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Managing OPV supplies in India

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1 Managing OPV supplies in India
Dr. Pradeep Haldar Deputy Commissioner (Immunization) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India

2 IEAG Recommendation for SIAs in 2012
NID tOPV NID tOPV SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun 2

3 OPV procurement - Nov 2010 to Feb 2012
Total : million doses Domestic procurement necessitated in order to meet shortfall due to inability by RITES to procure required quantity of vaccine

4 Procurement status : 2011 vs 2012
tOPV for NIDs Procurement status : vs 2012 Jan to Mar 2011 Jan to Apr 2012 Total : 471 million Total : 450 million

5 tOPV procurement – NIDs 2012
Requirement of tOPV for Jan/Feb 2012 NIDs: 450 mn doses Indent for 450 mn doses placed through RITES in Jan 2011 RITES secured only million doses as shown below: Thus, a shortfall of mn doses for the 2 NIDs Company Qty offered Remarks 1 Haffkine 109.37 83.58 mn for Jan 12 and mn for Feb 12 2 Panacea 184.70 Unable to supply as temporarily withdrawn WHO prequalification status. 3 Sanofi 127.62 Technically disqualified due to short shelf life.

6 tOPV Vaccine for NID contd…
Domestic procurement initiated to meet the shortfall of million doses Still a shortfall of for 2 NIDs taking into account the availability through RITES and Domestic procurement 2nd tender floated to meet shortfall – vaccine available only in April 2012 tOPV availability (in million doses) S No Company Qty offered Remarks 1 Bharat 125 50 for Jan & 75 for Feb 2 Haffkine 109 19 by Feb & 90 by Mar 3 Panacea 13.4 Not accepted on tech ground Total available 234

7 tOPV Vaccine for NID 2012 - Summary
Vaccine availability: Shortfall of 47% for Jan & 50% for Feb NID. Available supplies for both NIDs combined to conduct 1st NID on 19 February 2012 Since part of vaccine requirement for 2nd NID available only by 5 April 2012, 2nd NID planned on 15 April 2012 S.No. Company Quantity Remarks January 2012 Round 1 Haffkine 69.65 RITES 2 Bharat Biotech 50 Domestic Total Vaccine available for Jan 119.65 February 2012 Round 39.7 75 Total Vaccine available for Feb 114.7

8 SIA calendar – 2012 revised as below
NID tOPV NID tOPV SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states SNID (bOPV) Endemic & risk states Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun SNID round conducted on 15 January 2012 using buffer stock of bOPV SNID planned on 18 March 2012 with bOPV 8 8

9 bOPV – supply status Nov 2010 to Mar 2012 Apr 2012 to Jun 2012
Total vaccine procured : mn Total vaccine required :340 mn

10 bOPV procurement for SNIDs – Quarter 2, 2012 Summary
340 million doses of bOPV required RITES has offered only 238 million doses Of these, order placed for million doses However only mn doses available during May and June, balance available between August & October 2012 Domestic procurement to meet shortfall

11 Key Issues Non- availability of required quantity of polio vaccine
Committed supplies not available as per scheduled timeline Buffer stock used frequently to manage the gap in supply for conducting SNID/NID resulting in very low buffer stock and supply schedule not adequate to build up buffer Last minute intimation of inability to supply committed vaccine by manufacturers Limited manufacturers of tOPV and even lesser for bOPV bOPV vaccine for May and June SNID not fully secured

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