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United Way of Mumbai As Charity Partners to the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon- India’s biggest charity fundraising event. Digital Resource Center.

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1 United Way of Mumbai As Charity Partners to the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon- India’s biggest charity fundraising event. Digital Resource Center

2 India- NGO sector Nearly 3.3 million NGOs of varying legitimacy and credibility. Sector is deeply fragmented with issues of scale and credibility. Barring a few established professionally run NGOs, majority are resource starved and without crucial professional resources. Very few platforms exist which can be used by NGOs with minimum investment to leverage their visibility and fundraising capacity. The high cost of creating a successful fundraising event along with the lack of qualified personnel are a major deterrent. 2

3 United Way of Mumbai (UWM) Driven by a high caliber board, UWM has acquired great credibility and goodwill. Our work in our community and extended collaborations with partner NGOs has positioned UWM as a leader organization in the sector. Our cause neutral, collaborative community impact nature makes us an ideal organization to unite all causes together to address the common needs. In 2008 a decision was taken by the board to address the increasing need to put together a credible platform for giving by connecting donors to beneficiaries through partnering NGOs. Since the costs of creating our own fundraising event and promoting it was high, we looked at popular existing events which had the potential for raising funds for charity. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon was the perfect fit. 3

4 The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) One of India’s largest sporting events- started in 2004. Asia’s biggest marathon with international participation of world class athletes. Unites first time fun runners to marathon veterans across age, disability, social categories. Approximately 40,000 people run every year. Over 100,000 apply. High visibility event with widespread media coverage. IAAF Gold Label certified event. 4

5 Why the SCMM as a fundraising event? Strong historical association between running and running for a cause. (The London Marathon is the highest fundraising event in the world) Professionally managed, promoted and executed. Popularity of the event and oversubscription for running spots offered great opportunity in creating a charity aspect to address demand. Event managements belief and willingness to build a charity component to the event. Perfect medium to promote causes without investing in event management or promotion 5

6 Why the SCMM from our perspective? Great recognition and leverage in the media, corporate, city authorities and development sector as charity partners to the event. Builds strong connect and engagement with our key stakeholders, corporate and NGO’s. Forum for brand building and creating visibility in an event widely covered across countries. Great opportunity for creating significant community impact Financially stable program with self sustaining retention generation. 6

7 Our approach as charity partners Objectives: 1.Help raise funds for participating NGOs. 2.Help create as much visibility for participating NGOs To achieve this we aimed to: Create a strong linkage between the event and fundraising. Establish absolute credibility and confidence in the charity platform. Create a empowering and gratifying donor experience. Build on the capacities of participating NGOs to leverage the event to their advantage. Invest in technology & resources to handle the intensive backend support functions 7

8 Our Role as the Charity Partner Serve as a philanthropic exchange for charities and non profits. Develop the event as a convenient, efficient and credible platform to give. Create, build and communicate the Marathon Charity Structure. Maintain a fair and level playing field with equal opportunities for all participating NGOs Facilitate & supplement pledge raising efforts of individuals, companies and NGOs. Managing Donor registrations, race day logistics and receiving donation pledges. Accounting and providing tax benefit certificates to donors. Communications: Newsletters, presentations on fund raising. Capacity building of participating NGOs to utilize the platform to raise funds and visibility for themselves. 8

9 What this involves Committed Leadership – capacity to connect with the social sector and corporate sector. Committed resources- personnel, infrastructure, processes. Adherence to timelines, schedules Investment in consolidating presence in the social sector Creating a great donor experience. Ensuring goodwill generation for all stakeholders. 9

10 10 2014 JunJulAugSepOctNovDec Jan 2015 FebMar 2015 Charity Function 3/20/2015 Race Day 1/18/2015 Corporate Challenge 9/1/2014 Charity Bib Allocations 7/14/2014 NGO registraions 7/1/2014 Charity Structure 6/20/2014 Charity Bib submission 9/8/2014 - 11/28/2014 Corporate challenge 9/8/2014 - 10/17/2014 Fundraising Pages 9/15/2014 - 1/17/2015 Dream team registrations 11/3/2014 - 1/9/2015 Fund Reconciliation & Disbursement 1/31/2015 - 3/13/2015 Timelines Begins with the release of the charity structure of the year in June Concludes with the charity awards function in March. The SCMM is held on the 3 rd Sunday of January.

11 4 categories of giving categories Corporate: Corporate Challenge ( Corporate team participation by contributing to charity) Individuals: Dream Team ( Committed fundraisers with target and participation benefits) Charity Bibs ( running spots at a premium) We care ( Online fundraising pages for individuals) 11

12 The Charity Structure ( Annexure 1) Organized and structured charity process. Due diligence of all participating NGOs in order to qualify to register and receive donations. Level playing field for all NGOs regardless of size and cause. Assurance to donors of financial transparency and oversight on donations. Fund raising efforts of donors publicized on event and UWM website and in the charity event and docket. Allocation of running bibs to charity. 25% of all available running bibs is handled by UWM to help raise funds for NGOs 60% of charity bibs are allocated for corporate participation 38% of charity bibs are allocated to participating NGOs to raise funds against each bib. 2% of charity bibs are reserved for individual fundraisers committing to raise high target amounts. 12

13 Processes Every specific activity involving external stakeholders has been broken down into easy to understand and follow processes supported by forms & instructions eg NGO/corporate/dream team registrations, Charity bib allocation/submission, Pledge forms etc. In order to simplify processes, only information that is absolutely essential is requested. All internal processes related to offline funds- Tracking, reconciling & disbursement have independent crosschecks in order to ensure accuracy. Online fundraising pages have a custom built web based database management software which tracks funds, settles transactions and sends tax exemption receipts. 13

14 Achievements India’s largest fund raising platform. Has raised USD 19.96 million for over 400 NGO’s over the past 11 years SCMM 2014 had 269 screened and vetted NGOs registered with UWM 175 Corporations fielded 256 teams SCMM’14 raised Rs 20.11 Crores ( USD 3.65 Million) through 16564 donors. Achievements of each year are documented in a charity docket published each year. Docket for SCMM 2014 ( Annexure 2) 14

15 Thank You! UWM Team & Volunteers at SCMM 2014

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