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Investor Presentation Mission Statement - To leverage technology and the global apparel appetite for the enhancement of community and.

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1 Investor Presentation Mission Statement - To leverage technology and the global apparel appetite for the enhancement of community and the improvement of human well- being. -Robert Friskney

2 Safe Harbor Statement This Presentation contains certain information regarding the current and planned operations and business of ClosetFox, LLC. (Or the “Company”), including information regarding the projected financial performance of the Company. This Presentation has been provided to the recipient solely for the purpose of assisting the recipient in deciding whether to proceed with an in-depth investigation of the Company in accordance with procedures established by the Company. By reviewing this Presentation, the recipient hereby agrees, among other things, to keep the information contained herein and the existence of this Presentation and associates Business Plan confidential and to restrict the use of any information contained herein to those people within the recipient’s organization or its designated representatives who have been informed of the confidential nature of such information and who need to have such information in connection with the organization’s evaluation of the Company. This Presentation has been prepared by ClosetFox, LLC. and affiliated persons based on internally developed information, as well as information from public and private sources, including trade and statistical sources commonly used in the industry. Neither this Presentation or the Business Plan does not purport to contain all of the information that may be required to evaluate all of the factors that could be relevant to a recipient in considering a transaction with the Company. The Company makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of either the material contained herein or any other written or oral information provided by the Company to the recipient, and no liability shall attach thereto. Nothing contained in this Presentation or Business Plan is, or should be relied on as, a promise or representation as to the future. The projected financial information contained herein was prepared expressly for use herein and is based upon the stated assumptions and the Company’s analysis of information available at the time that this Business Plan was prepared. There is no presentation, warranty, or other assurance that any of the projections set forth herein will be realized. This Business Plan does not purport to contain all of the information that may be required to evaluate the Company and any recipient hereof should conduct its own independent investigation and analysis of the business described herein.

3 Leadership Robert Friskney, Founder & CEO – Former CMO, StoryBoardIT, COO, Global WiFi, 20 year industry professional. Orlando Fernandez, CFO – Former Senior Tax Auditor, Florida Department of Revenue – BS Accounting, BA Business Management Pablo Tola, CTO – Former CTO, (Forbes top 20, 2009) – BS Computer Science R. Stacy Sneeden, Technical Advisor – North Carolina State University Physics & Mathematics Robert Wright, Director – MBA in Finance from Columbia University Melissa Friskney, Vice President

4 Company Profile ClosetFox is the first global aggregator of buyers and sellers in the $450 billion apparel market built on community intelligence Over 35 years of combined internet business intelligence and web development capabilities Brought to market three new software and internet business solutions Established track record for managing organizational units ClosetFox is Visionary and intellectually sound

5 The Opportunity On average, children between the ages 0 and 18 need a new wardrobe 3 times a year. This comes out to approximately $30,000 spent per child over this time period The economy is forcing malls and smaller clothing shops to close, leaving designers with fewer outlets to show and market their designs Families have few options to turn gently used clothing items into much needed cash for buying new clothing or paying bills Each year, over 10 billion pounds of clothing is discarded in landfills The average consumer purchased 48 new pieces of clothing in 2008. Rates of consumer discard, meanwhile, rose by 10 percent throughout the 1990s, according to Goodwill

6 Solution Create a unique online platform that aggregates a global community of apparel buyers and sellers Create a site that allows members to create unique profiles for themselves and others and share these profiles with members outside of the primary account Allow apparel designers and sellers to be able to market new; over stock apparel and accessories to members with pin-point accuracy Construct a built-in email campaign generator targeting the exact demographic that meets the specific criteria for the items to be sold

7 Business Model ClosetFox is an Internet-based platform that enables consumers to take more control of their overall shopping experience in the apparel industry. ClosetFox represents a paradigm shift in e-commerce by allowing subscribers to create community-based stores targeted specifically to individual customers. The application maintains a member database, allows subscribers to create direct marketing campaigns, builds a community based upon common interests, and provides an unparalleled personal shopping experience.



10 Market Size Over 307 million people in the U.S. and 6.7 billion worldwide consume over $450 billion in apparel each year. The Company expects that.001% of the global population will create an account on Tweens - $24 billion buying power Adaptive Apparel Market - $33 billion market – Big and Tall – Dwarfism – Health Care and Nursing Home Residents – Special Needs Adults and Children

11 Revenue Model Free Membership (selling items - Amazon type experience) only $1.00 per transaction 4 Subscriber types – SMB (boutiques and small retail) $29.95 / mo + – Not-for-profit (Goodwill) $79.95 / mo + – Industry Professional (designers) $39.95/ mo + – Retail (GAP, Macy’s) $499 / mo + Direct Marketing Portal ($.05 per recipient) Advertising (Ad placement / Pay-per-click) Data Mining (based on required data)

12 5 Year Revenue Projections Year 1 Revenue $ 129,782m $ 52,156m * * $ 216,376m $ 547,717m $ 368,173m Year 2Year 3 * Accelerated Organic Growth Accretive Viral Acquisitions Target +$550M recurring revs 1.5* Revs  $825M valuation * Year 4 Projections based on subscriber fees and commissions earned from site sales Year 5

13 Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing: (SMM) – Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin /closetfox (already established) Email Advertising Education Seminars with Partners and Sponsoring Trade Organizations Trade Shows Magazine Advertising

14 Exit Strategy ClosetFox is positioning to be sold to an online behemoth like Amazon, Microsoft, or Google Current NDA is already in place with Amazon We anticipate the sale of ClosetFox or IPO before the end of the 5 th year

15 Investment $300,000 owner inventment Seeking $2.1 million – Installment one $700,000 Development Marketing – Installment two $1.4 million further market development Promotion Extend working capital Optional Investor Benefits Preferred Stock Liquidation preference Board and information rights Anti-dilution Participation rights

16 Nut Shell 1,668,870,408 internet users (most wear clothes) 10,000 US apparel manufactures Unparalleled market opportunity The only internet platform designed specifically to aggregate apparel buyers and sellers…globally A management team with experience to succeed ClosetFox is already drawing interest from prospects Relatively small investment for huge ROI

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