to be aware of any transitional arrangements announced and change of circumstances Negotiate with landlord Move – See later why this may not be advisable Discretionary Housing Payments – Limited pot – with new levels of demand which it has not been designed for – e.g. Foster Carers and Disability

4 Money – Benefit Caps April 13 Benefit CAP – Total benefit over £500 per week for family/couple or £350 for single person will lose any extra amount – from HB, though not from other benefits Oct 13 – 2017 Universal Credit – For new claimants from October 13 and for others over a transitioning period to 2017. New system of maintaining claims and benefit levels will be set at £500 or £350 Local council tax allowance – Every household of working age paying at least 15% (£260)

5 Money Benefit Caps – Advice Advice solutions as above ALSO Working Tax Credit – 16/24 hours BUT Notional Income

6 Money Benefit Caps Concerns Breaking Claims – changes of circumstances Assessment by DWP and relationship with LA – Advisor experience – Unclear who will be first point of call for changes/corrections – Ensuring information given to DWP is correct – their duty to inform LA/HB – Online claims, how information is accessed and capacity.

7 Changes to social housing Social Sector Size Criteria – Social Housing under-occupancy – Bed room tax Allowed One bedroom for a couple One bedroom for a single person over 16 One bedroom for any two children of the same sex under 16 One bedroom for any two children of the same or opposite sex who are younger than 10 One bedroom for any other child under 16 One bedroom for an overnight carer if appropriate – non residential carer, client in receipt of AA or DLA at higher rate, middle rate specifically for night-time or able to provide other evidence – Decision on this LA

8 Are there any exemptions? YES Pension age, Shared Ownership, LA Homeless Temporary Accommodation, Supported ‘exempt’ accommodation NO They have a spare room to store essential medical equipment Tenants who need a spare room as they can not share with a partner due to a medical condition or disability Tenants who need spare rooms so their children or relatives can visit Tenants who share childcare arrangements, but are not the primary carer for their children. Tenants who need spare rooms because they have foster children, or are in between foster placements Tenants who have spare rooms because their properties have been adapted due to a disability, such as for wheelchair use.

9 Client Options? Really? Making up the shortfall from other income and benefits Move to alternative accommodation (exchange) Ask a friend or family member to move in Take in a lodger (with landlords permission) Find additional Income from employment The above options may affect Housing Benefit entitlement DHP- All awards are discretionary and will be considered on their own merits

10 BIG CHANGE TO NATURE OF SOCIAL HOUSING Anti planning regulations Change to providing for housing need Challenged and tested Recent case law, The Court of Appeal held that the size criteria (private rented sector) discriminated against the appellants on grounds of disability, severely disabled child, and whether it was appropriate for them to share a bedroom. The DWP have appealed this decision

11 Maybe not the biggest Discharge of statutory duty by using the private rented sector Affordable Rents Fixed term tenancies Questions for London Borough of Hackney and other Social landlords about the application of these policies and consideration given to not policies which don’t bring people into new situations which are unfair.

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