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Key issues in project reporting Jakub Rutkowski Project Annual meeting 9.02.2012, Hannover.

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1 Key issues in project reporting Jakub Rutkowski Project Annual meeting 9.02.2012, Hannover

2 Reports schedule in IQ project M0-M6 - 31st May 2011 - half year internal report 1 M7-M12 - 30th November 2011 - half year internal report 2 M19-M24 - 30th November 2012 - half year internal report 3 M25-M30 - 31st May 2013 - half year internal report 4 [M0-M18] 31st May 2012 – periodic report [M18-M36] 30th November 2013 - final report

3 Report types in IQ project Four internal reports -monitoring project progress and use of resources -correction in advances -organazing information recquired to external reports Periodic report- 31.05.2012 Final report-30.11.2013 project evaluation by EC

4 Periodic report- key elements overview of the project progress, including achievements and differences with respect to Annex I to the GA and publishable summary an explanation of the use of resources a financial statement from each partner together with a summary financial report

5 Annex I to the GA defines main issues of each partner’s activity objectives personel effort assigned to each WP in person months budget structure divided into WPs, costs catogories and beneficiaries catalogue of deliverables and milestones

6 Recording “Effort” and Time Commitments: Timesheets „If timesheets are not prepared and submitted in accordance with the EC regulations, then the personnel costs cannot be charged and the shortfall in salaries and overheads will need to be met from the partners own budgets” MUW collects summary timesheets as the part of internal reports for Project monitoring purposes Partners should retain their original personal timesheets the timesheet should include other non-InterQuality work as well as holiday and sickness

7 Format of the reports and transmission modalities IQ Consortium shall transmit the reports and other deliverables through the coordinator to the Commission by electronic means each periodic report shall be in the form of one single report in electronic format and include a copy of the signed Form C and the self declaration of the Coordinator form C must be signed by the authorised person(s) within the beneficiary’s organization and two originals shall be sent to the Commission publishable summary, shall be of a suitable quality to enable direct publication without any additional editing certificate on financial statement will not be required by any partner apart from MUW

8 Submission of the report report shall be transmitted through Research Participant Portal ge/home ge/home each partner should register in the portal, sent the official e-mail address to WUM and will be granted access to the IQ project

9 Publishable summary

10 Core of the report

11 Deliverables and milestones tables

12 Explanation of the use of the resources

13 Form C

14 EC approval of reports and deliverables the Comission shall evaluate reports and deliverables and disburse corresponding payments within 105 days after the reception of the report Comission may: -approve report and deliverables in whole, in part or make the approval subject to certain conditions -reject the documents, giving an appriopriate justification and if appriopriate start the procedure of termination of the Grant Agreement -suspend the time limit when report or deliverables has not been suplied or clarifications are recquired -suspend the payment if provisions of Grant Agreement has been infringed

15 WP 9 short work plan Task 9.1. Coordination of the consortium -improving project website (in cooperation with WP7) Task 9.2. Technical and administrative assistance to the Project Partners - assistance in preparation of periodic reports Task 9.4. Communication and meetings with the European Commission -claryfing eventual doubts and ensuring timely submission of periodic reports please let us know about your ideas and expectations!

16 References Grant Agreement No 261369. InterQuality. International Research on Quality in Healthcare Guidance Notes on Project Reporting Management Handbook. InterQuality: International Research on Quality in Healthcare Research participant portal ge/home ge/home

17 Thank you for your attention! InterQuality website:

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