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FPS Community Budget Forum Fowler High School Library January 5, 2010 7:00 p.m.

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1 FPS Community Budget Forum Fowler High School Library January 5, 2010 7:00 p.m.

2 Budget Development Roles Staff, Parents, and Students: Provide ideas, suggestions and considerations that help establish district priorities. Superintendent: Creates final budget recommendations for the board with consideration of input from stakeholders. School Board: Adopts a budget for each year and amendments based on the superintendent’s recommendations.

3 Baseline: Summer 2009 Proposed Budget: $4,300,000 Audited Fund Balance: $481,000 (10.15%) Foundation: $7,425 per student. Contracts yet to be negotiated. No state budget in place. 86% of budget is in compensation.

4 2009 – 2010 Started at $7,425 per student $165 per student reduction in budget passed in October $127 per student proration ordered by governor in October, rescinded today! Total $165 reduction per student 537 Students x $165 = $89,000 deficit from adopted budget for 2009-2010 if no late year proration Currently at $7,260 per student

5 2010 - 2011 Starting at $7,260 per student. $282 provided by stimulus $ no longer available. ($151,000 in 2009-2010) $215 estimated continued shortfall in state revenues to support schools per S.F.A. (Similar to $165 this year) Total $497 reduction per student. 537 Students x $497 = $267,000 deficit from adopted budget 2009-2010 EOY.

6 2010 – 2011 (continued) $267,000 state shortfall. (previous page) New Foundation $6,763 per student. $60,000 estimated additional expenses for 2010-2011 related to steps, longevity, retirement, and inflationary increases in supplies and services. (not benefits). $327,000 deficit in 2010-2011 budget

7 2011 – 2012 & into the Future $6,763 per student ?? Assumes state revenues stabilize ?? 2 year budget reduction of $416,000 ($89,000 + $327,000) Slightly under fund balance of $481,000 Operating Budget falls from $4,300,000 to $3,884,000 Must recalibrate expenses to match revenues

8 FPS Options 1. Similar compensation at lower level of staffing 2. Same level of staffing at less total compensation. 3. Some combination of options 1 and 2

9 Quantifying the Adjustment State funding shortfall over 2 years of $416,000 = Almost the total compensation for superintendent/ HS principal, Elm/MS principal, business office staff, and transportation/ maintenance supervisor. Total compensation for nearly every support staff position. Total compensation for approximately 5+ teaching positions.

10 Fund Equity – Buying Time Working fund balance of 10%+ in August. Just slightly over the 2 year anticipated shortfall of $416,000. Potential to spend it down over 3 years: 2009-20108-9% final 2010-20113-5% final 2011-20121-3% final Must be accompanied by reductions in expenditures that total $416,000.

11 Our Challenge: Educate our students, just as well or better, at less cost and likely with fewer staff.

12 Do Better than the Legislature Must do better than just cut, cut, cut. Must recalibrate, rethink, and redesign. We still have $3,884,000 with which to successfully educate 537 students. Option is not New Idea vs what we do now. Option is New Idea vs other New Ideas.

13 2009-2010 Budget Adjustments Freeze teaching supplies, office supplies, equipment, textbooks, and some maintenance budgets Athletic cost/revenue adjustment Reduce non-Title I aide time up to 6 hours/day Eliminate and AM bus run ?? Total savings $30,000 - $35,000 Expend 1% – 2% of fund equity

14 Time Line: 2010-2011 Budget Dec-MaySeries of staff budget meetings. Dec-MayBoard/committee meetings. Dec-MarStaff, Parent, Community, and Student surveys. Apr 1Preliminary staffing plan. Apr-MayContinued meetings, surveys, etc. June 7Supt recommendation presented at required budget hearing. June 14Board adopts 2010-2011 budget at June meeting. ??Negotiations

15 Key Dates for State of Michigan Jan 11Annual winter revenue estimating conference Feb 3Governor presents proposed budget for 2010-2011 MayAnnual spring revenue estimating conference June ?Budget adopted for 2010-2011 AugustPrimaries Nov.Elections

16 Troubling Reality – Fewer Staff Status quo is impossible. Must change and redesign services to our students including instruction. Can’t reduce supplies, fuel, electricity, heat, maintenance, equipment, insurance, etc. by 80-100%. (10-14% of budget) Redesign must include reduced need for staffing and other costs.

17 Everything on the Table Increase Revenue Administrative staffing Support staffing Extra-curricular staffing Teaching staffing Consolidation of Districts Consolidation of Services (internal/external) Contracting of Services Reducing other operating costs

18 No Silver Bullets (Local or State) District Consolidation Health Insurance Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities Transportation Administration Another Stimulus Package (or RTTT) Energy Savings Special Education, Technology, PD, Voc Ed, and Sinking Fund expenditures

19 Solution for FPS Hinges on our Collective: Knowledge Creativity Teamwork Flexibility Open Mindedness Courage

20 Gathering Your Input Revenue ideas Non-staffing related ideas Staffing related ideas Redesign ideas ◦ Elementary ◦ Middle School ◦ High School ◦ Non-Instructional Operations

21 Next Steps: Gather ideas and suggestions from this meeting. Conduct a community survey starting next week. Watch for details in the Eagle Flyer and on our district website at Share emerging ideas and suggestions via the website and email. Conduct future forums and surveys.

22 Contact Information: Neil Hufnagel Superintendent/HS Principal Email: School: 989-593-2250 Cell: 989-640-3231 Home: 989-593-3329 School Website:

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