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CfC Stanbic Holdings Ltd Financial results For the half year ended 30 June 2013.

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1 CfC Stanbic Holdings Ltd Financial results For the half year ended 30 June 2013

2 Contents  Period in review  Financial analysis  Corporate and Investment Banking  Personal and Business Banking  Strategy and prospects  Q & A

3 Period in review Greg Brackenridge Chief Executive

4 2013 Operating environment  Headline inflation was just under 5% as at June 2013 compared to 10% in June 2012. Inflation is expected to rise in the second half of this year driven by unfavorable base effects and prices of crude oil which have firmed in recent months.  The Central Bank rate year on year has reduced to 8.5% as at June 2013 from 18% in June 2012. Further monetary policy easing is unlikely given the risk of weakening the exchange rate. Inflation expectations and the exchange rate will inform the direction of the monetary policy.  The Shilling’s current bias is to weaken, however higher foreign exchange reserves and policy tools ought to support the local currency. 4

5 Overview of the Group’s businesses  CIB is positioned to be the bank of choice for corporates, parastatals and international investors that will help deliver the 2030 vision in key sectors including infrastructure, agriculture, energy and manufacturing.  PBB is focused on the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger local corporates, tactically growing the branch footprint and increasing its service to its customers through e-channels such as mobile banking and internet banking.  The equity brokerage will benefit from investors exiting fixed income securities in view of lower returns and the expected domestic and international flows from investors looking for Kenya exposure in anticipation of strong growth. 5

6 CfC Stanbic Holdings Ltd (‘Group’) in brief  Total assets of Kes 151 billion (June 2012: Kes 157 billion).  Revenues of Kes 8,086 million (June 2012: Kes 6,643 million).  Profit after tax of Kes 2,202 million (June 2012: Kes1,213 million).  The Bank (CfC Stanbic Bank Limited) contributes 97% of revenue. 6

7 Financial highlights – Group performance Results reflect :  Customer loans have declined year on year by 3% mainly due to muted credit appetite coupled with early loan repayment by corporates, partly offset by PBB growth in customer assets.  Improved margins year on year mainly due to lower cost of funding which is explained by falling cost of deposits as well as reduced reliance by the bank on wholesale funding.  Global markets franchise has continued to deliver strong performance as a result of good money markets desk performance and improved margins and higher volumes in the foreign exchange flow.  Focus on cost discipline resulted in cost growth of only 9%, with expansion costs in South Sudan being the main driver of cost growth.  Operations within South Sudan yielded profits of Kes 197m whilst equity brokerage made profits of Kes 77m.  Non-performing loans have reduced 18% year on year due to a various repayments of debt in the last quarter of 2012. Decrease of proportion of CIB debt mainly due to recoveries of various CIB non-performing loans. 7

8 Awards received in 2013 The bank won the following awards:  Most customer-focused bank - KPMG  Best in transaction methods and systems - KPMG  Best bank in customer satisfaction - Banking awards 2013  Deal of the year - 2013 African banker awards Other awards received:  Best bank in Kenya Tier II (2 nd place) - Banking awards 2013  Best bank in vehicle and asset finance (3 rd place) - Banking awards 2013  Best bank in product marketing - Pure save (3 rd place) - Think business awards 2013 8

9 Detailed Financial Analysis Abraham Ongenge Financial Controller

10 Financial highlights 10 Income statement highlights Jun-13Jun-12 Var % Kes millions Total income (Kes million)8,0866,643 22% Profit before tax (Kes million)3,2361,780 82% Profit after tax (Kes million)2,2021,213 82% Balance sheet highlights (average balances) Jun-13Jun-12 Var % Kes millions Average loans and advances to customers (Kes millions) 64,33265,709(2%) Average customer deposits (Kes millions)86,54684,5212% Operational and credit efficiencies Net interest margin on average assets4.79%4.03% Cost-to-income ratio55.08%61.68% Credit loss ratio1.26%2.34% Non-performing loans to total loans2.20%2.59% Shareholder value Earnings per share (Shillings) 5.57 4.43 Return on equity (including goodwill)14.74%11.26% Return on equity (excluding goodwill)21.45%19.88% Return on assets (excluding goodwill)3.11%1.64%

11 Summarised group income statement 11

12 Revenue overview Breakdown of operating income Comments Total operating income by business unit  Total operating income has grown by 22% year-on- year.  Corporate and Investment Banking continues to be the main contributor of Group revenues. 12

13 Overview of income Gross revenue Net interest income and margin  Interest income has declined year on year due to reduced base rates from 24% in 2012 to 16% in 2013.  Margins have improved year on year due to lower cost of funding, this is partly because of falling market rates on deposits as well as reduced reliance by the bank on wholesale funding. Comments 13

14 Credit impairments Credit impairments charges & credit loss ratio Comments  Reduction in net credit impairment charges attributed to the lower loan book hence no increase in general debt provisions together with improved recoveries in 2013. 14

15 Jun-13Jun-12Var % Staff cost 2,036 1,73018% Other operating cost 2,418 2,3672% Total operating cost 4,453 4,0989% Expenses evolution Operating expenses Operating expenses breakdown Comments  Other operating expenses have grown by 2% reflective of the Group’s focus to contain cost growth.  Staff costs have grown 18% year on year. Staff costs in 2013 include 6 months staff costs for the South Sudan operations which opened in April 2012. 15

16 Summarised group balance sheet Jun-13Jun-12 Var Kes millions % Assets Financial investments 29,535 26,72811% Loans and advances to banks 16,046 32,151(50%) Loans and advances to customers 63,006 65,281(3%) Other assets 29,977 19,70752% Property and equipment 2,198 2,358(7%) Intangible assets 10,231 10,535(3%) Total assets 150,993 156,760(4%) Liabilities Deposits from banks 23,397 31,444(26%) Deposits from customers 83,074 83,764(1%) Borrowings 5,839 6,859(15%) Other liabilities 8,804 13,145(33%) Total liabilities 121,114 135,212(10%) Equity Total equity 29,879 21,54839% Liabilities and equity 150,993 156,760(4%) 16

17 Loans and advances Average loans and advances to customers Loans and advances by type Comments Loans and advances by business unit  Loans and advances to customers declined by 3% in 2013 due to reduced credit appetite as well as large loan repayments by corporates.  Increased diversification in the loan portfolio, with growth in the contribution of PBB to the loan portfolio. PBB loan book increased year on year by 4%. 17

18 Loans and advances performance Non-performing loans Comments Non-performing loans by business segment Non-performing loans by product  Non-performing loans have reduced year on year due to a various repayments of debt in the last quarter of 2012. Decrease of proportion of CIB debt mainly due to recoveries of various CIB non-performing loans. 18

19 Deposits Average customer deposits Breakdown of deposits Deposit contribution by business unit Comments  Focus over the year has been to grow core balances (current accounts and savings accounts). Fixed deposits balances have declined year on year as a result of this, and so has funding cost to the Bank. 19

20 Funding, liquidity and capital  Total assets funded mainly from deposits.  The liquidity and capital requirements have been complied with for the period. Liquidity ratio (Bank only) Capital adequacy (Bank only) Funding mix Comments 20

21 Group shareholder value Shillings Earnings per share Return on equity and Return on assets (excluding goodwill) 21

22 Corporate and Investment Banking Mike Blades Regional head, Corporate and Investment Banking (East Africa)

23 CIB - Income statement and key ratios Jun-13Jun-12Var Kes millions % Net interest income 2,0861,72421 Non-interest revenue 3,9843,07630 Total income 6,0704,80026 Net interest margin (%) (on total assets) 3.6%2.8% NPL/total loan ratio (%) 0.09%0.89% Total loans (Kes millions) 51,66073,350(30) Deposits 75,70490,817(17) Total assets 115,936122,835(6) Contribution to total income by product Contribution to total income by revenue type 23

24 CIB Strategic Aspirations  Group CIB: “We aspire to be the leading Corporate and Investment Banking business in, for and across Africa, with a specialisation in natural resources.”  CIB Kenya:  “To be the dominant CIB franchise in Kenya and the hub of the leading East African franchise.”  Our core purpose will be driven by customer first, accountability, simplicity, reliability and value for money.  CIB to contribute to CfC Stanbic’s aspiration of being a top-four bank in Kenya.  What does winning mean for us?: Be the most profitable and efficient CIB business, measured by ROE and Cost to Income Ratio. Creating sustainable client revenues which will form the bulk of our CIB’s overall revenue. 24

25 Key achievements in 2013  Maintained market leadership in global markets and investment banking, with several high profile franchise building transactions.  Awarded ‘Best in Transaction Methods and Systems’ by KPMG and ‘Deal of the Year Award’ in the Africa Banker Awards through the involvement in the USD 67 Million Umeme IPO deal, the largest IPO in the Uganda Stock Exchange to date.  Deepened our penetration of existing clients to win key mandates and deliver sophisticated solutions to both the corporate and government sectors.  Implementing the Client Engagement Model in ensuring that we create sustainable client revenues.  Drive the culture of client budgeting and client profitability (ROE).  Strengthened focus and operational efficiency of transactional products and services (TPS) business, leading to increased interest income and fees and commissions.  Contained credit impairment charges and non-performing loans through improvement in asset quality and significant recoveries. 25

26 Key focus areas for the second half of the year  Remain intensely focused on serving our customers and raise the overall customer experience.  Grow the customer franchise – assets, liabilities, Non Interest Revenue.  Position ourselves to take advantage of emerging industries- Oil & Gas and Mining.  Continue to capitalize on our regional and Group footprint.  Delivering a competitive transactional banking platform that fulfils clients’ needs. Core banking system implementation/upgrades: improve system stability and capability; serve customers more accurately and efficiently.  Continue building our business in South Sudan which has continued to perform in line with expectations.  Continued focus on developing our human capital to retain leadership in key products and build them across our chosen industry segments. 26

27 Personal and Business Banking Ben Wandawanda Head, Business Banking

28 PBB – Summary financial information Jun-13Jun-12Var Kes millions % Net interest income1,5331,4327 Non-interest revenue48341118 Total income 2,0161,8439 Net interest margin (%) (on total assets) 8.7%8.4% NPL/total loan ratio (%) 4.89%4.29% Total loans (Kes millions) 27,39224,08214 Deposits 30,76624,39126 Total assets 35,05733,9253 Contribution to total income by business unit Contribution to total income by revenue type 28

29 Key achievements in 2013  Grew customer deposits by 26% and customer loans by 14%.  Revenue has grown by 9%, impacted by reduction in base rates in 2013.  Rated “Most customer-focused bank” by KPMG and “Best bank in customer satisfaction” by Think Business Banking Awards 2013.  Grew customer numbers by 8%.  Increased market share in Instalment sales (VAF). 29

30 Key focus areas for the second half of the year  Overarching strategy: Retain existing clients. Acquire new to bank clients. Value for money and transparency.  Enhanced service delivery.  Balance sheet Asset growth focus.  Income statement Interest margin management. Fees and commission – focus on Business Banking.  Grow market share in our targeted markets – Business Banking & targeted Personal Banking segments.  Further invest in distribution network.  People – retain and recruit the best. 30

31 Strategy and prospects Greg Brackenridge Chief Executive

32 Where are we now?  Significant investment in infrastructure, core banking system and people over the past three years.  Achieving scale in our Personal and Business Banking business: o Number of branches (21) has doubled since the merger between CfC Bank and Stanbic Bank Kenya. o ATMs (41) have increased as have partnerships with other service providers to provide greater access to our banking services.  Growing transactional volumes.  Responsibly growing our balance sheet.  Cost increases have been largely in line with expectations. However, there is still need to drive better efficiency – further decrease in cost to income ratio expected. 32

33 Looking forward We expect the following changes in our operating environment:  Credit growth expected, especially due to reduction in base rates;  Relatively stable exchange rate. In the short term the Group will focus on the following objectives:  Consolidation of CIB market position;  Expansion in South Sudan;  Growth in the PBB business;  Growth of the equity franchise. 33

34 Medium term goals  Cost discipline – target CIR of 55%.  ROE performance – target of 20%+.  Non Interest Revenue as a proportion of total income – target of 50%.  Funding mix – increase share of core accounts (transactional, current and savings accounts).  Increase PBB contribution to PAT and balance sheet. 34

35 Contact Details Marna Roets Chief Operations Officer +254 20 363 8310 Edwin Mucai Chief Financial Officer +254 20 363 8601 35

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