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Managed Premises Firewall. 2 Common IT Security Challenges Does my network security protect my IT environment and sensitive data and meet the regulatory.

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1 Managed Premises Firewall

2 2 Common IT Security Challenges Does my network security protect my IT environment and sensitive data and meet the regulatory compliances? How do I keep my cloud based servers, IT assets and MPLS network protected from malicious intruders and malware? How do I get my limited IT staff refocused on strategic revenue generating initiatives? How can I lower or eliminate the CAPEX and OPEX of deploying and managing multiple firewall devices at all my locations?

3 3 Security & Compliance Issues are Critical and Growing Approximately 80 percent of small businesses that experience a data breach go bankrupt or suffer severe financial losses within two years of a security breach. - Small Business Computing Magazine 93% of companies that have lost their data center for 10 days or more have filed for bankruptcy within one year. - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Number of Breaches by Threat Type Source: Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report

4 4 These Headlines Are All-Too-Common

5 5 Cost of Security Compromises $5.85M - average cost of data breach in US, growing 15% over last year (IBM/Ponemon Institute 2014) – Average US lost business cost: $3.3M in customer turnover, increased customer acquisition activities, reputation losses and diminished goodwill $148M – cost of Target breach and ousted CEO (Forbes) 10 hours of unplanned downtime has potential cost from $125,000 for an SMB to as much as $17M for an enterprise firm (IDC) How much can you afford to lose? $ $

6 6 Concerned about protecting critical assets? Do you have a firewall? How old is it? Do you have VoIP traffic passing through the firewall? Who monitors your firewall? Do you have the time and expertise to ensure that your firewall policies are tested to ensure effectiveness? How are you protecting against new threats from the Internet? How and when do you implement vulnerability and system patches? Do you know if you any PC’s have unlicensed or unapproved software, and how do you monitor this? What regulatory requirements apply to your company’s handling of data? How do you ensure compliance? Has your company ever experienced any security breaches? What was the impact of the breach? If so, consider these questions: ? ?

7 7 Managed Security Services Benefits Peace of Mind – Minimize risk and protect your business’ mission-critical information Save Money – Lower operational costs and upfront capital expense associated with managing, monitoring and securing your infrastructure Make Your Life Easier – Comply with government and industry regulations through proactive security monitoring, documented security policies and procedures Save Time – Shift the burden of security management to EarthLink – On-demand reporting provides easy access and visibility to your critical business assets

8 Provides Unified Threat Management (UTM) Security experts on EarthLink staff support your business EarthLink proactively maintains latest security patches Protects against theft Protects your key business information assets 24/7 Reduces need for security experts on staff Eliminates maintenance and management of customer-owned firewall Improves network performance by blocking data from non-approved sites, applications and content Managed Premises Firewall

9 Select Managed Premises Firewall Package to Meet Your Needs Managed Premises Firewall Basic Package Premium Package Firewall with Stateful Inspection A firewall blocks attacks by inspecting traffic, keeping track of valid sessions across the network and filtering traffic that looks suspect so that it cannot pass into the network. xx Number of Sites A site can be a company location or it can be services located within a data center. EarthLink MPLS not required. Any number of locations Configuration backup and restore The configuration of your security device is backed up, so that in the event of hardware failure, the original configuration can be restored to a new device. xx URL Filtering URL Filtering uses a method called Whitelist and Blacklist for filtering. A whitelist is a list of URLs that are allowed. Conversely, a blacklist is a list of URLs that are denied. x Content Filtering Allows you to choose categories of websites to block at the firewall. This feature can be used to block or allow access to common Internet categories like Social Networking (e.g., Facebook, Google and MySpace) x Intrusion Detection System (IDS) IDS monitors network and/or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and reports them, but does not stop them. x Antivirus/Malware/ Spyware Antivirus is used to prevent, detect and remove malware. Malware is software designed to secretly access a computer system without the owner’s consent. Spyware is a type of malware that can be installed on computers to collect small pieces of information about users without their knowledge. x Application Control Uses dynamic application identification engines that recognize applications based on their behavior. By coupling application control policies with sophisticated security features, you can achieve a more granular level of security at the individual application level or by managing categories of applications. x

10 10 Managed Premises Firewall Basic Package Includes: Firewall with stateful inspection NAT & PAT Benefits: Keeps track of the state of network connections Has the ability to identify legitimate packets for different types of connections Only packets matching a known active connection will be allowed to pass through the firewall Rejects all other packets Can be customized to allow or block ports and protocols

11 11 Managed Premises Firewall Premium Package Includes : Basic Package plus… URL Filtering (whitelist & blacklist) Web Content Filtering Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware via scanning of data streams Benefits : Specify which websites should be accessible (whitelisted) or blocked (blacklisted) at the firewall using URL Filtering Choose categories of websites to block or allow at the firewall such as pornography, racism & hate, and arts & entertainment using Web Content Filtering. May also be set at category/sub-category level allowing for more granular security control Application Control to manage the type of applications that can access data outside the firewall. Permit or block non-approved application categories such as chat or peer-to-peer clients to improve productivity and protect valuable company information. Allow specific applications to operate through the firewall using Application Control even though the application category itself may be blocked The ability to identify malicious content within a data stream to both log and block via IPS The system detects, logs and blocks harmful software (malware, viruses & tracking software) from entering network

12 12 Why EarthLink? Security experts to help you mitigate risks, achieve and maintain industry compliance requirements while driving down the total cost of securing and managing your IT systems Private MPLS infrastructure and nationwide footprint Advanced features including Application Control, Antivirus/Malware/Spyware, Intrusion Detection System Personalized support from EarthLink’s IT consultants - an extension of your IT staff Online portal will consistently monitor your network and automatically open trouble tickets

13 13 EarthLink Managed Security Solutions Managed Security provides a comprehensive suite of security services to manage and protect your network assets – Managed Firewall Managed Premises Firewall Data Center Firewall – Secure Remote Access – PCI Solutions PCI Protect PCI Assist PCI Certify – Cloud Disaster Recovery

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