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Future Vision: Overview The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Rotary International 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO1.

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1 Future Vision: Overview The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Rotary International 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO1

2 Rotary Foundation Motto & Mission Doing Good in the World To enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty Endorsed by 2007 Council on Legislation 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO2

3 Success of The Rotary Foundation Over the past three decades, The Rotary Foundation has seen the variety, use, and demand for its programs increase. 10,000 matching grants were issued in the 35 years between 1965 and The second 10,000 were issued in just 4 years between 2000 to Staff was drowning in paperwork – something had to be done. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO3

4 Rotary’s Future Vision Plan 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO4

5 Rotary’s Future Vision Plan The Future Vision Plan is a major strategic shift – both for Rotary International and for The Rotary Foundation. It establishes strategic priorities for large- scale projects. It returns decision making to the local districts for smaller-scale projects. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO5

6 SAME FOUNDATION FUNDS Future Vision Retains the Existing Ways to Give 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO6

7 TRF FUNDS The Annual Programs Fund [SHARE] – shared with clubs and districts The Permanent Fund – an endowment fund. Designated Funds [like PolioPlus] – used only as directed. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO7

8 SAME SHARE SYSTEM Future Vision Retains the Existing Share System 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO8

9 SHARE System Annual Fund Contributions SHARE system 50% Returned to Districts 50% to the World Fund Invested 3 Years Our contributions to the Annual SHARE Fund are invested for three years. TRF returns half of it to our district three years later for District Grants. The other half goes to the World Fund for Packaged and Global Grants. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO9

10 SHARE System The more we gave three years ago – the more District Designated Funds (DDF) we get for next year! 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO Earnings pay the administrative expenses.

11 THE NEW GRANT MODEL Foundation staff was drowning in paperwork. Many projects were targeted poorly and the public was often unaware of Rotary’s good work. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO11

12 New Grant Model Uses resources more effectively: – Under the new model, 80% of the budget will support high-impact, sustainable projects. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO12

13 New Grant Model Plan for a future without Polio: – The eradication of Polio will enhance the Foundation’s image and open up opportunities for new humanitarian initiatives. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO13

14 New Grant Model Enhance Rotary’s public image: – Greater recognition for Rotary’s work will lead to increased interest in joining Rotary and supporting our civic and humanitarian efforts. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO14

15 New Grant Model Streamline operations: – Automated grant applications simplify the Rotarian authorization process, allow quicker grant disbursements, and make accessing Foundation grants easier for Rotarians. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO15

16 Three Grant Types Grants have been reduced from 12 types to just three kinds. DISTRICT GRANTS GLOBAL GRANTS PACKAGED GRANTS 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO16

17 Three Grant Types DISTRICT GRANTS Block grants allow clubs and districts to address immediate needs in their communities and abroad Highly flexible Generally smaller in size 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO17

18 Three Grant Types Range from $15,000 to $200,000 Fund large international projects, vocational training teams, and scholarships Strengthen local knowledge, skills and resources Have sustainable, measurable outcomes Support one of the six areas of focus GLOBAL GRANTS 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO18

19 Three Grant Types Pre-designed projects undertaken with Rotary’s strategic partners Allow for club and district participation Support the areas of focus PACKAGED GRANTS 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO19

20 Highly Leveraged Funding Cash from the sponsoring club and district is matched 50% by TRF DDF from the sponsoring club and district is matched 100% by TRF Cash from the (receiving) host club and host district is matched 50% by TRF DDF from the (receiving) host club and host district is matched 100% by TRF 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO20

21 Highly Leveraged Funding ALL IN A SINGLE PROJECT So, our club puts up some cash and DDF Then our district adds cash and/or DDF The host club adds more cash/DDF The host district adds still more... AND – TRF provides matches for all of that to fund the project. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO21


23 Areas of Focus Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Disease Prevention and Treatment Water and Sanitation Maternal and Child Health Basic Education and Literacy Economic and Community Development 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO23

24 SIMPLIFIED PROCESSING Applications are made on-line On-line directories of projects needing funds and clubs with available money Accountability and management stay local 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO24

25 Vocational Training Teams Districts can still run GSE programs In addition, new Vocational Training Teams expand the concept and return to the vocational roots of GSE – Many Rotarians can join a team (instead of just one) – Builds capacity through teaching or learning vocational skills – Stays can extend over longer time frames 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO25

26 Why Contribute Our communities need your continued support. By giving to the Annual [SHARE] Fund every year: You can help build peace in our world. You can be the book in a child’s hands. You can help to alleviate poverty. 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO26

27 For More Information Our club’s Rotary Foundation Chair is Phil Savage Our district’s Rotary Foundation Director is Helene Kalfuss Go to for district information about FUTURE Go to – Search on “Future Vision” 11/25/2012ROTARY CLUB OF SAN BERNARDINO27

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