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Ashley Carter Robert Heide Abbey Jackson Greg Stocker.

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1 Ashley Carter Robert Heide Abbey Jackson Greg Stocker

2 This evaluation of the Anchorage School District explores the benefits of value based budgeting and its potential impact on the district’s budget process.

3  ASD in top 100 largest school district in country  Alaska largest tax collection per capita  Alaska smallest tax burden on residents per capita  ASD budget recently limited at 1.5% increase for inflation by MOA  Tax cap susceptibility






9  Most recent Bond elections April 2011 Prop 1 Failed, Renovation of Service High Prop 2 Failed, Building life extension district-wide Prop 3 Passed, Improve and expand Technical and Vocational Education programs  Since 2002 it has been a 50/50 split between pass/fail school bonds in MOA.

10  ASD faced $12 million budget shortfall  The federal Education Jobs Bill further reduced the gap by $7.6 million  Other cuts were made including: Elimination of elementary summer school Elimination of two assistant principals Reduction of library media aides  Increased fees to help reduce shortfall

11  ASD faced $26 million shortfall  Task force assembled to come up with solution  Larger class sizes  Higher fees  Long list of programs and personnel cuts

12  Community Schools cut  Seventh-period class in middle schools cut  54 less teaching positions  10 percent cut to department’s supply and equipment budget

13  Private schools help The number of people you need to service, the less money you have to spend Anchorage does not have a large private school contingency, unlike many other cities similar in size and public school budget  Across-the-board cuts Union representation makes it difficult, due to the long contract-approval process

14  Also known as performance budgeting or results oriented budgeting  Definition  History  Defensible v. Justifiable funding  Current economic climate and accountability

15  All students will graduate from high school prepared for postsecondary academic/vocational/career opportunities.  The achievement gap between racial, ethnic and economic groups in the highly diverse ASD will be eliminated through education that is accessible, culturally responsive, supportive of students and safe.  ASD will partner with parents and the community for greater educational success for our students.  ASD will manage effectively and efficiently all financial and human resources.  All ASD departments will support the mission of the District with good customer service, both internally and externally.

16  2011-2012 was first budget developed using value based budgeting strategies  Carol Comeau’s perspective  School board objectives  Community involvement  No Child Left Behind/Recovery Act

17  Key aspects of implementation  Decision Making: Governmental Accounting and Standards Board setting goals and objectives planning program activities to accomplish these goals allocating resources to these programs monitoring and evaluating the results modifying program plans to enhance performance”

18  There are many benefits to implementing Performance Based Budgeting: 1.Provides accountability to the public 2.Compares cost effectiveness between programs 3.Drives redesign of programs and improves understanding of crosscutting programs 4.Helps rationalize budget allocations 5.Helps align government (or other entity) spending with overall goals

19  Performance based budgeting is not a new concept  New York Experiment Outcome Popularity  CMSI group

20  Many K-12 schools and colleges across the country are very interested in this budgeting technique that has become very popular  States: New York Alaska New Hampshire Chicago, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin  Colleges

21  K-12  Colleges

22  ASD  Marie Laule

23  Thorough and consistent implementation in conjunction with other budgeting strategies Forward budgeting  Increase/maintain stakeholder participation and input  Two conditions necessary for successful performance based budgeting Integration of measures throughout the fundamental management process Commitment to make performance relevant in each phase of the budget cycle Program goals consistent with ASD mission/objectives

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