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Indirect competition Closest competitor to JU-C from other category of juices is from Slice,Maaza and Frooti Slice is relaunched by PepsiCo in 2008 with.

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1 Indirect competition Closest competitor to JU-C from other category of juices is from Slice,Maaza and Frooti Slice is relaunched by PepsiCo in 2008 with Aamsutra Campaign Tagline: Ab rang barsega Brand Ambassador: Katrina Kaif Maaza is launched by Coca-cola Tagline: Maaza lao Aam ki pyas bujayo Brand Ambassador: Parineeti Chopra, Imran Khan Frooti was launched by Parle agro in 1985 Tagline: Mago Frooti, Fresh n juicy Brand Ambassador: Shahrukh Khan

2 Understanding the Customer


4 Findings and Insights Real enjoys highest market share(35%) followed by Mango based drink(30%) and Tropicana(15%) Consumers prefer Juice over synthetic fruit drink 65% preferred Ready to Drink type of beverage over powder based Convenience is a major factor while making purchase decision Important attributes taste(24%) followed by price, brand and Natural content (17% each) Consumers want superior products in all aspects when it comes to F&B

5 Findings and Insights In RTD Juice segment, consumers attributed highest weightage to Taste(24%) followed by Natural content(21%) Consumers are getting health conscious and are demanding Natural products 60% of the consumers said they will try another RTD brand if available Although many will try an alternative brand, there are brand loyalist for Real and Tropicana Only 30% of people consume juice as an alternative for tea/coffee Many consumers need to be educated about product usage


7 Increase penetration via distribution in tier 2, tier 3 cities and rural areas Sell small Rs. 2 packets in the rural market Encourage use of Rasna over Nimbu Pani in this market Make product available in maximum stores all over India during four months summer. (Increase distribution reach during summer)

8 Segmentation Targeting Positioning Position it as a health drink for youth Change Tagline as – ‘We Love You Rasna’ Undifferentiated Marketing Strategy focusing towards Rasna JU-C targeted towards the youth Geographic: Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities Demographic: Drink for the youth Psychographic: Morning and Evening Drink

9 PRICING AND SIZING To increase penetration in rural areas Go for smaller PET bottles (Smaller bottle size  less price) Introduce reusable glass bottles that are used by major competitors for Dhabas, etc. (Low price point for Rs.10 or below) To increase penetration in urban areas Introduce tetrapack priced at going market rate (by competitors)

10 Place Target Tier I & Tier II cities. Supermarkets, departmental stores, kirana shops College & office canteens, metro & bus stops First moment of truth – right beside Tropicana & Real fruit juices Aggressive placement strategy Promotion Association with brand Rasna to leverage brand equity Suresh Raina as brand ambassador Aggressive ATL communication – chiefly on TV & internet Campaigns & events in schools & colleges, sports clubs

11 End Consumer Parents Children and teenagers Elderly Athletes Singles Opinion Leader Doctors Nutritionist NGOs Healthcare fraternity TARGET AUDIENCE

12 To induce trials Recommendation and endorsement by healthcare professionals Capturing existing market share from Real and Tropicana OBJECTIVE

13 Communication mix TV – Promote concept of juice in India Interviews – Nutritionists), famous gym instructors (Micky Mehta) Advertising Tasting and Sampling in malls Trial offers at POS Sporting events Sales promotion & POS promotion Articles in Times Wellness and local/national magazines regarding benefits of Juice over tea/coffee Nutritionist camps to promote healthy living TV interviews with health experts in India Public relations and print advertisement

14 - Aimed at increasing the current fans, followers and subscribers - Communicating brand news and development Community Building and Engagement - Running a twitter campaign to gauge Rasna’s place in its audience life e.g We know you love us, and we would want to know your reasons, so tweet with #IloveRasnaBecause - Ensure follower loyalty and advocacy by particular events e.g. Loyal fans on twitter to be invited to Rasna events with brand ambassadors Twitter -Content focus more on images on Facebook -Using AIDA based approach to use of content e.g Had a tiring day at work? Enjoy a JU-C Rasna now :D (followed by a pic of Rasna glass) - Use tagging based mechanism to appear on fans feeds e.g Tag your friends and get a chance to drink JU-C with Raina ! Facebook -Aim to increase subscribers and shares - Content of videos can be linked to updates of other social media channels to increase online engagement e.g. (Video of Raina) Follow Raina on his JU- C training schedule by subscribing for updates - Asking users to submit videos of their Rasna moments with them speaking I Love You Rasna YouTube Social Media Utilisation

15 Digital Marketing - Website Positives: Faster Loading Time Appealing Look Very informative site Recommendations: Revamping website and giving it a more modern feel Making website more interactive and user- friendly Making a mobile-friendly version of the site Adding recipes and usage ideas for Rasna Ju-C

16 Digital Marketing – Rasna Champs An initiative by Rasna – India’s first ever online talent hunt Steps: Login  Upload Talent  Get Max comments  Become Champ Recommendations: Competitions on the portal to promote Ju-C Competitions aiming at teenagers and YA Mobile-friendly version of the talent hunt to make uploading simpler Promotion on Social Media and Children’s TV Channels Change to comments site to a social media site (Ex. Facebook) More descriptive link to portal

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