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Update on HHS IT Meet and Greet Sessions

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1 Update on HHS IT Meet and Greet Sessions with HHS SCIO and IT Leadership Team July 19th- 23rd 2010

2 Agenda Items 1 2 3 Update FY11 – Quarter 1 IT Objectives – 20 Min
Response to submitted Questions – 10 Min 3 Questions and Answers – 15 Min 2

3 FY11 Q1 Objectives Address FY11 budget shortfall immediately
Confirm our plans for Desktop, Network, Help Desk and Call Center consolidation Complete Wave 1 transition plans Kick off the HHS IT governance process Confirm and Implement HHS IT Organization

4 Address FY11 Budget Shortfall Immediately
Secretary’s July 15th Memo underscores the seriousness of the situation. IT Admin accounts are facing a $11M shortfall. Addressing this gap has been our number 1 priority. We are exploring all methods available to minimize impact to jobs Solution Set includes Consolidation for savings Reduction in usage and services Reduction in contracted personnel and Solution Providers Voluntary HR initiatives, and Capital funding opportunities Our timeline to solve this is as soon as possible within Q1

5 Confirm our Plans for Desktop, Help Desk and Call Center Consolidation
We support over 26,000 desktops, 24,000 telephones, 4 Networks, 9 Help desks & Call Centers. Executive Order 510 requires these services to be consolidated at the Secretariat’s level. We are initiating a 4 week exercise to develop implementation plans for such consolidation Expect reorganization, retooling and redeployments and new opportunities to be part of this plan. Shall finalize the implementation timeline in August.

6 Complete Wave 1 Transition Plans
Wave 1 is the consolidation of over 400 HHS servers into a virtualized environment at ITD and the associated transfer of HHS IT staff to ITD. Over 80 personnel applied for 54 positions available. 35 positions have been filled. Transition planning is underway to address the “gaps” that have resulted at HHS These transition plans are being developed at the individual level in consultation with the current and future supervisors. As we manage shaping our new reorganization, and identify new opportunities at HHS, we need to be informed by the Wave 1 gap implications

7 Kick off the HHS IT Governance Process
As we solve for the budget shortfall and manage impact to agency IT Service Delivery Models due to IT consolidation, we need to maintain a clear and aggressive communication channel with our Business Stakeholders To that end, we have kicked off the HHS IT Governance Board process Each Agency Commissioner, Business Head is nominating one representative to this body We expect our first meeting within three weeks.

8 Emerging EOHHS IT Organization
Staffing Gaps Needs Definition Emerging EOHHS IT Organization WORKING DRAFT NOT FINAL Commonwealth Chief Information Officer Chief Operating Officer Andy Dodge Secretariat Chief Information Officer Manu Tandon IT Governance Board : Establishes and communicates IT priorities Deputy SCIO Mary Ellen Bennard Chief Technology Officer IT Chief Security Officer Director of IT Strategic Initiatives Russ Murray Agency IT Service Directors (CIOs) Application Service Delivery Model Director of Engineering Central App. Development Integration / Shared Services Centralized Architect Team Performance Lab IT Security Policy Security Design Security Application Scanning Variance request and review VOIP Implementation Special Projects Organization Model to be finalized Common Services Tier II Help Desk Support – Aligned with systems / content areas but common technology and cross training App. Developers / application DBAs / Business Analysts – Aligned primarily with systems but with sharing-collaboration Director of IT Project Mgmt. and Planning - Posted - Director of IT Finance and Administration Pat Ghannam Director of IT Training & Communications Director of Operations & Customer Service Director of IT Controls Governance Council management and staffing Program Management Office Standard Processes and Tools IT Federal Procurement Inventory Control HR Liaison IT Finance IT Procurement and Budget Training & Professional Development Compensation management IT Application Training and Delivery Career Counseling IT Communication and Publication HHS Websites Technical Operations (Walter Johnson) – Security Ops; Network and Tech. Services; App. Ops. Support; Site Mgmt.; Ops. Administration EOHHS Service Desk (Donna Perchase)– Tier 1 and 2 Help Desk; ITIL Framework; Business Service Mgmt. Quality Assurance Release Mgmt. Change Mgmt. IT Security Controls IT Audit and Controls ADA Policy and Controls Production Control Standards Policy and Control

9 1 2 3 Update FY11 – Quarter 1 IT Objectives – 20 Min Agenda Items
Response to submitted Questions – 10 Min 3 Questions and Answers – 15 Min 9

10 Q&A Can we host weekly technology seminars to foster internal transfer of knowledge about EOHHS IT technologies? We would like to see an IT organization with fever silos and more collaboration When will we finalize the organizational placement of Data Analysis and Reporting group at MassHealth Is there any plan to invest in an enterprise asset discovery tool I have heard IBM Tivoli shall replace CA When will TPL employees get pay raises Are there going to be operational impacts of moving to Quincy? What job functions shall remain at the Agency, HHS, ITD level What agencies shall be coming to HHS next and when? What impact will Secretary Bigby’s message regarding staff reductions have on future consolidation of agencies?

11 A Few Final Thoughts I appreciate the anxiety and stress and we are feeling due to the budget and lack of complete definition on consolidation I am committed to make responsible decisions, in close collaboration with the Secretariat Executives, and move our IT organization ahead through these challenges. We will get past it. We are all being asked to do more with less – and I appreciate the “stepping up” I see happening on a daily basis While these are trying times, these are also times of new opportunities within HHS IT. Seize them! You have my commitment to communicate with you aggressively at each step along the way How can you help? - Continue doing the very best job you can in serving the needs of our customers AND keep an open mind for new ways of doing things And I think Paul – the Octopus is a FLUKE!

12 1 2 3 Update FY11 – Quarter 1 IT Objectives – 20 Min Agenda Items
Response to submitted Questions – 10 Min 3 Questions and Answers – 15 Min 12

13 Appendix 13

14 Executive Order 510 requires consolidation of IT personnel, finances, and management.
Executive Order 510 directed executive branch agencies to consolidate: IT infrastructure (networks, , data servers, etc) at the Commonwealth level Help desk, desktop support, Internet, some systems, and all personnel and finances at the Secretariat level Skills and strategies to support agency specific IT systems are aligned with the agency level Beginning in FY10, all IT funding and personnel were centralized at the Secretariat (Level II). Planning is now focused on defining the relationship between the Secretariat, Agencies & the Commonwealth

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