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July 2009 Hand Picked Hotels GM Conference July 2009.

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1 July 2009 Hand Picked Hotels GM Conference July 2009

2 1 Agenda – AM Welcome & IntroductionDRW Financial UpdateMN “Clinics” Revenue Management Revenue Generation & Capture Conversion Gap TN / SB MT / RM MN / SF Debrief from each group Lunch July 2009

3 2 Agenda – PM HR UpdateDS e-Commerce UpdateAW Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction CommitmentIM Food & Beverage Conference UpdateSD / RL Framework & Being Hand Picked Update Table Activity – What’s Next? Summary & CloseDRW July 2009

4 Finance Update Mandy Newton July 2009

5 2009 June Results Year-To-Date (17 hotels)

6 2009 June Results Year-To-Date (14 hotels)

7 HPH v. Competitors – KPIs compared to last year

8 2009 June Year-To-Date Profit Shortfall

9 2009 July Profit Shortfall

10 2009 August Profit Shortfall

11 Average Room Rate 2009 v. 2008

12 Room Yield 2009 v. 2008

13 Conversion Gap


15 Budget Timetable

16 Finally… Any questions?

17 “Clinics” July 2009


19 HR UPDATE Deborah & Corinne July 2009

20 E-commerce Alistair Watts 7 th July

21 Agenda Internet Marketing Strategy Tools of the trade E-commerce dashboard Search Engine Optimisation Content management OWS next steps Future projects

22 How are we doing?

23 Website Key Performance indicators FY09 YTD at 3rd July. FY08FY09Variance % Bookings5,8009,167+58% Room nights8,76213,542+54% Revenue£1,340,402£1,812,611+35% Email DB76,210195,209+156% Visitors896,1531,317,435+47%

24 Rate Parity (BRAG) Easy to use website, quality of content Get feedback User-friendly booking engine internet marketing Search Engines Affiliate Network Email Newsletters In-hotel drive to web Hotel email DB / CRM Presence on Mega-Travel sitesWeb-blogs, tripadvisor, virtual tourist Hotel website Brand websiteDestination website

25 Tools of the trade VISION

26 E-commerce dashboard Google Analytics –Measures website activity Visitors Page views Traffic sources and referrals Goals E-commerce transactions

27 E-commerce dashboard

28 Uses for Analytics Science vs. Science fiction Measure goals Analyze conversion funnels to identify potential improvements Complement anecdotal feedback with empirical data

29 Conversion funnel

30 optimised distribution strategy Bear Stearns analysts’ research : … the so called "50% Factor" –roughly 50% of people that visit the first web page go to the 2nd page, and only 50% of them go to the 3rd page, and so on.

31 SEO

32 SEO Index 20 – 30 keywords per hotel Each keyword scored 1 – 21 1 = best, 21 = worst SEO Index = average

33 SEO Index

34 SEO Using the index we will –Optimize weaker pages –Track improvements to measure success More keywords to be added Include third party website placement within the index Produce a target list of websites to partner with

35 Content updates

36 All major requests logged on workflow sheet (e.g. new page) 717 requests since Jan’09 (includes e- marketing production schedule) Average 6 actions completed per day

37 Content updates Key issues: –Timeliness –Turnaround time –Accuracy & Quality Solutions: –People & process –Website workshops –Quality control

38 Critical path Event planning8 wks7 wks6 wks5 wks4 wks2 wks1 wkEvent Identify date & create eventx Update website x Schedule email x Email production & distribution x Event salesxxxxxx Successful event x

39 Content updates Content update request Jan09 to date

40 Content is key! Website = FREE MARKETING Each hotel enjoys 10 – 20k visitors per month We want to give you control of your website!

41 EpiServer

42 Website Workshops Content Management System Training –Hotels only to access own pages –Publishing rights restricted (at first) Critical path for promotions Aligning promotional strategy to website

43 Website workshops South East – 11 th August Midlands – 18 th August North – 25 th August Who should attend? –GM (optional) –Person who is most passionate and has time available

44 OWS next steps Packages – 30 th July –Add on extras –Select special packages Availability calendar – 30 th July –Monthly calendar with daily BAR –Displays events Login – 31 st August –Manage opera profile, preferences & subscriptions –Access to restricted content e.g. pdf’s & special offers

45 Future projects Affiliate network Link building initiative Brochure download Things to do


47 THE STERN REPORT The effects of our actions on future changes in the climate will have long lead times and what we do now can only have a limited affect on the climate over the next 40 – 50 years. On the other hand what we do in the next 10 – 20 years will have a profound effect on the climate in the second half of this century and into the next No one can predict the consequences of climate change with complete certainty; but we now know enough to understand the risks, what has to change is the business as usual (BAU) paths of emissions What is the significance of this number? 350 Scientific published data shows that any value of carbon in the atmosphere greater than 350 parts per million is incompatible with the planet upon which civilisation was developed, we are now at 389ppm and counting all the more reason to get carbon emissions under control If nothing is done concentrations of greenhouse gases could reach double pre industrial levels by as early as 2035 committing us to a global rise in temperature of 2°C

48 Our Carbon Footprint shows we are winning this battle 6 months yr / yr comparisons to date show we are on average 117T/mth less than last year based upon occupancy of 63.3% (2008) and 60.8% (2009) with covers of 545,233 & 556,949 respectively

49 Site ranking by Energy Emissions

50 Sites ranked by CO2 Energy efficiency

51 The Carbon Reduction Commitment Government aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 Mandatory cap & trade scheme that comes into effect in April 2010 and linked to a publicised CRC performance league How does this affect us? Anyone who uses more than 6000 MWh / year and has their meters read HHM will be required to participate, our usage is over 16,000 MWh and so will be required to participate September 2009 Qualification packs sent out by the EA

52 April 2010 Start of footprint year and registration period (April – September 2010) April 2011 Sees the end of the 1 st footprint year and sale of allowances commence to cover 2010/11 & 2011/12 emissions NB. This is a double sale to cover 1 st years actual & 2 nd year forecasted. These have to be purchased during April @ £12/T.The money received from all participants is held in a recycling pot for 6 months which according to the Chancellor is non revenue making! Likely to be in the region of £1B July 2011 Footprint report is due along with our annual report, we also have to surrender the relevant amount of allowances that correspond with our emissions

53 Example CO2 emissions based upon current 2009 levels 2010 actual 848T/mth x 12 = 10180T 2011 forecasted 848T/mth x 12 = 10180T Equates to 20,360T x £12 = £244,320 payable in April 2011 and held for 6 months This is then paid back + or – 10% depending where we are in the league table Subsequent years will be paid on a sliding scale 20% year 2 up to 50% year 5

54 Example Recycling payment is based upon our position in the league table Organisation Allowances Rev. paid co2 league bonus metric % repayment £12/T£ actual % score £ A 800 9600 750 1 30 1300 61 18224 B 1700 20400 2000 2 -30 840 39 11776 Total 2500 30,000 2750 - 2140 100 30,000 Organisation A receives back £9600 + £8264 this being 61% of £30,000 giving a total of £18224 Organisation B receives back only 57% of what they paid in

55 April 2012 2nd sale allowances July 2012 2 nd annual report October 2012 2 nd recycling payment April 2013 Start of capped phase. Sale of allowances within the secondary market consisting of other CRC participants and traders, the price per ton will agreed between the buyer and the seller. Government will have a safety valve that will allow participants to purchase from this facility, allowing the cost of carbon to be kept at a realistic level

56 Annual consumption Electricity 16,769,523 kWh Gas 16,327,637 kWh Water151,731,766 litres

57 Annual expenditure Electricity £1,549,362 Gas£519,085 Water£253,931 Total£2,322,378

58 2 year comparison of electricity expenditure

59 2 year comparison of electricity consumption

60 2 year comparison gas expenditure

61 2 year comparison gas consumption

62 2 year water expenditure

63 2 year water consumption

64 Energy savings Voltage optimisation Soon to be installed at Rhinefield on 13 th July Capital outlay£28,000 Annual saving£15,000 Annual CO2 saving8.4T Payback1.9 yrs ROI 60% For the whole group Capital outlay£320,000 Annual savings£225,000 Annual CO2 saving1030T Payback1.5 yrs

65 Shower head replacement Currently on trial at Crathorne Predicted total water savings 1,107,000 litres Predicted total cost per annum £2,000 Total CO2 savings 6.6T Cost to replace shower heads £3,345 1.6 yr payback Same survey carried out at Rookery Predicted total water savings 2,969,000 litres Predicted total cost per annum £9,138 Total CO2 savings 18T Cost to replace shower heads £12,035 1.3 yr payback

66 Lighting surveys have been completed with the exception of Hendon & L’Horizon which is being carried out in September Total energy savingsper annum£67,500 Cost to replace all lamps£17,500 Payback 3.86 yr Total CO2 saving per annum483T Low energy lighting

67 Combined heat & recovery (CHP) To install CHP at Norton Capital outlay£175,000 Energy saving per annum£76,000 Payback2.3 years Maintenance cost / annum£8,500 CO2 saving1016T Nutfield would have similar savings

68 Hydro power Massive potential at Priest House The River Trent has the capability of capturing around 500kVa The hotel only uses about 100kVa so the remainder can be sold back to the grid, current rate 5p unit, could be worth as much as £100,000 / yr plus the revenue from Renewable Obligation Certificates which are issued for selling the electricity back to the grid current price is around £40per MWH. Total potential revenue £184,000 per annum Also to take into account is that Priest House would be generating their own electricity currently spending around £45,000 Capital cost is high at around £750,000 - £1M however the hotel would reap the rewards Marketing potential as a Carbon neutral hotel

69 Summary Initiativecap costsavingpaybackCO2 T VOU £325,000£225,0001.5 yrs1030 L/E/lighting£17,500£67,5003.8 yrs483 Shower head£3,345£2,0001.6 yrs6.6 (Crathorne) CHP£325,000£152,0002.3 yrs2000 NH & NP Totals£670,845£446,5041.5 yrs3519T

70 F&B JUNE 2009

71 F&B Critical Success Factor Plan Profit People Quality & Service Sales/Revenue/Distribution Asset (Equipment, Technology/ Systems)

72 Finance overview - F&B Revenue ActualBudgetLY Weddings2,335,3572,522,2702,169,025 Restaurants3,303,8403,626,2742,688,564 Conference 792,6651,316,873 926,478 Private Dining1,540,2791,708,2171,460,042 Lounge 427,505486,697 455,714 Room Service 120,204144,697 107,031 Bar 992,796974,072 792,702 Leisure 25,700- 52,639 Room Hire 855,3051,319,276 970,345 TOTAL10,393,65212,098,2139,622,541 Key: Yellow = less than budget, higher than last year Red = less than budget & last year Green = higher than budget & last year

73 Finance overview – F&B Costs/Profit ActualBudgetLast Year Food Cost26.1%24.9%26.2% Bev Cost25.4%24.1%24.6% Payroll38.3%35.2%38.0% Expenses 5.2% 5.0% 5.4% F&B Profit32.8%37.9%33.9% This equates to a shortfall in profit ytd of £1,176,415 Will look at some best practice in certain properties later on above costs Example financial overview from hotels Key focus areas: Up selling, securing revenue, efficient staff use, beverage controls/reduce cellar holding – all of which we will speak about later

74 PROFIT 4 areas where we can have real impact on profit: Beverage Cost of Sales % F&B Payroll % Increasing your average spend Beverage stock holding See where you are on the league tables & where you sit in relation to budget The hotels highlighted in red will give us a 10 minute overview of how they have achieved their results

75 Beverage Cost % (YTD) 1 Ettington Park23.3% 2 2 Wood Hall23.7% 3 3 Buxted Park23.9% 1 4 Woodlands Park24.0% 4 5 Crathorne Hall24.5% 5 6 Priest House24.5% 6 7 Brandshatch Place24.8% 7 8 Chilston Park25.0% 10 9 Nutfield Priory25.1% 8 10 Rookery Hall25.2% 9 11 Norton House25.4% 12 Audleys Wood26.0% 11 13 Seiont Manor26.2% 13 14 New Hall26.3% 15 L'Horizon27.6% 14 16 Rhinefield House28.3% 16 17 Hendon Hall31.2% 17

76 F&B Payroll % YTD to P5 ActualBudgetLY Group38.335.238.0 Woodlands Park31.929.632.9 Rookery Hall35.632.137.4 Crathorne Hall35.735.938.0 Nutfield Priory35.734.035.2 Norton House36.736.340.7 Chilston Park37.130.133.1 Rhinefield House37.927.840.4 L’Horizon39.137.336.9 Ettington Park39.440.844.6 Brandshatch Place39.639.139.3 Priest House39.635.440.1 Audleys Wood40.841.636.1 Buxted Park40.935.438.8 New Hall41.038.635.1 Wood Hall45.234.943.2 Hendon Hall45.554.443.8 Seiont Manor48.841.746.6

77 F&B Ave Spend (YTD) 1 Buxted Park£29.75 2 2 Woodlands Park£29.23 1 3 Rhinefield House£27.94 7 4 Priest House£27.79 4 5 New Hall£27.32 5 6 Chilston Park£27.19 6 7 Nutfield Priory£27.01 8 8 Rookery Hall£26.84 10 9 Ettington Park£26.76 9 10 Brandshatch Place£26.37 11 Wood Hall£25.95 12 L'Horizon£25.86 3 13 Crathorne Hall£23.86 13 14 Audleys Wood£22.33 14 15 Norton House£21.64 15 16 Hendon Hall£20.36 16 17 Seiont Manor£19.74 17

78 Beverage stock holding Stock valueStock days Stock - Beveragelast periodcurrent periodlast periodcurrent period New Hall 11,46612,06233.228.2 L'Horizon 18,42019,46059.238.1 Priest House 12,73512,56759.038.9 Brandshatch 12,43113,45863.744.6 Woodlands 20,84118,66252.744.8 Nutfield 19,93418,98060.945.8 Wood Hall 16,92716,24647.846.0 Rookery 20,92622,54450.246.9 Ettington 17,86316,06257.747.4 Chilston 22,89320,18177.053.3 Hendon Hall 6,3547,16852.958.0 Norton 35,28735,24655.658.3 Buxted 28,21627,54168.361.0 Rhinefield 27,86530,98850.964.4 Audleys Wood 13,14115,86651.265.0 Crathorne 14,22414,52483.189.0 Seiont 10,36611,44484.896.5 Total309,892312,99957.051.0

79 Profit Actions… Hotels who have spoken about Best Practice should send to Margaret and we will be send out to all following the F&B Meetings Action will be required to bring your beverage cost of sales (and FC%) & F&B payroll margins in line with BUDGET for 2 nd half of year. Action plan required. Set yourself % target to increase average spend in key areas & incentive/action plan to achieve them. Reduce your stock holding down to 30 days as soon as possible (certainly by year end). Results will be monitored monthly. Send your action plans & targets to Margaret by end of June (and take your results & improvements along to business reviews)

80 Goal: To improve quality & service in key areas of the business by highlighting best practice at certain sites. Overview of Mystery Guest visits (see handouts) Areas that need most improvement as a group: Room Service Bar Brand Standard Icon area that still needs some improvement as a group: Breakfast A Key area not covered on mystery guest: We need to improve our working lunch menus across the group QUALITY & SERVICE

81 Quality & Service continued… Room Service Group Average: 70% Top Score:88% Ettington Park (North), (best in South Audleys & L’Horizon at 81%) Low Score:52% Top 5 issues are: Tray removal methods not being explained Not using name during delivery No up selling during order taking Delivery time not confirmed during order taking Satisfaction not checked & further assistance not offered during call for removal Also significant issues with tray collection cards & offers to lay table

82 Quality & Service continued… Bar Group Average: 65% Top Score:100% (Chilston Park, Ettington Park & Seiont Manor) Low Score:33% Top 5 issues are: Quality nibbles not being served with drinks Order not being taken within 2 minutes of seating No greeting/acknowledgement on entry to bar Not asked to sign for drinks Not offered (or observing) another drink

83 Quality & Service continued… Breakfast Group Average: 86% Top Score:100% Ettington Park & Audleys Wood Low Score:70% Top 3 issues are: Not offered juice Not offered further juice/tea/coffee/toast Not asked for name then room number

84 Hotel Actions – Room Service Training/Re-training of order takers (generally front office team) Re-working Room Service journey sheet – to incorporate new wines/menus/promos/matching of products with regular reviews Test calls by those on F& F rate (as part of QA) Offer to have table laid at order stage Offer to deliver drinks first if necessary Photos of dishes available to order takers Room service – not by most junior staff member Restaurant Manager to check trays just as would a restaurant table (use of checklist) Call the guest when the tray is on its way (improves use of guest name) Writing the guest name on the ‘tray collection card’ – easier for staff to remember name Use of daily room service delivery & collection sheet – provide structure to ensure trays are collected within 1 hour of delivery Increasing the number of ‘floor walks’ by DM during main service periods Brand standard ‘Tray collection cards’ Room service champions

85 Hotel Actions – Bar Stricter procedures – key card must be shown to charge to room Bills presented appropriately (for payment/signature) including manager’s appointments & Sevenoaks staff DM to check Bar team have list of guests able to sign for each group in house Change the bar staff ‘default position’ to public area (not behind bar) Canapés for all restaurant diners (slight price increase in menu) Nibbles from noon with all drinks (except T/C) Have agreed list of nibbles & canapés – and a selection of 3 are used on a rotating basis – helps with variability & consistency Key message training to staff – to improve upselling & additional drinks Simple targets for staff – 1 product /target a month Ensure bar staff have specific roles each shift (server/runner/host) Use of lectern for afternoon tea (as well as other meal periods) Note down ‘arrival time’ in to the bar (to ensure suitable seating time)

86 Hotel Actions – Breakfast Brand Standard topic of the day (SBT) Breakfast briefings (use of white board for staggered starts) Have nominated host for every shift Host to write name of guest on order docket & pass to server (ensuring guest name use) Staff breakfast experience – see service from guest perspective (use of QA) DGM or DM to be in restaurant (or hosting) for peak times Shift debriefs – fix issues immediately Host to have juice trayed chilled juices – to allow immediate service upon seating Photographs of buffet set up & use of shift check lists

87 Operation Maxima – plan of action (submit to Margaret by end of June) Special Events – what events have worked for you? Dining Clubs – feedback on success Twitter – being trialled at two sites National campaigns – Afternoon Tea (Express/Mail)/Times offer Email Blasts Website Outside Events – examples of success? Rosé Promotion F&B Database See handout for how to update website/timeline on e-mail blast production from Alistair Watts F&B SALES IDEAS

88 Operation Maxima – plan of action (submit to Margaret by end of June) Special Events – what events have worked for you? Dining Clubs – feedback on success Twitter – being trialled at two sites National campaigns – Afternoon Tea (Express/Mail)/Times offer Email Blasts Website Outside Events – examples of success? Rosé Promotion F&B Database See handout for how to update website/timeline on e-mail blast production from Alistair Watts F&B SALES IDEAS







95 Hotel Actions – Sales/Project Maxima Reception team to advise guests to come down for dinner 30 minutes prior to dinner reservation Offer all wedding menu tastings – a taster of the next wine up (after they have had their original choice) After dinner drinks menu cards/drinks trolley/Digestif tray/Cheese trolley Pudding club/Summer lunch club Suggested matched wines on TDH menu Introducing a Tasting Menu Shift targets – to sell specific items with Hand Picked Points checks for staff Introduce two level market/TDH menu. Also consider higher price Fri/Sat nights Late check out & Sunday lunch offer (as needed) Queried bills at check out – analysed to prevent reoccurrence Upselling drinks on arrival to hotel in the 30 minute courtesy call All non-resident restaurant bookings re-called to reconfirm reservations At each special event – must have next event ready to sell (discounted price if book then)

96 Hand Picked People Framework Lesley & Deborah July 2009

97 Current State of Play – Being Hand Picked Brandshatch, Buxted & New Hall are fully complete We forecast 883 people will have attended all 5 modules (excl OL) 1-day version available for new starters to follow Company Induction Buxted is the first to be paid their payroll rebate Rebate Criteria Each team member who has completed all 5 modules Provide me with their sign-in sheet showing this If you want the rebate in July – get posting!

98 July 2009 Current State of Play – HR Alignment Probationary Period & Appraisal Forms – Team Member & Leader Manager’s Guide Interview Forms – next week Appraisal Briefing for team members end July Tutor Pack for Appraisal Skills & BI Next steps… Hotel rollout action plans by 15 th July BI Training for GMs / DGMs Scope out next steps of Recruitment & Selection project group

99 Future Activities – Leadership Development Managing Your Own Performance Hand Picked Leadership – Performance Through People Leading & Developing Your Team Coaching / MTC / PTC / GTC Giving Clear Direction Handling Investigations Disciplinary Procedures Driving Business & Financial Performance Hand Picked Leadership Part 2

100 Future Activities – Talent Management Five Focus Areas – GM version ready and will be used in your appraisals Measurement of DGM against these Produce DGM and HOD (job-role specific) versions Development interventions to support gaps

101 Employee Experience Hand Picked Behaviours “Feel”“Believe” RecognitionCommunicationDevelopmentSocial Hand Picked Hotel / Line Manager

102 Table Discussion – Supporting the Framework What good ideas have you already implemented / planned? What ideas do you have for future activities in the areas of: Recognition Communication Training & Development (what other training sessions?) Social Hotel based or from Sevenoaks 20 minutes Ideas on flipchart Feedback

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