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DON EEO and Diversity Management Briefing Presented to DON Labor-Management Partnership Group Laura Lawson Program Director, Office of EEO and Diversity.

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1 DON EEO and Diversity Management Briefing Presented to DON Labor-Management Partnership Group Laura Lawson Program Director, Office of EEO and Diversity Management 8 August 2013

2 2013 MD-715 Highlights Senior Leadership Commitment
Command leadership involvement in EEO programs Designated Champions supporting EEO/Diversity Initiatives DASN-led Executive Diversity Advisory Council Preparation for FY13 Transition to DON HR Service Delivery Model DON Barrier Removal Process DON People With Disabilities Program 4 Year Trend of increasing population of individuals with non-targeted disabilities Attitudinal Barrier Identified by 5 Commands Development of DON implementation plans ensure commands optimize resources & respond to changing mission requirements EEO service providers owned by respective commands, ensuring alignment and accountability Establishes aligned, forward leaning EEO program Developed/Deployed EEO/Diversity fast track training More Commands identified attitudinal barriers (Examples of statements/reactions confirming attitudinal issue include: Discomfort/concerns over how to interact with people with disabilities Perception that qualification standards must be lowered for people with disabilities Cost of providing reasonable accommodations and the ability to provide accommodations Comments that people with disabilities could not be hired into positions because of the type of work performed on ships and submarines

3 DOD Building Blocks of Diversity (Guiding Policy)
DON Diversity and Inclusion aligns to DOD Building Blocks of Diversity - Compliance is the foundation for a strong diversity program Ensures fairness Leads to inclusion Focuses on demographics

4 Progress to Date Drafted DON Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Plan
DON Executive Diversity Advisory Council Relatively Mature Diversity Programs at majority of Commands Diversity Specific Training Provided by 19 DON Commands MD-715 Report Linked to D&I Developed Strong Foundation through Command Barrier Analysis Training for EEO and Diversity Teams Results in accountability systems for measurable, sustainable change Many DON Commands have a history of Diversity Programs and training stretching back 10 years; The DON D&I Plan will formalize and align all DON programs EDAC was formed for the specific task of developing a diverse pipeline for Senior Leadership positions; Role of EDAC is being examined in consideration of requirement of a DON overarching D&I Council As I mentioned, many of DON’s Commands recognized the need for a formal Diversity program, usually in the beginning linked to recruitment. Those programs have grown and matured and are not engaged in very substantive barrier analysis related to issues of inclusion. I’ll speak to that again in a few moments….. For DON, the key has been the ability to link the MD-715 report to efforts underway to establish Diversity and Inclusion programs. Through the MD-715 we have provided Barrier Analysis Training across all Commands – training which targeted not only EEO practitioners but Diversity, Senior Leaders, Affinity Group members, anyone engaged in analyzing data or examining policies practices and procedures affecting EEO, Diversity or Inclusion

5 Demographics Continued Low Participation of Hispanic Males and Females and White Females Low Participation of People with Targeted Disabilities (PWTD) 2% goal Shortfall Multiple commands identify attitudinal barriers as causal factor

6 Diversity and Inclusion Highlights
Expansive Range of Diversity/Inclusion Training Collaborative partnerships between HR, EEO/Diversity, supervisors/managers and affinity group members Disability Awareness, Barrier Analysis, and Diversity for Supervisors and Managers most common forms of Diversity Training across DON Common Factors in Successful Command Career Development Programs: Rotational Assignments Opportunities advertised Command Wide Focus on Mentoring

7 Diversity and Inclusion Highlights (Continued)
Link D&I Strategic Plans to action plans of DON MD 715 Report Require Diversity, Inclusion, Hidden Bias training for recruiters Integrate D&I into supervisor and leadership development courses Provide cross cultural mentorship training for all mentors

8 NAVAIR and NAVSEA collaboration with robust Mentoring programs
Mentoring Models NAVAIR and NAVSEA collaboration with robust Mentoring programs Automated mentoring tools Leadership engagement & commitment high Programs include traditional mentoring, speed mentoring, distance mentoring, reverse mentoring and peer-to-peer mentoring NAVSEA requires all leaders to be mentors Competitive PACFLT Prospective Leadership Mentoring Program - only 8 new participants per year

9 Outstanding EEO/Diversity and Inclusion Models
NAVAIR Diversity and Inclusion Program In-depth barrier analysis; Strong diversity education curriculum; Creative approaches to instill diversity and inclusion as core values Diversity Council formed in 2010; 14 Senior Leaders; linked to 4 Affinity Teams with over 300 members; Founding Chair, VADM David Architzel, received lst DON Diversity and Inclusion Award NAVSEA Disabled Veterans/Wounded Warrior Program Outreach, education, training and hiring initiatives; Use of multiple recruitment vehicles; Exceeded FY disabled veteran hiring goal by 57; Received freeze waiver to hire wounded warriors and retain temporary Wounded Warriors

10 Questions/Comments

11 Back-up Slides

12 DON Demographics

13 DON Demographics Trends

14 Monthly Tracking of People With Disabilities Statistics

15 2012 Diversity Training Across Commands
Logic of Behavior, (Dr. Renee Yuengling) Cross-Cultural Communication Finding Your Future Workforce in STEM (Deborah Santiago) Windmills – Dr. Richard Pimentel WW Care Training – Dr. Heidi Kraft Barrier Analysis Training Cross Cultural Mentoring Inclusion and Hidden Bias, Dexter Brooks Practical Tools for Managing Diversity The Zombie in All of Us Generational Differences Alternative Dispute Resolution Professional Women’s Employee Networking Group Training – Crucial Conversations, Finding and Using Your Power, First Break All the Rules, How to Navigate in Uncertain Times, Social Graces to Reach High Places Mentoring Appreciating Differences Shattering Myths (Disabilities) Diversity Summit Recognize, Appreciate, and Value Employees Culturally Yours True Colors

16 Individuals with Targeted Disabilities*
Appropriated Fund Only EEOC Goal FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 2% minus FY12 DON Participation IWTD 2.0% 0.74% 0.72% 0.69% 1.31% Non-targeted Disabilities N/A 5.65% 5.71% 6.10% 6.49% *Includes Appropriated Fund workforce only

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