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Page: Clarity GPC module Date: 3.11.2009Code: P002/28A1.

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1 page: Clarity GPC module Date: Code: P002/28A1

2 page:  Optional extension for SEC/GPC data evaluation Date: Code: P002/28A2 GPC Extension

3 page: GPC mode Date: Code: P002/28A3 GPC Instrument Type GPC / Standard mode switching GPC mode method tabs  GPC Instrument is configured in System Configuration window  GPC or Standard mode can be selected on GPC Instrument  Chromatograms can be evaluated alternatively in both modes

4 page: GPC Calibration  Molecular weight as a function of elution volume  Narrow standards  Flow rate correction  Universal calibration  Broad calibration  multiple linear (Hamielec) fit  multiple integral standard  broad on narrow Date: Code: P002/28A4

5 page: Narrow standard Date: Code: P002/28A5

6 page: Flow rate correction Date: Code: P002/28A6 Set Flow rate correction Set FM peak

7 page: Flow Rate Correction Date: Code: P002/28A7

8 page: Universal Date: Code: P002/28A8 Universal calibration On Mark-Houwink parameters

9 page: Broad standard Date: Code: P002/28A9

10 page: Broad on Narrow Date: Code: P002/28A10 Calculated parameters

11 page: Results table Date: Code: P002/28A11

12 page: Summary Table Date: Code: P002/28A12

13 page: Slice Table Date: Code: P002/28A13

14 page: MW distributions Date: Code: P002/28A14

15 page: MW Ranges Date: Code: P002/28A15 MW averages for selected percentages Percentages for selected MW ranges

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