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Employment…. The First Step to Financial Independence Freda Randoph Glenn, San Francisco DCSS Baljit Atwal, Stanislaus County DCSS Bruce Merchant, Stanislaus.

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2 Employment…. The First Step to Financial Independence Freda Randoph Glenn, San Francisco DCSS Baljit Atwal, Stanislaus County DCSS Bruce Merchant, Stanislaus County Alliance WorkNet

3 Agenda  Transitions SF  Pathways To Self-Sufficiency  A key partnership

4 Transitions SF Department of Labor Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration City and County of San Francisco Freda Randolph Glenn Operations Manager

5 Project Overview Grant-funded initiative to provide enhanced case management and transitional employment services to low-income noncustodial parents who have a child support obligation and who live in San Francisco.

6 Key Partners Office of Economic and Workforce Development Department of Child Support Services Goodwill Industries Human Services Agency

7 Partners: Roles and Responsibilities SF Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD): ✷ Contractual and project management lead ✷ Federal reporting ✷ Evaluation Coordinator SF Department of Child Support Services: ✷ Outreach and recruitment to noncustodial parents ✷ Facilitate data collection of contact/enrollment information from recruited individuals ✷ Random assignment ✷ Child support case management SF Goodwill Industries: ✷ Manage all aspects of enhanced employment programming ✷ Leads client services/wrap around supports and coordinated case management among partners ✷ Development of transitional and permanent jobs Human Services Agency: ✷ Employment placement assistance (based on tier assessment)

8 Participant Recruitment: NCP Eligibility 121+ days delinquent San Francisco resident NCP must be less than age 60 Have an open child support case (pre-order, existing order, or arrears only) Able to work legally in the US Registered with Selective Service (males ages 18-26) Verified social security number

9 Participant Recruitment: Internal Direct Outreach to Eligible Participants: Cold-calls Mail campaign (letters, flyers, and postcards) Dedicated RSVP telephone number Community-based organizations

10 Participant Recruitment: Judicial Court-Ordered Participants: Parent is ordered to appear in Court (Motion to Modify or OSC Work Search) Court considers modification of existing support order Court considers eligibility criteria for Transitions SF Court orders parent to attend Transitions SF orientation event Court monitors for compliance with orders and parent reappears at Court as required

11 Participant Recruitment: Orientation To ensure that parents who are eligible and willing to do what it takes are given the opportunity to participate in Transitions SF, the opportunity is presented over a four day period… First Day – Tuesday - Orientation Second Day – Wednesday - No activity Third Day – Thursday - Random Assignment Fourth Day – Friday – SF Goodwill

12 Participant Recruitment: Orientation During Orientation: Confirmation of eligibility Learn about transitional employment opportunity and additional child support program services Meet grant partners and learn about incentives for compliant participation Complete ETJD consent forms Provide contact information Receive bus tokens and appointment for random assignment

13 Participant Recruitment: Incentives SF DCSS: ✷ Guideline order consideration ✷ License Match and Bank Levy enforcement suppression Service Provider (Goodwill Industries): ✷ Subsidized employment ✷ Unsubsidized employment placement assistance ✷ Weekly participation stipends (JRT, educational pursuits, employment seeking efforts, unsubsidized employment retention) ✷ Skill-appropriate employment placement (3 tiers) with opportunity for advancement Law Enforcement Partners (Probation and Parole): ✷ Consideration for early release from supervision terms

14 Participant Recruitment: Random Assignment Parents are required to appear at DCSS 2 days after orientation Caseworkers enter data gathered into the DOL MIS System for tracking number With tracking number parents are randomly assigned to “Control” or “Treatment” Relevant stipulations are signed by parent and filed with the Court

15 Participant Recruitment: Judicial Process Upon voluntary enrollment into Transitions SF, Court modifies order according to transitional job wages and will consider off-guideline support amounts as appropriate. Court engages parent during program participation and monitors for step-up orders as income increases If parent fails to comply with Court orders, a bench warrant may be issued. Court will order a reasonable liquidation rate on arrears

16 Outcomes and Next Steps Program Duration ✷ 22 participant cohorts ✷ Monthly cohort enrollment 11/17/2011 through 12/10/2013 ✷ Program sunset 6/30/2015 Enrollment ✷ 1,000 participants Unsubsidized Employment Placements (as of 2/20/2015) ✷ 291 participants (goal = 300) Child Support Collections (as of 1/31/2015) ✷ $1,786,146.88 Formal evaluation by Federal evaluator in progress ✷ Entered Employment Rate ✷ Employment Retention Rate ✷ Criminal Recidivism Rate ✷ Average earnings ✷ Child Support Payment Consistency

17 Pathways To Self-Sufficiency OCSE Child Support Parent Employment Demonstration Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services Baljit Atwal Assistant Director

18 CSPED/PASS Goal of CSPED/PASS Target population Working Together The First Years Outcomes

19 To increase reliable child support payments among unemployed and underemployed parents, thereby improving child wellbeing and avoiding public costs. Goal of CSPED

20 Valid SSN Lack of regular payments due to unemployment Paternity IV-D Program Who qualifies?

21 Building a Partnership to Assist Shared Customers Child Support Courts Alliance Worknet Center for Human Services Shared Customer -Unemployed -Barriers to Employment -Not compliant with Court Ordered Child Support Center for Human Services Women’s Haven Center

22 How We Work Together Identify & Recruit Informed consent Baseline survey RA 750/750 DV screen Enhanced CS Modify Orientations PASS Calendar Employ Training Job search Placement Retention Guide Parenting Sessions On My Shoulders Child Support Courts Alliance Worknet Center for Human Services Women’s Haven Center Train- Treat DV Referrals Train Staff

23 I got extra services! Now what? Enhanced Child Support Court Job Training and Job Search Parenting Support Sessions Women’s Haven Center

24 Year One Submission of fatherhood curriculum and domestic violence plan for approval from OCSE; Developed and finalized plans with key partners; Worked with State for unique Arrears Reduction Plan Limited Outreach and Education Random Assignment Enrollment began October 2013

25 Year Two (AKA Year 1 for Enrollment) Mid-course corrections Refine processes The first few months ? ? Results: Leading all sites By September !

26 Enrollment in the Program Updated: 3/9/15 Child Support Parent Employment Demonstration Enrollment Trends Oct 2013 Nov 2013 Dec 2013 Jan 2014 Feb 2014 Mar 2014 Apr 2014 May 2014 Jun 2014 Jul 2014 Aug 2014 Sep 2014 Oct 2014 Nov 2014 Dec 2014 Jan 2015 Feb 2015 Mar 2015 Total Stanislaus County Target by month1445 779 Actual by month1114173022334053114120788056503922165800 Target cumulative14591041491942392843293744194645095545996446897347791620 Actual cumulative1125427294127167220334454532612668718757779795800 Percent of Cumulative Target79%42%40%48% 53%59%67%89%108%115%120%121%120%118%113%108%103%41%

27 Enrollment Results of PASS Grant Number of Participants Enrolled 40% 53% 89% 117% First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter 40% Year One

28 Success

29 Modesto Nuts

30 More Outreach

31 Stanislaus County Alliance Worknet Bruce Merchant Employment Services Supervisor

32 Alliance WorkNet – Who Are We? FUNDING – DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT (WIA) Effective 7/1/15 – Changing to WIOA WORKFORCE INNOVATION & OPPORTUNITY ACT ■Target Populations: ■ Displaced Workers ■ Unemployment & Underemployed ■ Low Income Youth w/ Barriers

33 Services Provided Career Resource Centers (Nationally branded as America’s Job Center) Computer & resources to assist with job search activities General information workshops Connection with EDD staff & services Intensive & Training Services Networking Sessions – Occupational Clusters Staff Assistance – guidance, coaching, specialized services Vocational Training & On-the-Job-Training/Employment Supportive Services

34 Connections & Services For Businesses/Employers Stanislaus Business Alliance (Economic Development) Business Development Managers – (Single point of contact) Annual Top Projected Growth Occupations List: Used for Vocational Training approval Labor Market Information: Hiring Trends Targeted Job Seeker Recruitments

35 Pilot Project Partnership Activities Staffing Structure Overview: Project Funded Staff Job Placement Specialists Vocational Training Specialists Seamlessness of Services

36 Pilot Project Specialized Services Enhanced Entry Services Common Issues, Concerns, Barriers Non-Employment-Ready Customers Currently Employed Customers

37 Successes to Share: Outcomes

38 Freda Randolph Glenn City and County of San Francisco Department of Child Support Services Operations Manager (415) 356 2901 * Baljit Atwal Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services Assistant Director (209) 558 1414 * Bruce Merchant Stanislaus County Alliance WorkNet Employment Services Supervisor (209) 558 7748


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