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Why Advanced Capture is CRUCIAL? PSIGEN Software.

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3 Why Advanced Capture is CRUCIAL? PSIGEN Software

4 The Values of Document Management: Instant Access To All Records Backup your Paper Records Security and Reporting for all Records Automated Workflow Better Customer Service Never lose a document again You know the rest…

5 Often – it starts with paper… What do you mean I have to scan all of this??

6 Digital Landfill Avoidance

7 Remember the Old Saying Garbage In.. Garbage Out..

8 The clock is working against you If a company receives or creates 100 documents per day that must be filed correctly: Documents take 6 minutes to file Staff earns $15/hour which equals $0.25/minute Each document equals $1.50 to file 100 documents equals $150 – PER DAY 22 days per month means $3,300 – for just 100 documents per day

9 It starts to add up… …an average small US company spends as an average of $37 to process every invoice According to PricewaterhouseCoopers Your Documents: 7.5% are lost plus 3% are misfiled Copied 19 times 90% are merely shuffled Most Companies spend: 50% of staff’s time looking for documents 15% of its time reading information $120 in labor to find a misfiled document

10 But there has to be a better way…

11 Capture vs. Scanning A scanning application is just a means to take paper, and quickly and easily convert it from paper to digital form. They are well suited to environments with very basic needs, and what I call "onsie-twosie" scanning, or low volume environments. Capture software can be utilized for basic scanning needs, but takes you to a whole new level from a "capture" perspective. These applications typically have a number of ways to "slice and dice" documents, and really focus on efficiency, and minimizing the time required to scan, index and capture data.

12 The Capture Equation

13 Automation Flow

14 Smart Zones Looks for a value based on direction “Directional Intelligence”, or compassing Invoice Number IN-223456

15 Migration(s)

16 PSIGEN Clients

17 PSIGEN in Manufacturing

18 PSIGEN in Education

19 PSIGEN in Government Local & Municipal StateFederal

20 PSIGEN in Healthcare & Insurance

21 Additional Markets Banking & Finance Retail & Recreation Distributed Capture Energy & Resources

22 A little information about us…

23 PSIGEN Overview Mature capture software company, founded in 1995 Innovative software focused on High Volume and Automation Focus on Advance Capture Many new features added every year Domestic Company – all Development, Support and Sales members are US based

24 Presentations will be made available for download at: Or Email: Todd Sheppard

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