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Status and Schedule M. Della Negra US CMS Collaboration Meeting Florida State University, 11 May 2002 Civil Engineering and Magnet Updates on sub-detectors.

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1 Status and Schedule M. Della Negra US CMS Collaboration Meeting Florida State University, 11 May 2002 Civil Engineering and Magnet Updates on sub-detectors status Finances Schedule and Milestones

2 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20022 UXC Experimental Cavern UXC55 More than 50% complete UXC55 ready July 04

3 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20023 USC Service Cavern USC55 More than 50% complete USC55 ready March 04

4 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20024 Swiveling Platform Swiveling Platform (Korea) Assembly finished at Pt. 5

5 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20025 Swiveling test in 2002 A counterweight will be installed to simulate the equivalent weight and momentum due to the cantilevered 250 t of the Cold Mass

6 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20026 Status of Conductor Each length is 2650m long

7 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20027 Winding Prototype Full diameter 6m 1/4 length ~0.6m 4 layers winding using spare length of 2.65km – progressing well

8 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20028 CB-2 mandrel ready Coil is made of 5 submodules CB-2, CB-1, CB0, CB+1, CB+2 Mandrel for CB-2 is finished ~6 months late – problem with supply of special elements in high strength alloy for mandrels, plates and flanges. CB-2 completed end 02 CB+2 completed end 03

9 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May20029 Compressors for Cryogenics at point 5

10 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200210 Tracker Outer Barrel Module with ST sensors 50% of Si Strip Tracker budget committed Si modules from the Milestone 200 produced in different production centers Start of Si module production shifted from June 2002 to Nov. 2002 due to hybrid optimization (safer design and cost). Hybrid APV

11 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200211 First 4 received, flex cable ok !!! 20 + 20 ordered, delivery ½ May All mechanical test up to now are ok Specifications ready by 25/5 Going to tender asap Production Hybrids

12 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200212 Outer barrel rod fully equipped for system test First small sub-system (outer barrel ‘rod’) equipped with modules

13 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200213 Beam Pipe EDR and Pixel installation EDR went well and pixel installation was proven to be compatible with our expectations.

14 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200214 Crystals and Photodetectors All 138 ovens at BTCP modified to grow large boules Offers in hand for endcap xtals Expected rate of 5000 APDs/month reached. 25k out of 130k APDs delivered APDs VPTs First 500 production VPTs delivered

15 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200215 ECAL: Mechanics Module assembly Endcap ‘Supercrystal’ Assembly of modules for first supermodule (SM1) started in CERN and Rome. EE EDR mid-2002

16 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200216 Supermodule Assembly Assemble a few ‘bare’ SMs in 2002

17 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200217 ECAL Electronics CMS and LHCC Reviews in 2001 revealed major cost overruns in electronics Last RRB: Double speed of optical links – half cost of links – BUT insufficient Action - Mar 02: Alter electronics architecture to contain costs – generate L1 trigger primitive (  25 xtals) on-detector rather than off-detector – reduce links and off detector electronics by factor ~ 10. FPPA: Final submission May02 Electronics team reorganised, synergy between ECAL, Tracker & Preshower electronics 91000 Data and Control Links 800 Off-detector Trig/DAQ Boards 12000 Data and Control Links 120 Off-detector Trig/DAQ Boards TDRTP

18 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200218 ECAL Planning Goal: Apr 07 - ECAL complete and commissioned Advance the detailed test (also system test) of 1 st SM to mid-2003 (final analog electronics + emulated FPGA digital part) EB electronics mounted in 2004/2005 – calibrate at least 9 SMs in 2004 EE and SE mounted in 2005/2006, calibrate 1 Dee in 2006 Electronics Schedule

19 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200219 Evolution of CMS Data Acquisition New modular design of Event Builder - Break into a number of functionally identical, parallel, smaller DAQ systems A 64x64 system is feasible today Submit DAQ TDR end-02

20 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200220 High Level Trigger Lvl-1 trigger in construction phase now HLT running in processor farm – immense amount of data generated – exercising remote sites Detailed analysis leads to ms/event (on a “PIII @ 700 MHz box”) Maximum flexibility: full event data available; using offline software (very important to understand HLT performance) In terms of “2007” CPU units, this is 3*1.5 years away. CPU needs should be within reach A 50kHz system at startup will need ~ 2500 CPU’s N(CPU) = (0.4 sec x 50000 sec -1 )/(2*2*2)= 20000/8 = 2500 At (staged) startup: 50kHz @ Lvl-1 and 80Hz to storage Discovery physics “safe”. SM physics: ~ resource-driven High luminosity: in DAQ TDR at end-2002 CPU time/evtL1-rateMoore’s law

21 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200221 Construction: Commitment Profile By end of 2002 ~70% of the available funds will have been committed. 62.7 MCHF of additional funds need to be committed soon in order to have a complete initial low luminosity detector in 2007. Apr 02 RRB

22 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200222 ~20 MCHF Staging/Savings ? After RRB13 the Director of Research requested CMS to prepare plans for the case where 20 MCHF of the shortfall is not covered (with respect to the RRB13 shortfall of 67.9 MCHF) BUT with the hope of getting it later. Staging/Saving already applied for 1 st Physics Run ~5 MCHF HCAL:Reduce no. of longitudinal samplings2.0 MCHF ME1/1a:Reduce no. of electronics channels 1.5 MCHF ME4/1:re-stage electronics1.5 MCHF Additional Staging Considered for 1 st Physics Run ~8.5 MCHF TRIDAS:Start with 50% of DAQ Capacity8.0 MCHF Infrastructure:SCX Cooling and Ventilation Plant 0.5 MCHF Additional Saving Under Technical Evaluation ~5 MCHF LV Supplies:Use 400Hz, 400V system5.0 MCHF Decision in June 2002. TOTAL Staging/Savings ~ 18.5 MCHF

23 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200223 Additional Collaborators SerbiaCorner Pieces Magnetapproved in Mar CMS Week 400 kCHF protocol agreement Milan, INFNECALapproved in Mar CMS Week Naples, INFNRPCsapproved in Mar CMS Week BrazilYE4+ farmYE4 funded (500 kCHF), application in 2002 IrelandECAL electr.?, farmVisited CERN 18-19 Feb Expect application in mid-02 MexicoSilicon TrackerExpect application soon NZfarm+PixelsApplic. received, Pres. in June Visit at CERN S. Thompson ThailandME electronics boardsin progress US-NP (HI)TriDAS, farmSuccessful workshop in MIT 8.02 Proposal submitted to DoE March 15 0.9 MCHF already in Financial Plan.

24 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200224 High Luminosity Upgrades 10. Items (upgrades) for high luminosity~ 19 MCHF 10.1ME4/2 mechanics and electronics 9.2 10.2ME4/1 electronics1.5 10.3 ME4/1 assembly in PNPI0.5 10.4 Restore ME1/1a electronics1.5 10.5Neutron Shielding (extra)1.0 10.63rd Forward Pixel Layer~2.5 10.75th endcap RPC layer~2.0 10.8Extra Installation Costs~1.0 The decision to build many of these items will only be taken after inspection of the first physics data. This upgrade cost comes on top of the 62.7 MCHF shortfall. A plan for the funding of the upgrade will have to be worked out in due time. Basic ingredients are new collaborators or upgrade plans by funding agencies willing to upgrade items in which they have been working on.

25 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200225 April RRB (RRB14) Outcome M&O MoU accepted, proceed with signatures M&O cat A 2002 Budget accepted (1 MCHF with sharing according to nb of PhDs). No request for in kind contributions in 2002. M&O Cat B: Must work out a way to share costs (by Oct RRB) C&I costs accepted (positive report by scrutiny group). C&I profile peaks in 2003. Cash flow? 50% of C&I is manpower. CMS Financial Plan well received. Expect ~ 54 MCHF additional funds for a shortfall of 62.7 MCHF. Next step - Reach an agreement with Agencies by end June 02 on likely availability of funds (firm, less firm promisies), amounts and time profiles. Then prepare Financial Plan for Oct RRB (also discuss during LHCC CMS CR in Oct02)

26 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200226 Expectations for additional funding at RRB14 Austria 600.600. Belgium 870.300. Brazil500.500. Bulgaria 106. CERN13500.13500. China 700.700. Croatia 49. 49. Cyprus 106. Estonia 16. Finland 870.870. France CEA 1000.660. France IN2P34000.2000. Germany 2703.2703. Greece 880. Hungary 58. India 774.300. Iran500.500. Italy 12900.12900 req. Korea 458. Pakistan 428. Poland 528. Portugal 352.352. RDMS2250. 2250. Serbia 400.400. Spain 1350.1350. Switzerland Taipei 410. Turkey 58. UK 1530.1530. USA15000.12800. TOTAL 62896.54264. GuidelineExpect

27 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200227 V33 Draft Schedule: Extended Surface Phase Objectives: channel test of HV/LV burn-in of electronics flushing gas readout test of  10% of subdet (MB,ME, RB etc) vertical slice tests with test-beam DAQ & prototype final DAQ Additional costs part of C & I

28 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200228 v33 Draft Schedule A new planning v33 is in preparation for the next LHCC comprehensive review. Objective: Complete CMS (except pixels and ME4) for 1 April 2007 UX and US area ready (+12 months shift, now firm date)Jul 04. Install floor plates and shielding in UX areaNov 04- Apr 05 Magnet test on surface (+9 months shift) Jan 05- Apr 05 Start lowering CMS May 05 ECAL Barrel (EB) ready for installation (+ 4 months)Jul 05 Start EB installation + cabling (3 months float) Nov 05 Tracker ready for installationOct 05 Start Tracker installation + cabling (3 months float) Feb 06 EE+ (ECAL endcap positive z-side) calibration in SPS beam Apr 06- Sep 06 Start EE+ installation Nov 06 Start EE- installation Jan 07 CMS closed ready Apr 07

29 M. Della Negra/CMS Status/USCMS-11 May200229 Conclusion Magnet: Yoke finished. Conductor and winding well advanced. 1st coil delivered end 02 with 6 months delay. Not critical: HCAL, Endcap Muons : construction on schedule and well advanced. Problems are being encountered but are also being overcome. To watch Production rate of DTs and RPCs – need to watch production rate Start of mass assembly of Si modules (Q4 2002) ECAL: Redesign of electronics chain. Very tight schedule. Draft v33 CMS Schedule Magnet test on surface Jan 05- Apr 05. Start lowering detector in May 05. CMS closed ready for 1’st beam 1st April 07. CMS construction is proceeding at speed. A low luminosity detector can be ready for physics in 2007. The low luminosity detector is the complete CMS detector, except the 4th forward muon station (ME4) and the 3rd forward pixel layer.

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