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Bridget Bartlett Deputy CEO, CIOB 12 November 2014.

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1 Bridget Bartlett Deputy CEO, CIOB 12 November 2014



4 So why, at the age 14 are children not aware and interested in a professional career in construction?

5 Construction Manager of the Year 2014 Winner Science Building, St Paul's School, Barnes

6 Twyman House, Camden, London NW1Trinity, Leeds Barnet Hospital ProjectPenarth Pier Pavilion, The Esplanade



9 *AS INDICATED IN THE STRATGIC HOUSING MARET AVAILABILITY ASSESSMENT (SHMAA) 2013 255,558 Worker requires on site to deliver 87,740 homes in the 2015 pipeline 304,288 Worker requires on site to deliver the annual target of 110,320 homes 48,730 Shortfall

10 Professional Services High demand for construction mangers and other construction professional and technical staff at 49,191 and 32,460 respectively in 2015* Demand for non-construction professional, technical,IT and other office based staff is 65,743 workers in 2015* *London Chamber Commerce

11 Why should pupils aspire to work in Construction? The construction industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with more than 300 individual trades connected with it. Anyone can get into the industry at any level by doing an apprenticeship or going to college. Once you’re qualified you can earn good money and do something you enjoy while leaving a physical legacy.


13 Route into Construction Management Studying at university is one pathway But its not the only pathway…… Advanced Apprenticeship L6 (QCF) Trailblazer in Construction Management With Chartered Professional Status included

14 Skills to succeed Construction is a people business and the management challenge is exceptional. It's one of the last places around where you can be totally in charge of your own destiny. Construction Managers need to be problem-solving leaders who can think logically and stay cool.

15 Expected Salaries ■ Architects ■ Construction Managers ■ Surveyors ■ BIM ■ Construction and Building Inspectors ■ Electricians ■ Plumbers, Pipe Fitters ■ Carpenters

16 Construction Job Roles Construction Manager – Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. Gain skills in time management, negotiation, decision making and problem solving. £65k Plus Project Manager – writes contracts, co-ordinates and manages the construction process, enjoy working in and outside, strong maths 4 year college degree, or Higher Level Apprenticeship approx £40-100K Site Manager – On site supervisor, the eyes and ears of the project and manages subcontractors, enjoy working outside, technical school, approx £35-55k

17 To help you understand the careers available and inspire the next generation of Young Construction Professionals….

18 CIOB joining forces Website: Website:

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