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ZPC – Power and Energy Projects

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1 ZPC – Power and Energy Projects
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2 Overview Electricity is a crucial input into the industry’s production cycle. Zimbabwe is plagued by a shortage of power. Reliable capacity is of the order of 1320 MW against a demand of about 2200 MW. There is need for investments to be made in order to increase the amount of reliable capacity. The increase in reliable capacity should be made available at a competitive price.

3 Current Electricity Industry Structure
Ministry of Energy and Power Development (MOEPD) Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) ZESA Holdings Rural Electrification Agency (REA) Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) POWERTEL ZESA Enterprises (ZENT)

4 Proposed Electricity Industry Structure
ZERA R E G U L A T I O N COMPACT MINISTRY OF ENERGY POLICY & PLANNING National Grid Services Company ZPC Licenses IPPs Bulk Supply Customers ZEDC Distributor 1 Distributor 2 Distributor N Retailer 1 Retailer 2 Retailer 3 Retailer N

5 Power Supply Balance: Jan – Aug, 2013

6 Daily Load Profile


8 Action Plans Coal – thermal power stations
Zimbabwe has vast energy sources at its disposal to increase the generation capacity. The increase in capacity has to be done at an affordable price. These include: Coal – thermal power stations Coal bed methane – thermal power stations Hydropower Solar energy

9 Power Generation Projects
DESCRIPTION COST (in USD millions) STATUS ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION PERIOD Kariba South Extension 2 x 150 MW generating units, adding to existing Kariba South Power Station.  400 Design review in progress in parallel with financial close processes. 40 months Hwange Expansion Construction of 2 x 300 MW generating units at Hwange. 1,300 Technical and Funding negotiations with CMEC. 42 months Gairezi Hydro-Power 2 x 15 MW generating units, on the Gairezi River. 105 Geotechnical investigations in progress. 30 months

10 Power Generation Projects
DESCRIPTION COST (in USD millions) STATUS ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION PERIOD Hwange Life Extension Investigations of the plant and implementation of the project. 500 Completed phase 1 of stage 1 ECORAM study. 5 years Deka Pipeline Upgrade Upgradation of the existing infrastructure and construction of a second pipeline. 28.6 Appointment of project consultant in tendering stage. 18 months Harare Repowering Boiler replacement with CFBC equipment. 85  Going through the tendering process for an EPC contractor. 24 months Munyati Repowering 90  Draft Request For Quotation stage.

11 Power Generation Projects
DESCRIPTION COST (in USD millions) STATUS ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION PERIOD Bulawayo Repowering  Boiler replacement with CFBC equipment. 90  Draft RFQ stage. 24 months Solar 3 x 100 MW (Gwanda, Plumtree, Munyati), 2 MW (Zvishavane). 400 Tendering for partner to develop 100 MW in progress. 9 months Coal Bed Methane  CBM gas fired power plant projects. 580  Application for special grants in progress. 36 months Batoka Gorge 4 x 200 MW generating units, along the Zambezi River. 2200  Bids for review of ESIA and Engineering feasibility studies. received, 6 years

12 Projects Supply / Demand Curve


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