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Student Housing in Tower Hamlets Manmohan Dayal L.B.Tower Hamlets 30 th June 2008.

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1 Student Housing in Tower Hamlets Manmohan Dayal L.B.Tower Hamlets 30 th June 2008

2 Student Housing-Policies National –The Future of Higher Education, 2003 Increase number of students in HE to 50% by 2010 –PPS 3: Housing, 2006 Identify accommodation requirements of the population Regional –Draft London Housing Strategy Housing of all tenures for multiple needs of population Opportunity of choice and mobility Counts towards overall housing provision Not considered for Social Housing –Consolidated London Plan, 2008 Adds to overall provision No obligation for social housing –London Plan SPG: Housing Temporary Not considered as social housing

3 Student Housing – Local Plan UDP, 1996 –Encourage housing for residents with special needs & students in certain locations –No loss of permanent housing Interim Guidance: Core Strategy, 2006 –Preferred locations in QMUL campus & near LMU –Not a preferred housing use –Makes no contribution towards meeting housing need –Supports family homes –Supports retention of HMOs

4 Opportunities Uncertain times; steady market Higher rental increases for pvt halls & HMOs –5%-7% p.a. vs 2% in pvt housing sector Exempt from obligations for social housing Tax benefits Permitted on Sui generis uses Increased paying capacity of students- –Loans –International students

5 Demand:2007/08 Core demand:1st yrs + Foreign students=25% of FTS London 251K FT students; Core demand of 60K Increase in Foreign students by 9% p.a. Increase in FT students by 3% p.a. Tower Hamlets 21K FT students; Core demand of 5K Demand from QMUL, LMU + univs in other areas

6 Existing Supply Borough Bed spacesF.T. StudentsCore demand Newham118010,7812,700 City113226,645 (10.61%)6,660 Tower Hamlets3635 (70% of CD) 20,785 (8%)5,200 Total for NE5967 (41% of C.D) 58,211(23%)14,550 Total for North8316 (27%)124,139 (50%)31,000 All London48,279 (77% of C.D) 251,03562,758

7 Supply: London: Supply of 48k bed spaces; shortfall of 12K Sub-Regional:5147+ 2000 (in pipeline); shortfall of 7k Tower Hamlets Supply 3635 bed spaces + 2000 approved/under construction; shortfall is nil Increase in SH by 150% in 5 years (2312 to 3635 bs) Increase in en-suite rooms by >50% p.a. Trend towards studio apts: £150-200/ week; or 56% of FT students staying in all student HHs

8 Location: Tower Hamlets

9 Student Housing: Locations Type of sites Warehouse/ storage (B8) Light industrial (B1) Car parks Service Yards Locations Close to Railway lines With vehicular constraints Lower amenity value: Industrial area

10 Issues for Tower Hamlets Spill over of demand from North into NE –Higher land values –Less profitable in North unless Higher end (studio) student accommodation Higher rentals, smaller tenures Studentification of areas Loss of family homes No net increase in housing capacity Affordability of student accommodation

11 Recommendations: Policy Major role for Pvt providers –Agreements between Providers & HEIs Collaborative programme with boroughs Sustainable Locations: –Within close proximity of HEIs (1 mile radius) –Good transport Links –Safe locations Affordability: –length of tenancy –affordable rooms for students from Low income Hhs –(BUT HOW- Conditions???) Conversion to HMOs

12 Recommendations: Design Provide quality development: open spaces etc Accommodation mix of studio & en-suite Cycle parking, service parking No loss of amenity of existing residents Standards for room sizes

13 Finally…… Thank you Any Questions?

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