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Turk-MENA Cooperation project between Turkey and the MENA Region for Real Estate, Industrial, Trade, and Commercial Investments. Chairman Eng. Hani Hakooz.

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1 Turk-MENA Cooperation project between Turkey and the MENA Region for Real Estate, Industrial, Trade, and Commercial Investments. Chairman Eng. Hani Hakooz

2 Turk-MENA Turk-MENA is specialized in online marketing technologies and promotion for the Turkish real estate, industrial, trading and services sectors. Turk-MENA offers wide range of marketing services to assist Turkish business to reach new clients in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region. In addition, Turk-MENA has relationships with top investors in the MENA region who are looking to invest in Turkey. Therefore, Turk-MENA is in continues quest to find projects and business which fill the appetize of our investors.

3 Opportunities in Turkey Invest, Live and Do Trading
Turk-MENA is working to attract venture capitalists from the MENA countries to investment in Turkey in many sectors including and not limited to real estate, industrial, commercial and other services .

4 Real estate Services Turk-MENA provides real estate services following the signing of a protocol for cooperation with leading real estate companies of Turkey. About 374 real estate companies in Istanbul and several cities of Turkey. Turk-MENA uses the latest digital marketing techniques and modern technology to reach the largest possible annotated interested in property and life, and has methods to invite Arab businessmen to invest in real estate projects. Turk-MENA always trys to provide distinctive services to Arab buyers securing the best price, and specifications, and provide support during the searching and purchasing and payment processes with banks and securities registration with after sale support. Investment Opportunities Under Construction Ready Projects

5 Turk-MENA Real Estate Electronic Magazine
Online Turkish Electronic magazine for viewers companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with marketing interface to Turkish construction enterprises of various types. Turkish construction enterprises will provide the best real estate deals in Turkey to meet the needs of the buyers, sellers, brokers, and real estate investors. The magazine offers a variety of premium services and the latest news on real estate and economic analyses that may help the visitor and wish to purchase to make the right decision including the legal services. Make a simple design and the information that has been reviewed and provide the desired property search properties, it also offers the opportunity to place an ad or send a request with ease. Owners of smartphones and tablets can use applications on iPhone and Android, which lets them view the magazine. This gives us the opportunity to send the latest updates directly to those who are interested.

6 Marketing Service for Turkish companies in MENA
Turk-MENA team offers marketing services for Turkish companies in the Middle East and North Africa in a variety of forms. ⃝ Marketing Campaigns Targeting Specific regions in MENA ⃝ E-marketing through search engines (SEO & SMO). ⃝ Marketing through advertising and electronic messages. ⃝ Affiliates Marketing. ⃝ Marketing through interactive advertising (Interactive Marketing). ⃝ E-marketing through video and YouTube content. ⃝ Building websites and e-commerce sites and Blogs. ⃝ Advertising campaigns Management, marketing planning, and content management. ⃝ Consulting services and business management. ⃝ Professional photography services.

7 TM-CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
for Real Estate  TM-CRM for Real Estate revolutionizes the way brokers and agents buy, sell, lease, and manage properties. Built on the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, TM-CRM is web-based application for commercial and residential agents. From capturing leads to closing a deal, TM-CRM users can manage their entire business from any computer, with zero software to download and zero maintenance to worry about. The CRM system is a comprehensive system and interface to create a long-term relationship with the customer and maintenance and expansion of this relationship. The CRM system is the most powerful tool in your hand to make sure your customers access to a high degree of loyalty to your products and services and remain in this evolving relationship between you and them. Application of the CRM system is a must in today's business environment is highly competitive. Whatever your client slice or the way we communicate with them the (CRM) system is you’re way to success.

8 Turk-MENA Customer relationship management CRM
Follow up customers operation. Make sure that you provide a top service to your customers. Reduce administrative expenses. And raise the profitability of your existing customers. Use sales and marketing efforts in the highest possible efficiency. Reducing expenses for marketing, promotion and sales. Reducing loss of customers ratio. Optimal investment in your business. Push your team to provide great service to your customers. Support productivity through good time management.

9 Content management system CMS
Content development and marketing Designing and building websites under a comprehensive content management system (Word Press) and is the most powerful content management system. Its covers all the requirements needed by the website: The comprehensive content management system you can manage all sections and details of the website. Multi Language website interface. The design fits all electronic tablets and mobile phones-Responsive design Slide Manager-Banner slider. Inserting images that reflect the marketing of targets. Provide Movies Photo Gallery management. Modify the lists and pages directly as needed. Unlimited pages. Linking social media site that will socialized Google maps of branches scattered branches map page The provision for subscriptions and visitor registration pages on the site in several ways. Multi login Provide tools to interact with the visitors of the evaluation and comments, and other tools web engagement tools And more...

10 Exhibitions-Event Organizing
Turk-MENA Real Estate Simi Annual Exhibition is a premier event for Turkish Real Estate and its related industires in the MENA region. The next event will be on 15 May 2015. Booths Supporting vision for growth in the Turkish real estate and its industries, Turk Mena will firmly place the spotlight on one of the world's most exciting emerging real estate markets. Media Center Turk-MENA has over the years been supported by leading regional television channels and a number of respected associations, trade publications, magazines, newspapers, business councils and government bodies. Summit The most important gathering of real estate professionals. Turk-MENA Real Estate Summit is the key networking event for developers, government officials, investors and financiers shaping the real estate industry to share insight, discuss important issues and network in a dynamic environment.

11 Medical Tourism We offer medical services in our hospitals adopted popularization event to provide the best hosting for patients at the highest levels of patient feels comfortable at home and always smiling team and with the latest techniques and technology. We seek to earn the trust of patients and their happiness through a cadre of doctors and specialists and professionals. Special remedial flights Cosmetic treatment trips Medical tourism (natural)

12 Industrial And Commercial Services
Famous Turkish manufacturing equipment and goods with the best quality are known for all business sectors in MENA countries. In the current booming economic development, Turkey produced new goods and services. "Turk-MENA" through its network and relations focusing on show this potential for all levels of merchandisers in the Middle East and North Africa.


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