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NOVI: Networking innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures STREP Project No. 257867, Call 5 – FIRE NOVI OVERVIEW Prof. Vasilis Maglaris.

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1 NOVI: Networking innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures STREP Project No. 257867, Call 5 – FIRE NOVI OVERVIEW Prof. Vasilis Maglaris (NETMODE/NTUA) Dr. Chrysa Papagianni (NETMODE/NTUA) GENI Engineering Conference – GEC 18 Brooklyn, New York, October 2013

2 NOVI’s Objectives NOVI targets innovative research in a bottom-up approach, addressing a critical area in FI services: How FI users securely share a multi-domain networking substrate. NOVI builds a set of algorithms, methods and services for control and management of federated virtualized infrastructures. Provide experimenters the ability to request, reserve, use and update a basket of virtualized resources in a federated environment, tailored to their needs.

3 NOVI’s Objectives

4 The Consortium 4 1. National Technical University of Athens - NTUA (Greece) 2. Martel GmBH (Switzerland) 3. Université Pierre & Marie Curie - UPMC (France) 4. Consortium GARR (Italy) 5. Universiteit van Amsterdam - UvA (Netherlands) 6. Fundació i2CAT (Spain) 7. DFN Verein (Germany) 8. Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique - INRIA (France) 9. Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem - ELTE (Hungary) 10. Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center - PSNC (Poland) 11. Cisco Systems International B. V. (Netherlands) 12. Fraunhofer - Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. (Germany) 13. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – UPC (Spain)

5 NOVI’s Technical Approach Design and implement a modular data, control and management plane architecture as an integrated prototype implementing: – An ontology-based Information Model capturing the abstractions of virtualized resources and services across different platforms. – A framework providing interoperability of monitoring tools across federated heterogeneous platforms. – A semantic distributed resource discovery and mapping framework tackling the inter-domain virtual network embedding problem. – A policy-based management framework able to enforce intra and inter-domain management policies. – Data-plane stitching mechanisms towards transparent data-plane connectivity across dissimilar platforms involved in multi-domain user-slices.

6 NOVI – Information Model

7 The NOVI Information Model Background

8 NOVI Control & Management Architecture

9 NOVI External Components Build on top of Slice Federation Architecture – SFA – FEDERICA adapter 1.Acts like an Aggregate Manager 2.Acts as the C&M plane for FEDERICA 3.Extended RSpec ProtoGENI v2 Prompted the development of the Generic SFA Wrapper by NOVI partners (

10 Innovative NOVI Services (1/4) NOVI API – Exposes services provided by NOVI service layer e.g. combined slice creation, slice deletion, resource cross-listing – Feedback component: captures interactively how a user request is being handled within NOVI service layer Request Handler – Invokes appropriate operations to the corresponding SFA APIs o Handles resource provisioning requests to the underlying platforms o Enables information retrieval from test beds o Translates NOVI IM to PlanetLab/FFEDERICA RSpec and vice versa. – Triggers calls to the NSwitch service

11 Innovative NOVI Services (2/4) NSwitch Service – Provides L2 connectivity between resources of the same slice residing in different domains: PlanetLab (slivers) and FEDERICA (Logical Routers) – Ethernet over GRE traffic originating from PlanetLab slivers is translated to FEDERICA VLAN tagged traffic via the NOVI NSwitch Resource Information Service (RIS) – Responsible for collecting information about available resources across the federation and providing it to other NOVI services. – Maintains information about slices, users and policies – Resource discovery/ registration /reservation

12 Innovative NOVI Services (3/4) Monitoring Service – Handles the available monitoring tools in a uniform way – Harmonizes the measurement data that the tools provide – Triggers substrate / slice passive or active monitoring – Slice Monitoring API View instantiated slices via Platform specific GUIs Keep track of monitoring information Submit slice monitoring tasks into the NOVI federated testbeds

13 Innovative NOVI Services (4/4) Policy Service – Policy based management system / Ponder2 policy framework. – Policies o Intra-domain (Access Control, Event-Condition-Action, Role Based Access Control - RBAC) o Inter-domain (Mission). Intelligent Resource Mapping Service – Orchestrates the creation of a new combined slice – Combined Slice Embedding; decides upon the strategy for dealing with the various sub-problems of the mapping process (Multi-domain Virtual Network Embedding) – Facilitates slice re-embedding e.g., upon node failure

14 Publications: Selected Journals (1/2) J. van der Ham, J. Steger, S. Laki, Y. Kryftis, V. Maglaris, C. de Laat, “The NOVI Information Models”, Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems (to appear). K. Giotis, C. Argyropoulos, G. Androulidakis, D. Kalogeras, V. Maglaris, “Combining OpenFlow and sFlow for an effective and scalable Anomaly Detection and Mitigation mechanism on SDN Environments”, Elsevier Computer Networks (to appear). C. Papagianni, A. Leivadeas, S. Papavassiliou, V. Maglaris, C. Cervello-Pastor, A. Monje, "On the Optimal Allocation of Virtual Resources in Cloud Computing Networks," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 62, no. 6, pp. 1060-1071, June, 2013. A. Leivadeas, C. Papagianni, S. Papavassiliou, "Efficient Resource Mapping Framework over Networked Clouds via Iterated Local Search based Request Partitioning”, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol. 24, Issue 6, pp. 1077-1086, June 2013.

15 Publications: Selected Journals (2/2) W. Adianto, R. Koning, P. Grosso, A. Belloum, M. Bubak, C. de Laat, “OIntEd: online ontology instance editor enabling a new approach to ontology development”, Journal of Software: Practice and Experience, doi: 10.1002/spe.2141, July 2012 L. Lymberopoulos, M. Grammatikou, M. Potts, P. Grosso, A. Fekete, B. Belter, M. Campanella and V. Maglaris, "NOVI Tools and Algorithms for Federating Virtualized Infrastructures", Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Information Systems and Applications (LNCS), Springer, Vol. 7281, May 2012. 15

16 Publications: Selected Conferences (1/2) C. Argyropoulos, G. Androulidakis, D. Kalogeras, B. Pietrzak, B. Belter, L. Lymberopoulos, V. Maglaris, "Network Virtualization over Heterogeneous Federated Infrastructures: Data Plane Connectivity", IFIP/IEEE Integrated Network Management Symposium (IEEE IM 2013), Ghent, Belgium, May 2013 S. Vocella, A. Monje, C. Velayos, F. Farina, C. Papagianni, V. Maglaris and M. Campanella, “Complex federated slices provisioning through SFA: The FEDERICA and NOVI joint experience”, TERENA Networking Conference 2013, Maastricht, Netherlands, 3-6 June 2013. C. Pittaras, M. Ghijsen and Wibisono, W. Adianto, P. Grosso., J. van der Ham, and C. de Laat, “ Semantic Distributed Resource Discovery for Multiple Resource Providers”, in Proc., In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids, Beijing, China, Oct 22-24, 2012 (SKG)

17 Publications: Selected Conferences (2/2) L. Lymberopoulos, P. Grosso, C. Papagianni, D. Kalogeras, G. Androulidakis, J. van der Ham, C. de Laat and V. Maglaris: Managing Federations of Virtualized Infrastructures: A Semantic-Aware Policy Based Approach. Third IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet (ManFI 2011), Dublin, Ireland, May 27, 2011. B. Hullár, S. Laki, J. Stéger, I. Csabai, and G. Vattay: SONoMA: A Service Oriented Network Measurement Architecture, TRIDENTCOM 2011, 17-19 April 2011, Shanghai, China (2011) J. van der Ham, C. Papagianni, J. Steger, P. Matray, Y. Kryftis, P. Grosso and L. Lymberopoulos, "Challenges of an Information Model for Federating Virtualized Infrastructures", In 5th International DMTF Academic Alliance Workshop on Systems and Virtualization Management: Standards and the Cloud, Paris 24 Oct. 2011 17

18 Need for Federated FI Testbeds: The NOVI Experience Validation of NOVI innovative services over small scale representative stitched testbeds – FEDERICA: controlled virtualized environment (networking and computing resources) - modeling a private virtualized Data Center (IaaS) with commercial middleware (VMware ESXi, Juniper Junos) – Private PlanetLab installations - modeling public cloud PaaS. NOVI relied on wide area networking resources (L2/L3 connectivity) and expertise from NRENs and GÉANT NOVI faced complex SW engineering issues for delivering a stable distributed approach – Building upon GENI and FIRE basic services 18

19 Lessons Learned Greatest challenge: to orchestrate a multi-national, multi-faceted consortium towards delivery of innovative FI services as stable proofs of concept The NOVI consortium combined: – Academic excellence (Universities &Research Centers) – SW development skills (Laboratories active in FI R&D) – Operational experience (NRENs) – Industrial insight of a major vendor (Cisco) NOVI profited from strong links with the global FI community (FIRE, GENI, NRENs, GÉANT, Internet2…) 19

20 Thank you…

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