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What Do You Need from Financial Planning Software?

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1 What Do You Need from Financial Planning Software?

2 FP Solutions  Four levels of planning power to meet the needs of any practice. Basic – Retirement planning & Sales concepts Basic – Retirement planning & Sales concepts Plus – Insurance needs analysis Plus – Insurance needs analysis Business Advanced – Cash flow Advanced – Cash flow

3 RRSP / RRIF Life Insurance Education Savings Pension and Annuities FP Solutions Basic Single Needs, Concepts and Retirement Planning T1 General Tax Financial Calculators Solve Functions Mutual Fund Import

4 FP Solutions Plus Goal Based Personal Financial Planning Retirement Capital Needs Survivor Capital Needs Estate Capital Needs Disability Capital Needs (DI, CI, LTC)

5 FP Solutions Advanced Cash Flow Based Personal Financial Planning Detailed Cash Flow Projections Detailed Net Worth Projections Change in Financial Position Planning Assistant Planning Strategies

6 FP Solutions Business Integrated Corporate Financial Planning Holding & Operating Companies Corporate Owned… –Life Insurance –Investments –Real Estate CDA & RDTOH Calculations

7 FP Solutions Top 10 1.T1 Tax Calculations 2.Fact Finder 3.Annual Review 4.FP Focus 5.Planning Assistant 6.Planning Strategies 7. Planning Concepts 8.Value of Advice 9.Customization 10. Software Support

8 General Income Tax and Benefit Guide #1 T1 Tax Calculations Highest standard in Industry Calculated based on CRA guidelines. No assumptions

9 #2 Fact Finder Fully integrated Easy to use Printable Email to client Saves time Financial Snapshot

10 Shows need for life insurance Shows retirement income excess or shortfall Displays current position

11 #3 Annual Review Tool Displays existing data Fully integrated Highlights changes Easy to use Saves time

12 Annual Review Tool Fast Easy Review Process

13 #4 FP Focus Executive summary Easy for clients to understand Flexibility to change graphs on the fly.

14 Sample Graph – FP Focus


16 #5 Planning Assistant 7 Step Wizard Guides thru Plan Process Tips on Planning Strategies Your Expert Guide

17 #6 Planning Strategies 20 Strategies covering common areas including: –Income Splitting –Retirement Strategies –Tax Planning –RRSP / RRIF –Investment Strategies –Pension / LIRA

18 #7 Planning Concepts Stand-Alone or Build into Plan Estate Multiplier Insured Annuity Retirement Leverage RRSP Strategies RRSP Leverage Income Comparison Debt Consolidation Terminal Return Tax Freedom Day Tax Funding Alternatives Investment Strategies Investment Leverage Lost Opportunity Cost

19 Shows impact taxes will have on estate Choose assets that need protection

20 Motivates better tax planning Shows tax liability payable on second death at life expectancy

21 #8 Value of Advice Validation of Plan Integrates fees into plan Shows Financial Plan as best investment clients can make & Return on Advice

22 Shows Value of Advice and Financial Planning

23 #9 Customization Custom Documents  Easy to use  Any Document  Any Graphs  Branding  Custom formulas Client Reports  Personalized  Fine tuned  Permanent record  Email

24 #10 Software Support FREE 1 800 263-4983 –8:00 AM to 8:00 PM –Live web classroom –Interactive tutorials –Knowledge base Workshops

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