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Greg Kats, Capital –E Greening Our Built World Greg Kats, Capital –E, May 2010.

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1 Greg Kats, Capital –E Greening Our Built World Greg Kats, Capital –E, May 2010

2 Greg Kats, Capital –E Study/Book Sponsors  American Council On Renewable Energy  American Institute of Architects  American Public Health Association  BOMA International  Enterprise Community Partners  Federation of American Scientists  National Association of State Energy Officials  National Association of Realtors  Real Estate Roundtable  US Green Building Council  World Green Building Council

3 Greg Kats, Capital –E Cost of Building Green

4 Greg Kats, Capital –E Green Building Cost Premium

5 Greg Kats, Capital –E Green Building Benefits: Increased Rent, Sales & Occupancy 1 st Quarter 2008 Non-LEED LEED Certified OfficesDifference% Change Occupancy rates88%92%4%5% Rent ($/SF)$31$42$1135% Property value ($/SF)$267$438$17164% 1 st Quarter 2008 Non-Energy starEnergy Star OfficesDifference% Change Occupancy Rates88%92%4%5% Rent ($/SF)$28$31$311% Sale Price ($/SF)$227$288$6127% Source: CoStar analysis, 2008

6 Greg Kats, Capital –E Costs and Benefits

7 Greg Kats, Capital –E

8 Comcast Building Liberty Property Trust

9 Greg Kats, Capital –E Greening Impacts: Three Sources of Brand Equity Increased brand awareness (e.g., free media exposure) Greater preference due to specific attributes (e.g., better IEQ) General non-attribute preference (e.g., association with quality, lower risk) Brand Impact of Greening

10 Greg Kats, Capital –E

11 Potential Value Of 20 Years Of CO2 Reductions in Green v. Conventional Buildings

12 Greg Kats, Capital –E Residential Load

13 Greg Kats, Capital –E 13 Rapid Cleantech Investment Increase Required Estimated Clean Energy Annual Investment to 2030, US$ Billions Total Global New Clean Energy Investment 68% Growth 5% Growth 59% Growth 58% Growth Source: IEA WEO 2008, New Energy Finance 4oc4oc 2.5 o c 2oc2oc ~x°c Equivalent increase in global temperature per scenario Shortfall is potentially in excess of $350 billion per year

14 Greg Kats, Capital –E Global Cleantech Investment Landscape

15 Greg Kats, Capital –E SageGlass ® EC SageGlass ® EC 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40 0.50 0.60 10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80% Visible Light Transmission Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Reflective Tinted Low-e2 Tinted Low-e2 Performance Comparison

16 Greg Kats, Capital –E FERC REPORT: Demand Response Potential source: FERC Assessment of Demand Response & Advanced Metering 2009 assumptions: smart meters, dynamic pricing default, enabling technologies

17 Greg Kats, Capital –E High Capacity Factor Ice Bear ® Distributed Energy Storage 6 hour on peak resource Insulates Utility Assets From Hot Weather Related Events Low Capacity Factor

18 Greg Kats, Capital –E CO2 Impact

19 Greg Kats, Capital –E Greening = Wealth and Jobs Creation

20 Greg Kats, Capital –E for additional data and downloads. Greening Our Built World is on Amazon (please write a 5 star review!!!) Thank you For more Information:

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