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The RTN New Skills 4 Green Jobs UK Workshop University of Exeter Monday July 9 th 2012.

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1 The RTN New Skills 4 Green Jobs UK Workshop University of Exeter Monday July 9 th 2012


3 Background

4 Supporting Research Working for a Green Britain - July 2011 “The UK Renewable Energy industry has the potential to generate tens of thousands of jobs over the next ten years” “A shortfall in skilled labour equivalent to 45,000 employees is a strong risk to this expansion” “The Renewables Training Network (RTN) will help up skill new entrants to the sector, helping to meet this shortfall”

5 Scale of the challenge

6 Research

7 Transition Points

8 What can RTN add? Where multiple courses exist we are reviewing these to define core content, and Quality Assuring to provide clearer training pathways Where no defined courses exist we will bring industry partners together to develop courses for wider delivery RTN will work to open up clear and consistent training paths aiding SME’s

9 Approach High Volume Courses to commence Giving Industry recognition Leading to more specific task focussed training

10 Projections Our position at the heart of the Renewables industry gives us unparalleled access to where the market is going, and where the challenges will be We exist to level the training landscape SEMTA (Sector Skills Council for Science Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies) states – “Over 80% of sector companies are micro- businesses employing 1-10 people. Companies of this size are vital to the supply chain but often lack the resources to plan, train and develop their workforce”.

11 Benefits Easing SME’s access to training packages Enabling communication between SME’s and Major Market participants A Highly skilled workforce ready to meet the challenges of Round 3

12 Funding RTN – A product of Indirect Funding Growth and Innovation Fund Facilitation of creation of capacity Funding to create a body to support the growth Assisting industry in taking a lead on resolving the skills gap

13 Raising Standards


15 Consequences of inaction Growth stifled by a skills gap Fragmented approach to training Higher costs Duplication of effort

16 The RTN will: Facilitate collaboration Provide clarity Ensure a robust Quality Assurance process Create pathways for transition Help drive down costs Add value

17 How Taking proactive approach to tackling a fragmented training landscape By researching what already exists By identifying gaps Assembling industry experts to come together for Course Development Workshops

18 Course Development Workshop Aims: Course content agreed by panel of industry experts To ensure that course is “fit for Purpose” for the industry To set a standard “foundation level” To provide clarity to industry around training

19 Course Development Process Identify course for development Identify industry representatives and training providers for inclusion in Workshop Hold Course Development Workshop Agree Course Content Take Course through Quality Assurance process Badge course as “RTN Approved” Course available on RTN Website Train the trainer Course available on Renewable Community Scheme

20 Quality Assurance Aim: To ensure that courses developed as part of the RTN process are developed to a high standard To ensure that trainers and providers delivering RTN courses are doing so at a certain standard To ensure that the “RTN Approved” brand represents consistency and quality

21 Help shape your industry Register your interest Communicate your needs Input into Course Development Workshops Participate and help shape your industry

22 Collaboration is key Proactive solutions to training needs A less confused, more efficient training landscape Sharing of best practice and building a community network

23 Renewables Training Network; from the industry, for the industry

24 Contact us Steve Green – Director Email: Mobile: 07805 428104 Patricia Knightley – Training Provider Lead Email: Mobile: 07972 923993 Kate McGoey – Employer Engagement Lead Email: Mobile: 07972 923996

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