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Hit the Ground Running: An Introduction to the Accounting Workplace JFK-102B3W18 JFK-103B1W18.

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1 Hit the Ground Running: An Introduction to the Accounting Workplace JFK-102B3W18 JFK-103B1W18

2 Introduction Preparation for the corporate work environment. Introduction to our expectations. Feel free to make mistakes! We plan to make your weak, lacking skills better and stronger.

3 Statement of the Problem Higher education is no replacement for experience. Essential skills: ▫ Communication ▫ Problem Solving ▫ Team-building ▫ Creativity Preparing you to work immediately with our most valuable clients.

4 The Overview Four seminars to develop each of these skills. Don’t be nervous but: The first three seminars will determine your placement in the company. The final seminar is a fun surprise! Remember: In the real world, there is no single correct answer!

5 Problem Solving Effective problem solving is your job. There is no written manual that documents solutions to every problem you will experience. The single most important factor in determining our success!

6 Problem Solving Tax day has just passed, and a client is audited. Divide into groups: ▫Carefully review the client’s file. ▫Two hour time limit. ▫Present a solution to the group.

7 Problem Solving Put the client first. Notify the client’s usual accountant. Recognize the accounting error. Promise to help the client through the audit.

8 Communication No one can do it alone. Good communication makes our corporation effective. You will always work with groups and time constraints.

9 Communication Divide into two groups. (A and B) ▫Within those groups, divide into pairs. Group A and B will have separate scenarios. ▫Three hours to develop solutions. Pairs from each group must find a pair from the other group. ▫One hour to exchange solutions Each pair must present the other pair’s solution.

10 Communication Group A: You are a top level manager. ▫Devise a quick solution to this quarter’s revenue shortfall Group B: You are a top level manager. ▫Develop a plan for our company’s growth.

11 Communication There is no single correct answer! Group A: A quick fix to the revenue shortfall Group B: A long term plan for growth Confidence in presenting your material is key! ▫Demonstrates you can communicate in small groups and as a presenter.

12 Desired Outcome There isn't a correct answer in this activity. We want our employees to be comfortable and not feel awkward while presenting a project. They should feel confident while in front an audience.

13 Team Building Requires team-work and participation. Don’t be afraid to talk to people around you. Communicate and find the best possible answer for a specific situation.

14 Team Building Scenario/Situation  The satisfaction of our customers isn't looking too good due to the way our service agents handle them.  Employees will have to create the best training program in 2 hrs.  They will be able to use a computer but will not have access to the internet.  When time is up workers will have to present there program.

15 Desired Outcome The employees ‘s performance during this activity will help us determine who gets along, this will help us choose future groups when we do a group activity. No one will be able to switch or change groups even if there are debates on solutions. We want all of our workers to get along with everyone.

16 Creativity This activity can be completed in a single 4hr session. Creativity is one of the most important requirements in a work place because its what separates companies apart. We want our employees to think “outside the box”, and have logical answers.

17 Situation/Scenario In groups of three, the group will have to protect an egg from a two story fall onto an empty parking lot. Your group will have to select a team leader and will only have access to limited supplies such as egg, cotton balls, popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Your group will have 1 hr to create a light device that will protect the egg. The employees will be evaluated on having the lightest device, creativity, and most protection for the egg.

18 Desired Outcome The winner of this activity will win a $50 visa card. This scenario will be outside an office but will still require you to think and have good ideas. We don’t want ordinary common answers for problems we have here, we want creative new answers that we’ve never heard before.

19 Wrap Up During the time you’re here in this program we hope that you have improved the skills that you lack. We hope we helped you here on your Problem Solving, Team Building, Communication, and Creativity Skills. Good luck:).

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