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Welcome to “Growing Leaders from Within” Presenters: Larry O’Toole, President, Gentle Giant Don Kemper, CEO, Healthwise Moderator: Diane Stoneman, Director.

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1 Welcome to “Growing Leaders from Within” Presenters: Larry O’Toole, President, Gentle Giant Don Kemper, CEO, Healthwise Moderator: Diane Stoneman, Director of Consulting & Training, Winning Workplaces © 2008 Winning Workplaces. May not be reproduced or distributed without expressed written permission of Winning Workplaces.

2 Founded in 2001 by co-owners of Fel-Pro, an auto manufacturer nationally recognized as a leader for progressive workplace practices Nonprofit committed to helping small/midsize organizations build healthy, innovative and productive work environments Triple bottom line: Business, People, Community

3 Winning Workplaces Online Best Practices Clearinghouse AnnualRecognitionProgram Consulting & Training Consulting & Training

4 In collaboration with The Wall Street Journal 2007 Winners profiled on 2007 TSW Report available @ 2008 webinar series featuring 2007 TSW winners 2008 Top Small Workplaces nomination process underway Upcoming October 14 & 15 conference Top Small Workplaces

5 2007 Winners 2007 Winners Alaska Wildland Adventures Barclay Water Management Corporate Ink Cowden Associates Inc. Exactech, Inc. FRCH Design Worldwide Gentle Giant Moving Co. Guerra DeBerry Coody Healthwise NRG Systems, Inc. Phelps County Bank Point B Solutions Group, LLP Reflexite Corporation Restek Corporation Summit Aviation

6 Growing Leaders From Within Today’s Agenda The story of two companies Programs and practices Impact on their business Lessons learned Questions from audience

7 Leadership Void "I am completely convinced that most organizations today lack the leadership they need. And the shortfall is often large. I'm not talking about a deficit of 10 percent, but of 200 percent, 400 percent or more, in positions up and down the hierarchy." What Leaders Really Do John P. Kotter

8 Strategic Imperative: Developing Front Line leadership Front line supervisors – not senior management – are the real opinion leaders in your organization. “Reaching and Changing Frontline Employees” TJ Larkin & Sandar Larkin HBR article, 1996

9 Featured Business Leaders Larry O’Toole, President Gentle Giant Moving Company Don Kemper, CEO Healthwise

10 Gentle Giant Moving Company Founded in 1980, officially incorporated in 1985 Full service moving & storage, Somerville, MA 246 employees Top Small Workplace Winner 2007 A Tale of Two Firms Healthwise Founded in 1975 Health information provider, Boise, ID 215 employees Top Small Workplace Winner 2007

11 Gentle Giant Moving Company 15 locations in 6 states Full service: residential, local, interstate, international, storage, supplies, restoration, senior service, etc. Redefine moving industry by creating “customers for life” through excellent service delivered by employees who are highly satisfied and motivated by growth potential and one another

12 Programs & Practices Overarching philosophy Focus on building open relationships & self-awareness among employees, fostering customer connections & loyalty Building relationships Formal Training Mgmt Practices (Annual Survey) Annual Manager/Staff Discussions Informal Interactions Company Culture and Traditions

13 Recruiting & Hiring Hire for cultural fit & aptitude, not experience New hires motivated, interested in self-improvement, thrive on solving problems & challenges, and exhibit similar core values “Giant HEART” core attributes Focus on cultural fit: GG has cohesive & diverse population Giant HEART Attributes Honesty Honesty Enthusiasm Enthusiasm Above & Beyond Above & Beyond Respect Respect Teamwork Teamwork

14 Training & Development Gentle Giant as creator of leaders and place to achieve personal growth Mgmt / leadership training focus on communication: giving and receiving feedback, active listening, self awareness, having difficult conversations, and leading teams Training on core moving skills regimented and structured, 40 training sessions guide development from Entry Level Mover - Master Crew Chief Comprehensive employee development: formal programs + informal practices + company traditions

15 Training & Development Formal Training 101 orientation (history, culture, values, customer expectations) “Stadium Run” tests endurance and approach to challenges in new hires “40 modules” shares fundamental challenges encountered on a move Monthly professional training delivered to 70% of our staff Personal coaching Informal Practices & Other Initiatives ‘Management by walking around’ Daily lunch with staff Company sponsored after-work gatherings at local pubs Involvement in the Boston Marathon, rowing competitions, softball leagues, etc Giant Steps – Structured feedback from employees to their manager Annual Employee Survey Communication Practices – Monthly Management Update & internal newsletter

16 Decision Making Business choices depend on what creates greatest opportunity Explore opportunities that motivate employee & lead to growth potential Strategy not entirely dependent upon external factors or market forces Success defined in support of mission & degree of enhancement to employee experience, not just profit Day-to-day decisions pushed down Each employee represents the whole Staff encouraged to solve problems Everyone accountable for creating customers for life

17 Evidence of Success 80% of business generated through repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals Employee retention rate highest in industry Due to development opportunities, strong culture, track record of success & recognition awards

18 Evidence of Success Evidence of Success Business growth 10% to 20% avg. annual; almost $30 million through 15 locations across all services 10 years ago - roughly 125 staff during busiest days of year; now have 400 Larry O’Toole accepts his 2007 Top Small Workplace Award at our conference in October 2007

19 Growth Challenges Maintaining company culture Hiring energized, enthusiastic staff Ensure staff feel they are an important part of something special Maintaining quality Communicating effectively to offices Brand awareness in new markets Cost effective standards & processes for opening new locations Ensure as much fun in next 10 years as had in past 10

20 Tips & Lessons Learned Walk the talk – Customer service and hard work define us. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and go to extremes to resolve unhappy customer situations. Protect Core Values – The Giant HEART represents non-negotiable values and behaviors in workplace. Set clear expectations of how you expect staff to behave and treat one another. We nurture our core values, not impose them. Praise Accountability – Praise those who admit mistakes and own problems. Building open and accountable culture inspires great relationships and results.

21 Tips & Lessons Learned Work on Relationships – Identify and resolve any problematic interpersonal relationships among staff vs. letting issues fester Reward Initiative – We pay well. Raises given after someone takes on greater responsibilities. Shows they can do the job and want to do the work. Ensures people motivated by right priorities.

22 Not-for-profit Founded: 1975 Healthwise Mission: Help people make better health decisions Because of Healthwise, people will: Do more for themselves Ask for the health care they need Say no to the health care they don’t need Growing Leaders from within: Lead from every position Lead in the Healthwise Way.

23 The Healthwise Way 15 competencies that make us special





28 Servant Leadership is a practical philosophy for people who choose to serve first, and then lead The Servant Leader Serve the team Resources they need Authority they need Recognition they need Grow the team Coaching Mentoring Training As opposed to commanding the team

29 Serving and Leading Your Teams

30 Three Types of Innovation Continuous Improvement Sharpen the Saw Quantum Jump Improvements Buy a Power Saw Paradigm Shift Improvements The Laser Saw

31 Culture and Stories The Healthwise Culture Respect Teamwork Do-the-Right Thing These are only words until you have the stories to back them up

32 Questions???

33 Upcoming 2008 Webinars Featuring 2007 Top Small Workplace Leaders April 23 Developing a Fantastic Customer Service Culture In partnership with SJF Advisory Services Mike Faith, CEO,, San Francisco, CA Mark Wilson, CEO, Ryla Teleservices, Kennesaw, GA May 21 Building an Ownership Mentality Among Employees Mike Foley, CEO, Reflexite Corporation, Avon, CT Bill Marshall, CEO, Phelps County Bank, Rolla, MO June 25 Designing Strategy from the Bottom Up Amy Bermar President, Corporate Ink, Newton, MA Bill Petty, CEO, Exactech, Gainesville, FL

34 Thank You

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