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National Rental Affordability Scheme. Shovel Ready round Round 5.

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1 National Rental Affordability Scheme

2 Shovel Ready round Round 5

3 Shovel Ready Rounds Tender opens 18 April 2013 and will close on 22 May 2013 Projects must be substantially completed by 30 June 2014 and available for rent by December 2014 Up to 500 will be incentives available

4 Round 5 Tender opens 7 May 2013 and will close on 6 August 2013 All projects are to be delivered by 30 June 2016 State Government support still to be confirmed Quality proposals in high demand locations are important and may also allow for reallocation

5 How to Apply Application form and guidelines at State assessment criteria and guidelines at When completing your application please refer to both the Commonwealth and State websites. Application and supporting documentation, including the States assessment tool, is to be lodged with the Commonwealth prior to the due date.

6 Assessment Assessments for both rounds will be carried out by the Commonwealth and the State in parallel The Commonwealth assessment criteria can be found on the website - The State priority criteria will be listed on the Department website along with a self assessment tool –

7 Ranking Projects Each project will be assessed against a scoring matrix based on the State priority criteria This will enable the State to identify those projects it wishes to recommend to the Commonwealth

8 State Priority Criteria 1.Location (LGA) 2.Proximity to Activity Centres (Directions 2031) 3.Proximity to services 4.Dwelling configuration 5.Rent discount 6.Involvement of a Community Housing Provider 7.Other affordable housing initiatives within the project

9 Location Scoring preference given to projects in local government areas with high demand for affordable housing, as listed on website Proponents will need to identify the specific address of the project to be delivered INTENT: NRAS housing should be targeted to areas where there is a need for affordable housing by low to moderate income households.

10 Proximity to Activity Centres (Directions 2031) Scoring preference will be given to those projects in close proximity to activity centres identified in Directions 2031 (some exclusions apply – see list on website) INTENT: Well located NRAS housing will enable residents to actively participate in Perth’s future economic, social and community development.

11 Proximity to Services Public transport Employment Schools Medical facilities Shops Amenity (parks, leisure centres etc) INTENT: NRAS housing should be well located and provide low to moderate households with access to key services. Consistent with previous rounds Scoring preference will apply to projects within close proximity of key services :

12 Dwelling Configuration Applicants will need to specify the proposed dwelling configuration and rationale Scoring preference will be based on: 1.evidence of demand for proposed housing type; 2.shortfall in supply of housing type; and 3.failure/inability of normal market to deliver. INTENT: NRAS housing should help to fill the gaps in housing supply and positively contribute to the diversity of housing in local communities.

13 Rental Discount Consistent with previous rounds Scoring preference will apply to those projects that provide rental discounts greater than 20% INTENT: Wherever possible NRAS housing should maximise the affordability for residents

14 Involvement of Community Housing Organisations (CHO) Consistent with previous rounds Scoring preference will apply to projects that involve a CHO INTENT: While focused on creating new supply, State Government investment in NRAS housing supports our efforts to strengthen and diversify the affordable housing delivery system

15 Other Affordable Housing Initiatives Scoring preference will be given to those projects that provide additional affordable housing opportunities INTENT: NRAS housing should optimise the social benefits derived from Government investment

16 Information and Enquiries Detailed information and guidelines about the State assessment criteria will be available on the Department website from 22 April 2013 During the tender period questions should be directed in writing to Additional information is also available on the FAHCSIA website

17 Notification State Assessments completed by: early June 2013 – Shovel Ready round early September 2013 – Round 5 Final decisions and notification to applicants will be provided by the Commonwealth

18 Shovel Ready Department Projects A number of Department of Housing projects may meet the shovel ready criteria Contact details will be provided to Department partners to determine NRAS suitability

19 Questions

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