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4/15/2017 Operationally Responsive Space Briefing to Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee 21 May 2009 Dr. Peter Wegner Director, ORS Office APPROPRIATE CLASSIFICATION MARKINGS

2 Operationally Responsive Space: Four Reasons, One ORS, One Mission
Space Protection, robust space capabilities GWOT: capacity and revisit vs. exquisite Budget pressures, new business model Technology advancing military utility of small sats Four Reasons $ Operationally Responsive Space One ORS One Mission ASSURED SPACE POWER FOCUSED ON TIMELY SATISFACTION OF JFCs’ NEEDS

3 ORS Mission Essential Tasks
Respond to JFC Needs from USSTRATCOM Simultaneous submission to JUONS process required to obtain funding Develop End-to-End enablers for USSTRATCOM’s 2015 CONOPS CDL MIST WALLOPS / Minotaur I VMOC MMSOC Minotaur Family of LV’s Rapid Assembly and Test Plug ‘n Play Tactical TPED Kodiak Launch Complex Falcon I RAPTOR Responsive Busses/Payloads Manufacturing Responsive Launch Responsive Range Responsive C2 / TPED Vandenberg AFB Cape Super Strypi Kwajalein 3

4 CDR USSTRACOM Desired 2015 End-State
ORS Needs ORS Approaches Warfighting Effects Gaps / Needs Identified and Prioritized by USSTRATCOM Tier 1 “Employ it” On-demand with existing assets Minutes to hours Tier 2 “Launch/deploy it” On-call with ready-to-field assets Days to weeks Tier 3 “Develop it” Rapid transition from development to delivery of new or modified capabilities Months (not years) Reconstitute lost capabilities Augment/Surge existing capabilities Fill Unanticipated Gaps in capabilities Exploit new technical/ operational innovations Respond to unforeseen or episodic events Enhance survivability and deterrence

5 Operationalizing the ORS 2015 Blueprint
JFC Needs US STRATCOM ORS Playbook Tier 1 Capability Shortfall Tier 1 Solutions Services Tier 2 ORS “Common Utilities” Mission Design Tool Rapid Response Space Center Govt s/w Library ISR Mission Kit Comm Mission Kit Tier 2/3 Solutions Rapid Transport to Launch Range Space Protection Mission Kit New Capabilities S&T Infusion Rapid Integration & Launch Tactical Tasking & Downlink Tier 3 Tier 2 Capability Shortfall ORS Office Enabler Spirals Innovation Cell 5

6 Analogy for ORS Tier-2 Operating Concept
Recon Wing Capability for Space Responsive Platforms Satellite buses Plug-n-play satellite payloads Launch Vehicles Rapid Build-Up/Turn Times JFC Call-Up Operation, not acquisition Air Tasking Order Responsiveness Sustained high ops tempo On-Demand Launchers Responsive Payloads Responsive Buses Payload Flexibility Telescopes, comm pkgs, Mini-SAR RF ID, PAN/MSI/HSI backplane Bus Flexibility/Compatibility Plug n Play, standard interfaces Modularity Responsive Infrastructure Scalable, Responsive Lift Responsive Range & Network Responsive Sat Ops Responsive, Tailorable C2 & TPED ORS Office Architect & Demonstrate Services Procure, Field, Operate, Sustain 6

7 Data Processing and Distribution
UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Translating the U-2 model to ORS Essential FY15 Endstate Elements Data Processing and Distribution Airbases Aircraft Platform and Sensor Bay Mission Kits Mission Kits ATC Mission Planning Wing Maintenance 7 7

8 “Joint Task Force – ORS”
TT&C AFSCN Mission Data Libraries CDL JTF-ORS: A task-organized space expeditionary force delivering assured space power focused on timely satisfaction of Joint Force Commanders’ needs Responsive Ranges Modular RF Payloads SAR, Comm, Tac E/W Modular EO Payloads PAN, HSI, IR, Missile Warning, SSA Multi-Mission SOC Pre-Fabricated Bus Structures/PnP Backplanes Rapid Response Space Facility (Mission Planning, SE, AI&T, Logistics) Mission Design Tool 8

9 TacSat 1-5: Tech Maturation and Operational Experimentation
TacSat-1/1A Maritime Domain Awareness: automatic identification system (AIS) Low res imagery Encrypted links SIPRNET Networking Cross-Platform Experimentation Working with NRL on plans Launch TBD TacSat-2 Medium Res. Imagery SEI/AIS Introduce Space-Ground common data link for Tactical Comms Early Rapid Launch & Checkout Procedures Increased Autonomy Experimentation Single-pass TPED Mission Complete Launched Dec TacSat-3 Land-Focused Hyperspectral Payload 1st Implementation of Selected Bus Standards Secondary Data-exfiltration (data-X) Payload Continue Process Dev. for Rapid Launch & Check-Out Ops. Launched 8 May 2009 TacSat-4 Comm-on-the-move/blue force tracking/data-X/Ship Tracking Test Long Dwell tailored Orbits (highly inclined, elliptical) 1st System-Level Standardized Bus Space Qualify High Assurance Internet Encryption Launch 1 Sep 2009 TacSat-5 Next-generation plug-and-play bus development by AFRL with industry Mission payload TBD Launch Mid FY 12

ORS International Collaboration Strategy Notional Strategy: In coordination, not fully vetted within the Department APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE Goal: Harness capabilities of coalition space assets and enable coalition participation in ORS constellations Establish agreement for international participation 3. Coalition Partners – procure or reproduce additional copies 4. Coalition Partners – enter into data sharing and tasking agreements 2. Develop ORS satellites & broker coalition strategy Partners Can Buy The Capability of a Constellation….For The Price of a Single Satellite

Opportunities and Challenges! ORS is… Focused on developing enabling capabilities for operational reconstitution and augmentation Creating an operational capability with service partners Creating a strategy for international collaboration Transforming the space enterprise Challenges… Very short launch timelines – days for notification Launch range safety processes – clearing, public safety, etc… This statement is posted on the white house web site ( Space: The full spectrum of U.S. military capabilities depends on our space systems. To maintain our technological edge and protect assets in this domain, we will cooperate continue to invest in next-generation capabilities such as operationally responsive space and global positioning systems. We will cooperate with our allies and the private sector to identify and protect against intentional and unintentional threats to U.S. and allied space capabilities.


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