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Manners, Grace and Social Harmony

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1 Manners, Grace and Social Harmony
Being a Good Citizen Manners, Grace and Social Harmony

2 Citizenship What is a citizen? What is social harmony? What is grace?
Rights Duties Responsibilities What is social harmony? What is grace?

3 What is a citizen? A citizen is an individual with certain rights and duties under a government and who, by birth or by choice, owes, allegiance to that government. Another word for allegiance is loyalty.

4 Rights and Responsibilities
We depend on others in the communities to fulfill our needs. Joel Westheimer and Joseph Kahne (2004) describe three types of citizen:

5 Personally Responsible Citizen
A personally responsible citizen has: honesty responsibility respect for the law

6 Participatory Citizen
as above but also believes that: understanding government voting in elections volunteering in the community are important traits

7 Justice Oriented Citizen
As above but also: fights for the rights of under-privileged often willing to suffer personal harm in their fight for justice sometimes lose focus on wider society and means to create change


9 Qualities of a Responsible Citizen
Obeys the law / respects authority Contributes to society and community / performs civic duty Loves his/her country – patriotism Courtesy and respects the rights of others Trust worthy and Honesty Tolerance Accountability Moral Courage Responsibility Self-Discipline

10 Qualities of a Responsible Citizen
Rights: things we can do because of law Duties: things we MUST do because of law Responsibilities: things we should do

11 Qualities of a Responsible Citizen
Using the sheet provided, Label each activity in the list as either a: Right Duty Responsibility



14 A Global Citizen Is aware of the wider world
Has a sense of their own role as a world citizen Respects and values diversity

15 A Global Citizen has understanding of how the world works:
Economically Politically Socially Culturally Technologically Environmentally

16 CREATE CHANGE A Global Citizen Is outraged by social injustice
Participates and contributes to community Is willing to make the world a more sustainable place Takes responsibility for their actions Celebrates diversity Recognizes that they can CREATE CHANGE


18 Social Harmony People of all faiths, ages, nationalities or colours living peacefully in mutual trust as a society, is social harmony. Concept dates back to ancient China. Confucius / Confucianism

19 Social Harmony Family is the basic unit of society:
A peaceful and harmonious family built upon 'Family Ethics' is the most fundamental component of a peaceful modern society. Parents Love / Devotion Children

20 Social Harmony Selfishness Hatred Poverty Sources of Chaos / Conflict

21 Social Harmony Four Divine Abodes
"By giving (others) freedom from fear, hostility and oppression, he himself will enjoy freedom from fear, hostility and oppression." - The Buddha Four Divine Abodes Loving kindness is a wish for the welfare and happiness of all beings. Compassion is the desire to alleviate the suffering of afflicted persons. Altruistic joy rejoices in the success and happiness of others. Equanimity is impartiality and freedom from bias. loving kindness altruistic joy compassion equanimity



24 Grace Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion. A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement. A sense of fitness or propriety. A disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill.



27 Now, Let’s look at your groups……

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